Pen name: A is for Angel

Title: Love Deep Inside Your Soul

Rating: T

Summary: Little miracles in your life make you thankful for everything you have. Can a pregnant wife finally make her husband realize he does have love inside his soul? An outtake of Love Deep Inside.

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Banner Creator: twistedln

Pre reader: Masenjar

Beta: Miss July80


9 months later


I've always dreamed of becoming a doctor, taking care of my family spiritually, physically and mentally. If you asked me what it finally felt like to be a father. I'd tell you that it's fantastic, going through the birthing experience with my wife makes me look deep inside my soul, and realize that I love her more each and every day. If you asked me nine months ago where Bella and I stood, I'd just tell you there's no hope. Each married couple goes through a rough patch, and Bella and I went through it earlier than most. The way I treated Bella before she finally became pregnant haunts my dreams each and every night. The fight we had, the way I just dismissed her feelings, tugs at my heart each and every time I think about it. But now I don't worry as much about it, because the result was our miracle children Charles Ray Masen and Matthew Adam Masen. Once we found out that Bella was pregnant we were beyond ecstatic, but to find out that we were expecting twins turned our whole world upside down for the better. It finally made me realize what I needed to do. I looked deep within my soul and learned to worship the ground my wife walked on. We've been through hell and back, but I finally can stop look and see what my wife has been through. Through the past few nights of thinking I've come to realize that we need the honeymoon we never took. So with the money I saved up from interning and working at the local diner, I bought six plane tickets to Hawaii to renew our vows on our one year wedding anniversary. It's about six months away, which gives me time to work up more surprises and thank our friend and family for always being there for us. With a little help I'm hoping to give Bella the proper celebration she deserves. Life may hit you in so many different directions, but the one that hits you good is family. I love that I got over myself and looked deep inside my soul to be the best father and husband that I can be.