Split Tree.

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Ok so this is just an teaser tell me if I should continue. This scene is during "Long live the queen" after Piper, Paige, and Leo orb in wanting Phoebe to help them vanquish Cole.

- Piper through her hands up bring all her anger to the surface, which was way to easy. Blowing up Cole, temporally. She knew within seconds he would reform and she would just have to blow him up again. "Phoebe!" Piper yelled "get out here and help us, damn it!"

Paige was setting the crystals around the pieces of Cole flying around. Unfortunately, he materialized right before she had time to set the last crystal. "Paige" Piper said warning her sister that Cole had reformed. Hitting Paige he sent her flying across the room and into mantel above the fire place.

Piper again blew up Cole sending little piece of him flying. As the pieces of Cole flew around in a circle making a buzzing noise. "Phoebe, you heard what he said, he's going to kill us!" Piper yelled. She then turned behind her to where Paige lay face down on the ground. Piper and Leo helped Paige up as the buzzing sound stopped.

Once Paige was on her feet Cole formed a fire ball in his had ready to through it at his in-laws. Hearing Phoebe the four turned their head to seeing Phoebe pick up the last crystal. "I'm sorry" Cole said looking into Phoebes eyes. "Its for the best." "I know it is" Phoebe said approaching Cole and kissing him. "Phoebe" Piper said awkwardly unaware of what was next.

Phoebe then turned around, her eye black. Holding the crystal in her hand she set it to fire. The flame ended and the only thing in her hand was ash. Turning her hand Phoebe let the ashes fall onto the floor. Suddenly she shot her hand out sending fire towards her sisters and brother-in-law.

-Ok so I know that it wasn't much but it was a teaser, kinda. Anyways do you want me to continue. If I do it will skip forward and might eventually involve later seasoned characters. The thing is which sister will survive or should both or neither, so technically I'm asking you, what do you think. Also since this is just a teaser I don't know when I have the first real chapter. If I get a lot of people who want me to continue fast I will update sooner, I hopeJ