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Adventure Time: The Great Mushroom War

Chapter 8: Earth

Finn, Jake, and Simon were running towards the hill that the others who were kidnapped were hiding behind.

"Well, the story actually isn't that long", said Jake. "Basically, we were all in the same cell and I turned into a key".

Finn yawned. "Wow, lame story, bro", he said. They went over the hill and Jake led them to a cave at the base of a nearby mountain.

Simon looked around cautiously. "Uh, why are we entering this spooky cave?" he asked.

"This is where everyone else is hiding", said Jake. "Just beyond this corner…"

The three of them turned the corner and entered a giant cavern. The cavern was filled with natives of the land of Ooo. A small distance away from Finn, Jake, and Simon, Princess Bubblegum was petting Lady Rainicorn.

"Don't worry", said the Princess. "I'm sure they'll arrive soon".

"Princess", said Finn.

Princess Bubblegum looked up. "Finn!" She yelled. She ran over to Finn and gave him a hug. "I was so worried!"

Finn smiled and hugged her back. "I'm glad to see you too, Princess". Finn looked over at Jake, who was snuggling with Lady Rainicorn.

"당신이, 제이크 괜찮 아서 다행이에요", said Lady Rainicorn.

"Thanks, sugar", said Jake.

"Did the humans hurt anyone, Princess?" Finn asked.

"Mostly, no. Except for Cinnamon Bun", Princess Bubblegum explained. She looked down and at the ground sadly. "They shot him".

"What?! Is he all right?" Finn asked.

"Well, he's as alright as he can be. He is suffering from a little amnesia, though", explained Princess Bubblegum.

Cinnamon Bun walked up to them. There was a bandage right under his mouth.

"Who's this, darling", said Cinnamon Bun. "I thought you said I was your one and only!"

"I never said that!" yelled Princess Bubblegum.

"Oh, Princess! Why are you so cruel!?" Cinnamon Bun yelled. He ran away crying.

"Poor guy", said Finn.

"Don't worry", said Princess Bubblegum. "I have a cure for amnesia back in the Candy Kingdom. Once we get back, he'll have his memory back".

"Do we know how to get back?" Finn asked.

Princess Bubblegum looked at him and sighed. "Nope, no idea".

"Hey, guys, what's the big idea?" Lumpy Space Princess floated into the cave. "I wake up and the whole world seems to be abandoned. What's the big idea, guys? You through a big party in another world and you don't bother inviting me? Well whatever! I'm crashing this party, man!"

Princess Bubblegum looked at LSP with a puzzled expression. "You weren't captured like the rest of us", she said. "How did you get here?"

"Well, once I noticed everyone was gone, I, like, looked around for some traces of you guys. Not that I need you! But, like, I eventually found myself in the Ice Kingdom following some strange footprints in the snow and went through this weird light. I walked through a weird laboratory and exited a really sketchy building. I mean, everyone was wearing weird white coats. Then, I floated some ways following some vans and came across this building, then, like followed Finn and Jake over here", explained LSP.

"You're saying vans traverse between here and the other building?" Finn said.

"Yeah, isn't that what I just said? Seriously, dude. Try listening sometimes", LSP said.

"How far was it?" Princess Bubblegum asked.

"I told you that too! Some ways! Sheesh", replied LSP. She looked over at Simon, who was staring at LSP with eyes wide in wonder. "Hey, dude. You checking out my lumps? My eyes are up here!"

Simon adjusted his glasses. "I'm sorry, I've just never seen anything like you before", he said.

"I'll bet you haven't", said LSP. "You'll never see lumps nicer than these anywhere!" Then Lumpy Space Princess floated away, mumbling to herself.

"Who was that?" asked Simon.

"Oh, she's Lumpy Space Princess. She comes from Lumpy Space", explained Finn.

"Oh", said Simon, somewhat puzzled. "Oookay".

Finn turned to Princess Bubblegum. "So it looks like if we are to go home, we have to follow the vans", he said.

"Looks like we have a start", said Princess Bubblegum, smiling.

"Might I ask a question?" Simon asked.

"What is it, Simon?" Finn asked.

"Where exactly are you people from?" he asked.

"We come from the land of Ooo. How about you?" Finn asked.

"Well, uh", Simon looked at the ground awkwardly. He looked back at Finn. "I come from here, the land of Earth. I lived in a country called Russia before I was captured". Simon paused for a moment. "Earth has been at war for many years now", he explained. "This is about the twentieth year of the Great Mushroom War".

"You're at war? What happened?" Finn asked.

"Well, it all started when America, one of the strongest countries in the world, decided it was time for them to spread their borders. Their attitude of Manifest Destiny returned, but this time they wanted the whole world to be united under their flag. They took control of the American Continents and then decided to spread their borders to the west. They started attacking Russia. However, Russia was the first country to put up a real fight. To this day they are still defending themselves. The whole world is trying to stop the titan that is America, but they just seem unstoppable", Simon explained. He shifted his glasses. "Every day that passes the death toll rises exponentially. It is just total madness", he said. He looked up at Finn and Princess Bubblegum. "Sorry if I'm bringing down your mood. I'm probably just depressed from being separated from my fiancée. I'm not worried, though. I know I'll see her again!" he smiled. "And when I do, I'll be sure to let her know how much I love her".

"That's the spirit!" yelled Finn. He looked at Princess Bubblegum. "When will we be going to follow the vans?"

"Soon, Finn. Very soon", said Princess Bubblegum.

General Haos and Albert Benedict were walking down a white hallway.

"How is your little freak-show coming along, Professor?" asked Haos.

"Better than expected", said Albert. "It only took six failures in order to get it right. I have successfully created a living super-weapon".

"How about we send him on a little test run?" General Haos said. They stopped at the end of the hallway.

"Whatever you have in mind…", said Albert, opening the door. "I'm sure it will be able to take care of". They both looked into the dark room and listened to the inhuman screeching coming from within.