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Chapter 5

The Nautilus

Kallen regarded Captain Nemo with an observing glance as he sat down on the red cushion sofa opposite of where she sat now as the two looked out at the ocean depths before them. The redhead woman wasn't sure what to say next after finding out the identity of the captain of the vessel known as the Nautilus, the world's first submarine boat. Seeing that Kallen wasn't going to say anything Lelouch decided to initiate the conversation.

"Miss Kouzuki I don't doubt you have many questions, but I am at your service to answer them."

"I don't know where to even begin, but how is all of this possible?"

"I owe much of the Nautilus's development and construction to your brother and another woman," Lelouch replied.

"My brother?"

"Yes, but in Britannia he was going by Naoto Stadtfeld the head of the San Francisco officer and ships yards of the Stadtfeld Shipping Construction Company was the best contributor to the construction of the Nautilus. He was a gifted ship designer and builder and he helped me fine tune and improve my original design, but he also helped me acquire some of the parts for the construction through a little off the books purchases."

"He only went to Britannia so," Kallen said hesitating on calling the man they had known father, but after what happened he could no longer recognize him as such. "That man couldn't drag me away from our mother who insisted on staying in Japan. He didn't like Britannia, but he went so I wouldn't get dragged into the world of nobility and the twisted politics."

"I understand completely Miss Kouzuki, which is one of my many reasons that I sought to create the Nautilus. I was so sick of the competitions and treachery among the royal family members and the bigotry of the nobility, but because of who I was then I wouldn't have been safe anywhere. Then I thought about the ocean, a place where no one has really gone except for across her surface."

"You sound like you love the sea then," Kallen began as Lelouch began smiling.

"Yes, I love it!" Captain Nemo began sounding quite enthusiastic before adding. "The sea is everything. It covers seven-tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and healthy," Lelouch said as he rose up to gesture to the ocean depths beyond the observation window before them. "It is an immense desert, where man is never lonely, for he feels life stirring on all sides. The sea is the only embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence. It is nothing but love and emotion; it is the Living Infinite as a poet from France called it. In fact Miss Kouzuki, Nature manifests herself in it by her three kingdoms, mineral, vegetable and animal. Just see for yourself how peaceful it is here. This vast immense reservoir of nature where I roam at will."

Lelouch sat back down relaxing on the sofa before adding.

"Consider for a moment, on the surface there is hunger and fear. Men still exercise unjust laws. They fight, tear one another to pieces. A mere few feet beneath the waves their reign ceases, their evil drowns. Here on the ocean floor is the only independence. Here I am free!"

At this point Lelouch realized he had gotten carried away in his enthusiasm, but after a brief look of agitated on his face the Captain of the Nautilus became calm as he once more held his more coldness of expression.

"Now Miss Kouzuki," Lelouch began before Kallen cut him off.

"Look could just call me Kallen please."

"Very well Miss Kallen!"


"Fine, Kallen…as I was saying if you wish to go over the Nautilus then I am at your service." Lelouch said feeling slightly irritated, but he let it go. Lelouch rose from the sofa and gestured for Kallen to follow him as the two departed the saloon and passed through the Navigation Room, but this time the two went through the door on the right hand side of the wall-mounted map of the world where they entered into a room that was about 15 feet long and 12 feet wide. To Kallen's surprise compared to some of the other rooms she had seen this one was sparsely furnished.

The room had a severe, almost a monkish aspect. There was a small iron bedstead with a queen-size mattress covered with black blankets and two pillows on it, an oak antique writing desk with a chair while there was a chair on the opposite side for guests to sit in located in the center of the room. There was a dresser holding Lelouch's clothes and a small bookshelf with a shelf next to that on the right hand side near the door. There was a door leading into a room with a toilet and a shower on the left hand corner near the bed which was against the wall closer to the bow, but on the wall opposite of the wall-mounted map in the navigation room were duplicates of the instruments seen in the navigation room along with other different kinds that Kallen didn't recognize which were probably for Lelouch enabling him to be aware of the status of his ship and its location at all times without needing to be present on the bridge.

The room had the strictest necessaries only, but above the bed were two small paintings. One was a portrait of a middle-aged woman with long black hair and amethyst eyes wearing an elegant dress while near her posing with the woman was a seven year old girl with blonde hair and identical eyes wearing a white and pink dress and lastly there was a boy who was ten years old who looked like a younger Lelouch.

Is that a picture of his mother and a sister?

The next portrait next to it however held the image of a beautiful woman in her late teens looking elegant like that of a noblewoman with two pigtails of sunglow yellow hair over her shoulders while she was wearing a regal white dress with green eyes while she a mole under the corner of her right eye and a fair skin complexion.

But who is she?

Before Kallen had a chance to think much more on the matter Lelouch went to shelf and drew a long rolled up scroll from the holder before undoing the tie to unroll the paper upon his desk. He gestured for Kallen to have a seat as she looked over what were the blueprints of the Nautilus.

"Here Kallen are several dimensions of the vessel you are presently aboard. Its shape is similar to an elongated cylinder with a conical bow while its stern is large rudder which holds the propeller or the screw whichever you prefer to call it. The length of this Nautilus from stern to stern is exactly 232 feet and its maximum breadth is twenty six feet while it has a height of 52 feet including the wheelhouse and the keel here."

"My brother helped you design this," Kallen asked noticing what looked like her brother's handwriting mixed with those that seemed to belong to Lelouch upon the plans before her.

"Yes he helped streamline the design and offered valuable input from his experience with Britannian ships. I will try not to bore you will the technical details," Lelouch began with a smile before adding. "But unlike long-voyage steamers, its lines are sufficiently long; its curves prolonged enough to allow the water to slide off easily and to oppose no obstacle to its passage."

"The submarine looks like a projectile weapon," Kallen began pointing to the ramming plow or spur upon the foremost front of the vessel.

"Indeed, in the center of the vessel on its bow matching opposite of the screw is solid piece of steel tied to the superstructure of this vessel so when I am traveling at full speeds I can pierce or even impale anything unfortunate enough to be in the path of his spur. Of course to be fair there are something this sub cannot pierce through which is to obviously say land and objects of very considerable thickness like a giant iceberg for example. These rakers you see beginning from the ramming plow of the Nautilus extend in front directions, two upon the port and starboard sides ending at the observations window, one of which you saw earlier and then from there a smoothed out plate takes place of the rakers extending to the stern of the vessel ending before the propeller screw. Similar they also travel up the top and bottom of this ship, the bottom connects with the keel of the ship, but like this one that runs up connecting a arc of solid steel traveling over a forward hatch I have near the bow in front of the wheelhouse I also provide reinforcement and protection for the Nautilus's wheelhouse so when I ram a ship or another obstacle the wheelhouse is better protected from any damage."

"I see," Kallen said examining the plans as the rakers on the keel stopped mirroring one another at the roof of the wheelhouse where the topside raker ended while the one on the bottom of the ship mirrored a similar position instead with the rakers just seemingly smoothing out or merging with the rest of the ten foot keel that extended across the bottom of the ship with a gap in it for the airlock hatch and then continuing on until it reached the rudder. The wheelhouse itself was between 12 to 18 feet long, 12 feet wide and about between 10 to 8 feet high, 12 feet if you take the electric lamps in-between the rakers and above the window-like eyes into account. Speaking of which the two sphere-shaped navigation windows that looked like a pair of eyes from certain vantage points were about five feet in size with one on the starboard and port sides of the wheelhouse. Kallen also noticed that on the deck of the ship, about 40 feet at the base of a slanted incline that began from the back of the wheelhouse was a ten-foot high dorsal fin which had the same rakers-style tooth blades as on the bow of the ship.

From the wheelhouse to the spur of the ship was about 66 feet, but it began curving down to meet with the other rakers from about 10 feet in front of the windows.

She was no engineer by any means but she could appreciate to a degree the work that went into such a vessel, but seeing all of this the number of questions Kallen had doubled.

"Just how can you submerge something this big?"

"The Nautilus weighs 1,500 tons, but generally most bodies in water wish to sink. However in order to submerge my Nautilus to the desired depths I wish to acquire I must displace the proper weight. Scientists have made the mistake of confounding statistics with dynamics exposing themselves to grave errors, but thanks to the reservoirs kept at the bottom of this ship which I simply give the word and they fill up with about 150 tons of water allowing the Nautilus to sink into the ocean depths. I also use subsidiary reservoirs in conjunction to obtain a depth of 750 to 1000 fathoms. When I wish to rise to the surface I use powerful plumps to drain those reservoirs allowing me to rise to the surface," Lelouch answered making a seemingly difficult problem sound easy.

"But how can this ship handle traveling underwater then if you put a lot of weight onto it?"

"That is a very good question Kallen and the answer is in the double hull of the Nautilus. The double hull consists of one inside and the other outside joined by T-shaped irons, which render it very strong and resilient to the point that even cannonballs bounce off her hull. But most importantly this perfect union of materials using the strongest steel plates I could get my hands on enables my Nautilus capable of braving even the roughest and dangerous seas."

"But if you are underwater, then just how are you providing power to this ship. I don't see any signs of steam power being used."

A grinned appeared on Lelouch's face before answering. "That Kallen is to tell about the one element that rules supreme on my vessel, which is in a very literal sense the lifeblood of the Nautilus. It is a powerful agent, obedient, rapid, easy, which conforms to every use. Everything you see aboard from the very lights you see to the engines that power the Nautilus is done by means of it. It lights it, warms it, and is the soul of every mechanical apparatus onboard. This agent is electricity."

"Electricity," Kallen exclaimed in surprise.

"Yes, a power I alone have discovered to harness to its full potential."

"But how, I have seen some people in Japan trying to generate it, but only it been said to produce small amounts of power." Kallen began as she knew there was research on electricity happening worldwide, but so far no one has been able to generate large amounts of it so as a result most electricity created has only generated very little power and has been under restraint.

"Kallen…my electricity is not everybody's. Allow me to explain," Lelouch began taking a breath before he said. "Do you know what seawater is composed of, in a thousand grams are found ninety-percent and a half-cent of water, about two and two thirds percent of chloride of sodium; then, in smaller quantity, chlorides of magnesium and of potassium, bromide of magnesium, sulphate of magnesia, sulphate and carbonate of lime. You see Kallen that chloride of sodium forms a large part of it that I extract from sea water. From it I compose my ingredients, which I owe all to the ocean…it produces the electricity that powers the Nautilus giving her light, heat, motion and in a single word life to my vessel."

"But what about the air you breathe while underwater," Kallen asked changing the subject slightly as Lelouch lost her with the discussion of how he produced electricity for the Nautilus. Although unknown to her batteries made from sodium extracted from sea water weren't truly the primary means in which the Nautilus was powered.

"If I had more time I might have devised a means of producing my own air to breathe prolonging my stay in the ocean depths almost indefinitely if I chose. But there is really no need when I can surface at will whenever I please. I do however maintain air tanks and reservoirs in which I can store the fresh air I need and using the plumps of the Nautilus along with working fans I can circulate adequate fresh air throughout the ship while using special tanks dotted around the vessel to store all of the air I need. Then when I surface I usual special plumps to exchange stale air for fresh air," Lelouch said before pointing to the incline between the dorsal fin and the wheelhouse. "Just beyond the main hatch behind the wheelhouse are a set of specialized vents that fold up which draw in fresh air while stale air is expelled from the ship."

"How long can this ship stay down in the water?"

"For a week thanks to reserves of air we maintain for such events that could demand a longer stay in the depths and I decide a small recycling system for air using caustic potash as a means of flittering carbonic acid in the stale air, but this only helps main the air aboard and the system for a short time more."

"I see," Kallen replied uncertain of what else to say.

"We also use chronometers, which thanks to electricity, operates with a regularity that defies the best clocks, right now its eleven o'clock in the morning."


"Exactly, and since I take the light down with me to the depths day and night have no meaning so I divided the chronometers onboard into twenty four-hours like the Italian clocks. Also with electricity I can use a special gauge which tells me the speed of the Nautilus at which an electric thread put it in communication with the screw. Right now we are traveling at fifteen miles per hour."

"I see, but how fast can this ship go?"

"At full speed we can attain speeds up to fifty miles an hour," Lelouch replied as Kallen was clearly shocked since no vessel could even hope to reach such speeds where the fastest ship known currently was the Abraham Lincoln.

"How do you steer the vessel?"

"In the wheelhouse above there is a steering wheel similar to what you would find on most ships, but thanks to lights above the wheelhouse we illuminate the area ahead by a whole mile allowing the operator to see far ahead. To adjust our descent and ascent we use special dive panels on the sides of the Nautilus here that we operate by means of levers on the bridge. Thanks to the submerging abilities of this ship I can dive sharply at a good speed or likewise rise at a quick pace if I must."

"Then these windows and the one you showed me in that room, can they really resist being down here?"

"Yes, glass; which breaks at a blow is, nevertheless, capable of offering considerable resistance. I took part in experiments in the Northern Seas in which experiments by fishing with electronic light was carried out in 1864. We saw plates less than a third of an inch thick resist a pressure of sixteen atmospheres. Now the glass I use is nothing less but thirty times thicker.

"I get it so that explains the glow people around the world saw when the monster appeared."

"That is correct," Lelouch replied.

"But that reminds me…your ship has been targeting Britannian warship and some cargo ships, so what happened with the Scotia?"

At the mention of the ship Lelouch let out a sigh as he seemed hesitant to discuss the incident, but he relented and spoke. "That was purely accidental in every sense of the word Kallen. Despite how well the Nautilus was designed and built, there is one problem nothing anyone can do can deal with."

"What is that?"

"Human error…"

"What exactly do you mean by that?"

"Well," Captain Nemo sighed before he began retelling the unfortunate accident that had happened, although he didn't like remembering it let alone talking about it.

(April 13th 1867)

On the afternoon of that day the Nautilus was cursing at twenty miles an hour just one fathom below the surface. Inside the wheelhouse, specifically at the helm, was a young woman in her twenties with light brown eyes and a pair of purple mid-length curls that curve around her eyes. Dressed in the standard crewmember's uniform complete with the hat the young woman was supposed to be steering the Nautilus, but instead she was being distracted as someone was trying too hard to get her attention.

The distraction was called Shinichiro Tamaki.

A twenty something hot-headed Japanese man with reddish brown hair and brown eyes wearing the usual ship uniform like everyone, but the man was trying to impress or rather hit on the young woman trying to steer the submarine boat. Ayame was holding the brass steering wheel, with eight solid metal spokes-handles, while Tamaki was on her left just opposite of the depth tube which was slightly behind Ayame more towards the left hand side next to the upper right hand corner of the stairwell leading into the navigation room next to the brass railings around the opening, but between the railings around the stairwell and the area where Ayame was standing was a two yard-long and forty inch tall brass railing, matching the height of the connection point for the wheel and its post, up on the elevated platform where the helmswoman and dive plane lever operator stood providing a spot for an observer to stand. To the right of the railing was a clear tube of glass fastened with brass and copper fixtures to the ceiling and floor of the wheelhouse. The clear tube protects a traveling ball to indicate depth attached to a cable that is on a specialty designed pulley wheel system.

On top of the post that held the steering wheel was a compass mounted directly on top, ahead of that was a gauge with two vertical strips mounted on the wall between the windows facing the helmsmen, or helmswoman in this case, but the gauge was tied to the ballast controls allowing the operator to be aware of how much the ballast tanks are filled.

Above that was a brass curved scale, a Trim Indicator, which indicates the degrees of hull roll or trim. Directly above the helmswoman was a push and pull mounted on the ceiling lever used to blow ballast with a brass handle. Just behind Tamaki, the controls he was supposed to be on standby on were a pair of brass twin levers which controlled the Dive Planes behind the sub's ability to ascend and descend.

On the left wall were four gauges, a manometer, a speedometer, a barometer and an ammeter arranged in a diamond pointed formation on the wall with wires linked to them, but off to the side just a little below was thermometer. Below the gauges was a console of shorts with four levers, two for controlling the plumps for exchanging stale air for fresh air, one for the lights inside the wheelhouse and the last one was for the electric lamps above the navigation windows. On the left hand side of the console moving more to the back was a large rheostat like device that allow the adjustment of the main engine power.

Next to that close to the end of the wheelhouse were two turn valves on two sets of pipes, one linked to the power control device while the other pipe traveled up to the ceiling. On the right hand side of the wheelhouse on the wall near the starboard side navigation window was the Ballast Control Valve, a large turn valve used to trim ballast linked to a thick pipe leading into the floor. Above it was a ballast displacement gauge. To the right a little up on the wall was a brass lever, the Propulsion Switch, the reserve and forward setting for the Nautilus. Facing the stairwell was a gold-brass circular shaped device with two blue lights on it. It was an Atomic Counter that had a lever that rocks back and forth between two ice-cream cone assemblies that soften the impact of the Atomic Counter's arm. As power is increased the levers rock back and forth faster with the lights flashing, a conformation pulse.

Closer to the back on the right hand side of the wall was a Trim Indicator, which unlike the one near the wheel was a large brass device. A large pendulum pointer hangs down by large round weight. It has two arms that show angle of dive or assent for the vessel. Each arrow pointer showing the degrees etched into the fixed curved bars on each side. Then taking up the rear of the wheelhouse was a small table with three large drawers which held maps and some navigation tools, but the last drawer held some oils and cleaners for maintenance of the wheelhouse controls. A map roller was on the table as well, but above that was a window allowing those in the wheelhouse to look out to the stern of the Nautilus as well as observation of the air intake vents.

Thick steel gussets made up the rest of the wheelhouse providing reinforcement for the ceiling and walls while near the rear was an air vents. Normally there were at least three people, sometimes four in the wheelhouse at a time, but due to a shift change and the need for a break two of them left. However another crewmember volunteered to help the lone wheelhouse operator keep an eye on things until her fellow crewmembers return.

Thus leading to the current situation Ayame was faced with.

"Tamaki-sensei could we talk later I am trying to see," Ayame Futaba began, but Tamaki wasn't the type to take no for an answer. Of course Ayame did like him, but this was hardly the place let alone the time.

"Oh come on we got miles of open sea around us you can just leash the wheel for a few minutes could you," Tamaki said interrupting the young woman.

However unknown to them which Tamaki was blocking from Ayame was an oncoming object ahead of them.

"But Tamaki-sempai," Ayame began as she was blushing as the Japanese man was leaning to kiss her, but at that moment two of the wheelhouse operators had returned. Tamaki was supposed to help Ayame steer the ship, but when they came up they saw the approaching ship ahead of them and what Tamaki was doing.

"EYES ON THE OCEAN," Shouted a woman with greenish gray eyes, a fair skin complexion with straight brown hair that had colored beads laced in.

"DAMN IT TAMAKI," The second female wheelhouse operator shouted as was another woman who wore her brown hair in up-do ponytail wearing glasses over her gray eyes. Both Mutsuki Minase and Ichijiku Hinata hurried to the wheel shoving Tamaki out of the way while Ayame stepped back, but it then she realized the Nautilus was on a collision course with the a steamer.

Worse yet they had no time to turn let alone dive further, they had seconds before impact. Mutsuki knew this and shouted into the speaking tube that was positioned over the starboard navigation window that provided communications between the wheelhouse and the engine room.

"Collision speed, I NEED it right now!"

Ichijiku quickly turned the power switch to full, but the Chief Engineer over the engine room needed to turn the switch to increase speed for collision speeds, a safety measure, in order for the Nautilus to reach maximum speed which was the only chance for the Nautilus to make it through the obstacle in its path. Rivalz thankfully got the message and turned up the power as the Nautilus accelerated a mere second before impact. The Nautilus hit the steamer head on as thanks to its sudden increase in speed and its strong hull the submarine boat passed through, if not roughly, the Scotia before continuing on its way leaving a large hole in the ship behind them.

"Oh the Captain is going to be pissed."

Minase commented while Ichijiku was horrified by the hole they left in the passenger steamer while praying it wouldn't sink. Unlike a warship the passenger liner didn't have explosive cargo and armaments to set off so the ship wouldn't explode like other vessels. Even though they missed the compartments that had the boilers, but the danger of the ship sinking remained yet they probably weren't going to make it to land in time.

"Hey it's not my fault!" Tamaki began raising his hands in his defense, but that moment Captain Nemo, Ohgi and Jeremiah arrived on the bridge. Already ascending the stairs the three overheard some of the chatter so Lelouch already had an idea of what happened and he wasn't happy.


Kallen remembered Tamaki and the man was always hot-headed and brash, but after hearing the story the Japanese girl was surprised. She confesses that he didn't expect anything like that to happen, but Nemo's mood was improved when Kallen gave him a bit of information.

"You might like to hear then that despite the damage the Scotia managed to make it to port and the ship didn't sink."

Lelouch left out a sigh of relief at this as the revelation put him at ease.

"Thank you Kallen, while we have sunk hundreds of Britannian ships, cargo and warships. We all agreed not to sink passenger liners since civilians have nothing to do with Britannian's military."

"I can understand that, but what happened to Tamaki?"

"We threw him in the brig for a week, but after we let him out we forbade him from ever entering the wheelhouse under threat of getting thrown overboard. Since then we have reassigned him to janitorial duties."

"I see, so I'll probably see Tamaki around then?"

"Yes," Lelouch replied while on the inside Kallen was sighing. For some reason she didn't feel excited to seeing Tamaki again.

"All things considered," Kallen began changing the subject. "Your Nautilus is certainly something to behold."

A half-smile curved upon Lelouch's lips before he began proudly declaring. "Yes, Kallen; and I love it as if it were a part of me. If danger threatens one of your vessels on the ocean, such as a hurricane, the first impression is the feeling of an abyss above and below. On the Nautilus, men's hearts never fail them. No defects to be afraid of, for the wind to carry away; no boilers to burst; no fire to fear, for the vessel is made of steel, not iron or wood; no coal to run short, for electricity is the only mechanical agent; no collision to fear, for it alone swims in deep water; no tempest to brave, for when it dives below the water, it reaches absolute tranquility. This Nautilus, Kallen, is the perfection of vessels and if it is true that the engineer has more confidence in the vessel than the builder, and the builder than the captain himself, you understand the trust then that I have in my Nautilus for I am all at one captain, builder and engineer."

"But how did you build this Nautilus in secret, building something like this couldn't have been done without someone noticing it."

"A fair question, each separate portion and components, Kallen, was brought from different parts of the globe. The keel was forged at Sumeragi Enterprises in Japan. The shaft of the screw was produced at Penn & Co located in London. The plates that make up the hull that were made at Stadtfeld Ship Construction Metals in San Francisco, while the screw itself was created at Scott's Propellers at New York City. The reservoirs were made by Cail & Co. in Pairs, the engine made at Krupp in Prussia, the ramming plow at Motala's workshop in Sweden, its mathematical instruments and meters were made by Hart Brothers in San Francisco. Each of these people and companies had my orders under different names. Your brother assisted me with these orders as well too."

"Ok, but how the heck did you assemble it then?"

"Transporting and brining the parts together wasn't easy, but each company had instructions on which where to deliverer the parts where my men using another ship would move them. I had set up workshops on a remote deserted island in the middle of the ocean called Vulcania that is roughly over a two weeks journey from my living abode. There my followers who would become the crew of the Nautilus that I instructed and educated. We pooled our talents together and put together our Nautilus. Then when our work was complete," Lelouch said but his voice trailed off something as he remembered something, but a moment later he regained his composure. "We thoroughly destroyed all traces of the Nautilus's construction using fire and other means to cover it up."

"Then no way this ship was cheap," Kallen commented, but despite noticing the change in tone decided not to ask Lelouch about it.

"Kallen, allow me to put that into clear prospective for you, an iron vessel costs $45 dollars per ton. Now the Nautilus weighted 1,500 tons. It came therefore to $67,500 dollars and &80,000 more for fitting it up and $200,000 with the works of art and collections it contains."

"You must be richer than I had thought to have been able to afford all of that."

Nemo grinned before saying, "I am immensely rich, Kallen, and I could, without missing it, and pay off the European Union's national debt."

Suddenly a knock came at the door and Ohgi walked inside with a worried expression on his face.

"Excuse me Captain, but we got a problem."

Closer to the stern of the ship passed the salon on the second deck was the brig, which was currently the living quarters of Euphemia li Britannia, Suzaku Kururugi, Milly Ashford and Lloyd Asplund. When they were found, under Lelouch's orders they were seized and brought down with cloth bags over their heads to the brig where they have spent considerable time after since the impact of the Nautilus upon the Abraham Lincoln threw them from the ship. Before Kallen was found the ship had surfaced to renew its air supply upon which they discovered the four stranded. The only reason Lelouch didn't order the sub back into the depths was mostly because Euphy was among them, but despite Suzaku being there he might have gone under knowing that the Japanese crewmember didn't think highly of him due to his father who was rumored to be trying to sell Japan out.

Despite in the way they were taken aboard they had been treated well by their unknown host, but Suzaku decided to take matters into their own hands assaulted the steward when he entered the room to attend to them on Sayoko's orders, but the Japanese man didn't know was that Sayoko was nearby and she was quick to subdue Suzaku before the harpooner could realize it. Lelouch and Kallen arrived with Ohgi accompanying them. Lelouch stepped through the doorway where he saw Suzaku on the ground of the small cell which could stuff six people inside, so four was a little cramp. It had two simple benches, one per wall on the left and right sides of the room, with a sink and a toiler out in the open.

Euphy and Milly were against the wall opposite of the cell door in shock at Suzaku's sudden rashness while Lloyd was sitting on the bench obviously not caring for the situation judging by his expression.

"You will calm yourself Suzaku, but the rest of you would wise to listen to me." Captain Nemo spoke

All heads in the room turned to the man at the door the new arrival whose black hair and amethyst eyes were familiar features known to Euphy and Suzaku. The steward Suzaku had attacked earlier who went by the name Kent Sugiyama, a mid-aged adult with dark-greenish hair and brown eyes with a slightly tanned complexion from time in the sun. Unlike other crewmembers he was wearing a white tunic suit with blue pants and sandals on his feet.

He served as both the steward and the cook aboard the Nautilus with Sayoko at times assisting him with meal preparations. The poor man had nearly been strangled by Suzaku, tottered out a sign from his superior, but such was the power of the commander and influence Lelouch had onboard. Not a single gesture betrayed the current resentment which the Captain held for Suzaku for assaulting a member of his crew. Lloyd was interested in the man, Milly was stupefied, Suzaku couldn't move with Sayoko's iron grip on him while Euphy was in complete shock as her brain was trying to register if the man before her was her brother Lelouch.

Lelouch said nothing further as he gestured for Ohgi to help him with Kento as the Quartermaster of the ship took the man out of the room and to his cabin to rest for a moment. Once Kento and Ohgi were gone Lelouch leaned against the door way with both arms crossed over his chest scanning his four prisoners with a profound attention which demanded that everyone remained quiet. An uneasy silence fell across the room, which no one had the courage to break.

Kallen stood outside of the door and out of sight as she listened quietly.

"Gentlemen and Ladies," Lelouch began in a calm and penetrating voice, "I speak Japanese, English, French, Latin, German, Chinese and Greek equally well. So if I had wanted to I could have walked in and began answering you during your first interview by members of my crew. I was outside listening to everything of course. Some of you I know, but still I wanted to reflect. All of your stories you told the members of my crew match and agree on key points. I know chance has brought before me Euphemia li Britannia, Third Princess of the Britannian Empire, Milly Ashford the heir and daughter of the Ashford Family, Professor Lloyd Asplund the head of the Pendragon National Museum and finally Suzaku Kururugi the son of Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi who makes a living as a harpooner. All of you were aboard the frigate the Abraham Lincoln of the Britannian Navy."

Lelouch expressed himself with perfect ease as no one said a word since the Captain did not ask a question so no one spoke.

"All four of you have doubtless thought that I have delayed long in paying you this second visit. The reason is that, your identity recognized, I wished to weigh maturely what part to act towards all of you. I have hesitated much, because most annoying circumstances have brought you into the presence of a man who has broken all of his ties with humanity. You have come to trouble my existence."

"Unintentionally," Suzaku managed at last.

"Unintentionally," replied Captain Nemo as he began raising his voice a little. "Was it unintentionally that the Abraham Lincoln pursued me all over the seas? Was it unintentionally that you took passage on that ship? Was it unintentionally that the cannon balls of your ship rebounded off the hull of my ship. Was it unintentionally that you Suzaku struck me with your harpoon?"

There was restrained irritation in his words, but Lloyd had a natural answer to make to that statement.

"Are we to assume then that you are ignorant of the discussion which has taken place concerning you in Britannia and Europe including other parts of the world? You do not know that divers' accidents caused by collisions with your submarine boat have excited public feeling around the world. I won't waste time listing every hypotheses without number by which you alone possess the secret. But you should understand that in pursuing you on the Abraham Lincoln we believed to be chasing some powerful sea monster of which it was necessary to rid the ocean of at any price."

But in response to Lloyd's words a half-smile curled on the lips of Captain Nemo before saying.

"Professor Asplund, dare you affirm that your ship would not as soon have pursued and cannonaded a submarine boat as a monster?"

Kallen had to admit that was a nice turn around, but Lelouch had a point. Cornelia and Commander Farragut would not have hesitated in destroying a contrivance of this kind as he would a gigantic sea monster.

"You understand sir," Lelouch continued. "That I have the right to treat you as enemies." An uneasy silence settled over the room once more, but Captain Nemo once again broke the silence. "I have hesitated for some time; nothing obliged me to show you hospitality. If I chose to separate myself from you, I should have no interest in seeing any of you again; I could place you all on the deck of this vessel which has served you four as a refuge, I could sink beneath the waves and forget that you had ever existed. Would that not be my right?"

"That might be the right of a savage," Milly answered," but not of a civilized man."

"Miss Ashford," Lelouch replied sharply as his voice boomed, "I am not what you call a civilized man! I have done with society entirely for reasons which I alone have the right of appreciating. I do not therefore obey its laws, and I desire you never allude to them before me again."

That statement was said plainly as a flash of anger and disdain kindled in the eyes of Captain Nemo and at that moment Kallen had glimpsed a terrible past in the life of the mysterious man. From where she stood having moved closer to the door she had a good look at Lelouch's face and she saw the anger being held back. Recalling everything he had said to her at this point Kallen realized a number of things about Captain Nemo. Not only had Captain Nemo put himself beyond the pale of human laws, but he had made himself independent of them, free in the strictest acceptation of the word, quite beyond their reach! Who would then dare to pursue him at the bottom of the sea, when on its surface, he defied all attempts made against him? What ship in existence could resist the blow of his submarine boat? What sword, however thick, could withstand the blows of the Nautilus's spur? No man could demand from him an account of his actions: God, if he believed in one; his conscience, if he had one, were the sole judges to whom he was answerable.

Kallen's thoughts about this man whirled about her mind in rapid succession while Captain Nemo was silent, absorbed and as it he was wrapped up in himself. The redhead woman regarded the black haired man with a bit of fear mingled with interest as if one was gazing upon a wonder of the world.

After a long and tense silence Lelouch spoke once more.

"I have hesitated," Lelouch began in a calm tone, "but I have thought that my interest might be reconciled with that pity to which every human being has a right. You will remain on board my vessel, since fate has cast you here. You will be free; and in exchange for this liberty I shall only impose one single condition. Your word of honor to submit to it will suffice."

"Then tell us," Euphemia finally said, "I suppose this condition is one which a man of honor may accept?"

"Yes Euphy; it is this. It is possible that certain events, unforeseen, may oblige me to consign you to your cabins for some hours or some days as the case may be. As I desire never to use violence, I expect from you, more than all the others, a passive obedience. In thus acting, I take all the responsibility I acquit you entirely, for I make it an impossibility for you to see what ought not to be seen. Do you accept this condition?"

It was clear, and Kallen already had a good feeling what Captain Nemo was getting at, that there were events on board which no say the least were not meant to be seen by other people or at least those outside of the Nautilus. He had no intention of the four inside the cell to witness these things.

"We accept," Euphy answered after a moment of consideration, but she then added, "Only I will ask your permission, sir to address to you two questions, only two."

"Speak your first question then."

"You said that we should be free onboard?"

"Entirely," replied Lelouch.

"I ask you then, what you mean by this liberty?"

"Just the liberty to go, to come, to see, to observe even all that passes here, save under rare circumstances, the liberty in short which we enjoy ourselves, my companions and I."Lelouch said, but it was clear from Euphy's expression that the two didn't quite reach an understanding.

"Pardon me, but this liberty is only what every prisoner has of pacing his prison. It cannot suffice us."

"It must suffice," Lelouch replied firmly.

"Are you saying we have to stay aboard this hip, never to see land again?" Milly demanded.

"Yes Miss Ashford, but to renounce that unendurable worldly yoke which men believe to be liberty is not perhaps so painful as you think."

"Well I will never give my word of honor not to try to escape," Milly declared boldly.

"I did not ask you for your word of honor, Miss Ashford, but I seriously doubt you'll escape this vessel."

"Your abuse your situation towards us is cruelty," Euphy said starting to get a little angry despite herself.

"No it is clemency. You are my prisoners of war. I keep you, when I could by a single word, plunge all of you into the depths of the sea. You attacked me; you came to surprise a secret in which no man in the world must penetrate the secret of my existence and the existence of this vessel. And you think I would send you back into the world that must know of me no more, NEVER! In retaining you, it I not you whom I guard, it is myself I protect."

Those words made clear a resolution take on the part of Lelouch which no argument had any hope of prevailing against.

"So you simply give us the choice between life and death?" Euphy asked.

"Simply," Lelouch replied as the choice before them was made clear.

"I don't think we have a choice, but…no word of honor bounds us to the master of this vessel." Euphy said defiantly after looking at her three fellow prisoners.

'None, Euphy," Lelouch said before he began speaking in a gentler tone, "now permit me to finish what I have to say to you. I know you Professor Asplund, you and the others will not, but perhaps have so much to complain of in the chance which has bound you to my fate. You will find among my books which are my favorites to read especially your engineering tomes and your own work on the depths of the seas. But you have only carried your work as far as terrestrial science permits, but the real story of the ocean depths begin where you have left off. Wonders that defy my powers of description. I promise you that you will not regret the time spent aboard my vessel, you will be visiting a land of marvels."

It was obvious his words had an effect on Lloyd like the devil offering a lost soul a terrible temptation, but Euphy joined the conversation once more.

"But I still have my second question."

"Speak it," Lelouch asked knowing what it was.

"Are you Lelouch vi Britannia?"

Kallen was taken aback by the question as she wondered if that was Captain Nemo's true identity.

"I was Lelouch vi Britannia, but that name is dead to me as dead as those I have loved and lost. I ask that you do not address me by that name."

"Then what am I to address you by."

"You may call me Captain Nemo, and you are passengers aboard the Nautilus."

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