Adventure Time: The Great Mushroom War

Chapter 14: The Land of Endless Snow

"Strange", said Simon. Everyone had been walking through the snow covered mountains for a while now.

"What's up", said Finn.

"Well, the Northeastern region of the United States is naturally a temperate climate, and for the most part seems to be. Yet, in this specific area, it is almost as though we are traversing a tundra", replied Simon. Finn just nodded his head and turned his head to Jake.

"Any idea what he just said?" Finn asked.

"I wasn't really listening", said Jake. "But I think he said something about sporadic diarrhea".

"Uh, I don't think he…"

"Whatever, man".

"Hey, Jake", said Finn. "Are you feeling alright".

"Well, I suppose I have been craving a watermelon and mustard sandwich", Jake said. He looked up at the sky thoughtfully. "Maybe I'm pregnant?" Then he looked down at the ground. Snow. There was snow everywhere. All across the ground lay a shining white blanket of snow. "This snow has been bugging me. This is gonna sound crazy, man, but I feel like the snow is watching us".

"Pfft, that's just crazy talk", said Finn. They kept marching on through the mysterious white landscape.

Jake heard the pitter-patter of tiny feet running through the snow. He looked over to his right and saw the tiny living flame he knew as Flambo beside him.

"Alright, Jake", Flambo panted, completely out of breath. "I did what you asked and casted a warming spell…". Flambo wheezed. "On everyone in the group. It's time for you to pay up on your end of the bargain".

"Alright, fine", said Jake. He formed a pouch on his chest, which Flambo jumped into.

"Ha ha ha ha", came a deep laugh that came from everywhere and yet nowhere.

"What's so funny", Finn asked Jake.

"That wasn't me, dude", said Jake.

"Weird", said Finn. They kept walking on for a while with pretty much the rest of Ooo behind them. Everyone, he thought, except for Flame Princess. "Hey, Flambo".

"Wassup?" Flambo asked.

"Where is Flame Princess?" Finn asked.

"Flame Princess? She's prob'ly still in the Fire Kingdom with everyone else", said Flambo.

"What do you mean", Finn inquired.

"Well, the Fire Kingdom was untouched by the soldiers", Flambo replied. "They considered a place as scorching as that inhospitable and didn't even bother to look".

"Then what are you doing here?" Finn asked.

"Well, Jake invited me over to you's guys place for some cake the other day. Then, on my way over, a group of armed men came and took me".

Jake chuckled. "The cake is a lie".

On the horizon they could see a dark speck that seemed to be moving. It got bigger as they got closer to it, but still remained relatively small. As they got nearer to it they could make out its shape as round, and it seemed to have a red and white striped face, a suit, and arms and legs. Finn squinted his eyes at it and jumped in surprise.

"Jake!" Finn yelled.

Jake had fallen asleep while walking, but was woken up by his buddy's yell. "Lady, no more belly rubs!" Jake shouted. Finn looked at him strangely. "Huh, oh".

"Is that Peppermint Butler up there?" Finn asked. Jake squinted his eyes.

"Oh my Glob, it is!" Jake yelled. They ran up ahead.

"That's alright", said someone in the crowd behind them. "We'll catch up with you later". They just kept walking.

"Hello, Jake. Finn. What a pleasant surprise to see you here", said Peppermint Butler.

Finn and Jake looked at each other with a confused expression.

"Uh, dude. Shouldn't you be dead?" Jake asked.

"Oh, don't be so foolish Jake", said Peppermint Butler. "Death and I go way back. We were roommates back at Harvard. He lets me come and go to this world as I please".

"Wait", said Finn. "Does that mean you're a zombie?"

Peppermint Butler wore a concerned look.

"That depends", Peppermint Butler said. "Would it be good to be a zombie?"

"Well, if you were a zombie I would have to tear out your brain", Jake said.

"What! Oh, I am definitely not a zombie, then. No chance. Nope!" Peppermint Butler said hastily.

"Ha ha ha", went the mysterious deep laughter again.

"It wasn't that funny, Jake" Finn said.

"I didn't laugh, dude", said Jake.

"Hm. Weird", said Finn. They continued to walk on.

(3 Days Later)

"Sheesh", said Jake. "It seems like we've been walking across this field forever". He pointed to the mountains looming in the distance. "We've seen those ever since we left the forest, and they still haven't gotten any smaller". He looked behind him to see how far they had gotten from the forest. "Dude, stop".

"What's up, Jake", Finn said. Jake just pointed, so Finn turned around. "What the math?!" Even though they had left the forest days ago, it was still right there. It was only about a hundred steps away.

"Something's going on", said Jake.

"OH, SO YOU'VE SEEN THROUGH MY LITTLE TRICK, HAVE YOU" Echoed a boom throughout the snowy landscape.

Finn took out his sword and yelled back.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?!" Finn yelled.

"WELL, SIMPLY PUT, I AM ALL YOU SEE", echoed the voice. The ground started to shake. Before the crowd of Ooo, a mountain of snow began to form. The snow slowly rose to form the figure of a broad, rectangular creature. It had cylindrical limbs, and it's head was cubic with a lockjaw. Emerging from its chest was a skeleton, with chains holding it onto the giant snowy beast. The skeleton moved its jaw to speak, but the sound came from everywhere rather than its mouth.

"My name is IX, but you can call me The Spirit of the Snow". The people of Ooo began to step back, except for Finn, Jake, and Marceline. Ice King, however, stepped up as well.

"You", said Ice King. "I'd recognize your hideous mug anywhere".

"EXCUSE ME?" replied IX.

"Yeah, I'm talking to you alright", Ice King said. "I don't know where I remember you from, but I remember you".

Jake looked back at Simon. "I think I know where he remembers him from", said Jake.

"I remember when I first laid my eyes on you, I wet myself so badly that the snow around me turned yellow", Ice King said.

Jake watched as the snow around Simon turned yellow. "Gross", Jake said. He turned back to The Spirit of the Snow.

"But not this time, mister. This time, I am standing…" The snow beast stretched the skeleton over to Ice King, and then screamed.

"Oh my Gob!" Ice King yelled. He flew back into the forest with his beard. He walked out and yelled, "Tell me when it's gone!" and then disappeared again.

"Alright, Spirit", said Finn. "Prepare to meet you Finn". As waves of snow started to swell around the beast, Finn jumped high into the air and brought down his sword to slice IX in half…

(A heliport in Washington DC)

Professor Benedict climbed into the slick black helicopter. He took his seat as close to the front as possible, without being in the pilot or copilot seat. As he buckled up, the chopper prepared for takeoff. Across from the Professor sat General Haos.

"It's about time you showed up", said the General sarcastically.

"Shut up", said the Professor. "We both know who is in charge here". Benedict rose his arm quickly. When he opened his palm, Haos started screaming in pain. The other soldiers in the helicopter looked at each other, feeling very concerned and confused. Benedict brought down his arm and closed his hand and Haos slumped back in his seat, gasping for air. The helicopter started rising into the sky.

"I am not happy with you", said the Professor. "The President is rather cross with me now. He is not happy with these outsiders just running around our country. He's losing his trust in me". The General just kept gasping and coughing. "We both know it's your fault, Charles. You let them escape, and we haven't been able to catch them all yet. All we have is a blasted Penguin and a Princess who appears to be made of bubblegum". He paused and looked at the General. "Are you better now?"

General Haos glared up at him. "Yeah", he said quietly.

"Good", said Professor Benedict. "Because the time has come for you to redeem yourself".


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