Chapter 11


I can't even… I don't know what to do right now. I have changed my clothes three, no… four times already this morning, and I don't have to be at the restaurant until noon. I have been so anxious for this meeting that the last three nights have been filled with tossing and turning. When Kyouya asked me to come out with him, I thought my heart would explode.

"Can we hang out sometime soon?" he asked, face turning red.

"Sure! Whenever you want to is fine with me!" My heart pounded so hard, I thought it would knock me over!

"How about this weekend?" he smiled at me, and my previously racing heart stopped dead in its tracks.



As soon as the clock struck 11:30, I was out the door and on my way to the restaurant we picked. Half way there, I found myself running like an idiot to my destination.

We picked a new restaurant that had just opened about 4 blocks from Ouran, and I couldn't believe how cute it was! It was based upon Alice in Wonderland, and was called the Rabbits Hole. As soon as it stuck 12, I entered, only to find Kyouya waiting for me at a table next to a window.

"Hey! Sorry I'm late; I hit traffic on my way here." I smiled down at him as he looked up at me. He wore a grey sweater vest, a white dress shirt, and black slacks that looked to fit him just right. What struck me as off at first sight was the absence of his glasses. He looked so… grown up.

I felt my face fall slightly as I sat down, but smiled once more as I noticed his look of concern as he saw my smile change into a small frown.

"You know, I saw you walk to that light post over there and wait for about 20 minutes…" he chuckled, putting a hand under his chin in amusement.

"Wahh- Seriously?! Ah man, now I'm embarrassed." I giggled, feeling a blush rise onto my cheeks. If he was concerned before, he covered it pretty well.

"Hahahaha, so what brought you here so early?" he smiled, leaning forward slightly to look me clear in the face.

"I… Well I guess I was excited?" I questioned my own actions, pretending to be clueless. Of course I came early! I have been waiting for this moment for a LONG time. The reason I think I'm so excited is because I think I will make him remember who I am. . . Maybe he will, but I seriously need to stop getting my hopes up with him. Every time I seem to be heading in the right direction, I get put down more and more. I sat there in the restaurant, contemplating my while life while Kyouya just sat there, staring keenly out the window.

"You know, this reminds me of a time you and I had lunch together…" he smiled fondly down at the menu, then looked to meet my gaze.

"Really, which time?" I smiled, feeling my heart race as his eyes traveled towards the menu again. If he remembers this instant… just maybe…

"Well, you and I usually ate in my backyard, and I think we were under the rose arch way. You were talking about growing up and how you wanted to become a teacher like your dad was, and I just loved to listen to you rant. Now that I remember, it makes me really happy." His smile widened, and as he looked up, his gasped.

This time, I was aware of the tears that fell freely from my face. I couldn't hold them back, because the nostalgia of that particular day fled back to my mind all too well.


"I wanna be a teacher, just like Daddy!" I giggled, putting my sandwich down for a juice box.

"Well, I think Tamaki-kun would be great at it!" he smiled, sipping his own juice box.

"Really?! Well, what does Kyouya want to be when he grows up?" I looked at him, love radiating from me and hopefully reaching him.

He paused for a second, his face scrunching up as he was thinking hard about what he wanted to do when he grew up. Then, his face turned into the most adorable smile I had ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

"I want to be a husband!" he smiled, looking at me.

"Ohhhh me too! Tamaki can be both, right?!" I asked, excitedly squirming in place.

"Yes, of course you can! But I don't want to be just anyone's husband. . . I want to be Tamaki's husband!" he declared, grabbing my hand in his.

"Waaahhh! ~ I wanna be Kyouya's husband too! Can I?" I squealed, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Yeah!" he giggled, causing us both to have a laughing fit.


"I can't believe you still remember that…" I smiled, wiping the stray tears from my face.

"Of course I do, those were some of the most precious times of my life! I just can't believe I actually forgot that you were... well you!" he chuckled. Then, he leaned over the table, grabbing a napkin and wiping more tears from my face as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Shocked, I jumped as he pulled away, eyes growing wide as he leaned back in his chair.

"Do you really remember… everything?" I whispered, grabbing the bottom of my shirt and pulling with anxiousness.

"Remember wh-"

"Hello and welcome to the Rabbit Hole! My name is Nanami, and I will be your server for this afternoon. Is there anything I can start you off with?"

The girl was rather short but very cute as she took our orders, and was extremely nice about everything. We ordered with ease, and as she left, it became quiet once more.

"Remember what?" he asked, leaning forward again to look at my face more clearly.

"Oh… It's not imp-"

"Yes it is. Whatever it is, I want to remember! Please tell me." He seemed serious, and as if he really wanted to know what I'm thinking about, so… I told him.

"When you and I were young, and you had learned I was moving away, you cried your heart out. You hugged me, and cried for the longest time…" I paused, looking down at the checkerboard table that was in front of me. How am I going to tell him?

"But before I left…"

"Oh… Oh God… I… I remember. I… holy shit how could I have possibly forgotten!" I finally looked up to meet his gaze, and his face was the lightest I had seen in the past two weeks I had returned. So much has happened, and I feel so relieved to know he finally remembers… Finally…

"I proposed, under that old rose arch. It is gone now, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Oh my gosh, I don't know what to say right now… Damn, I forgot….." he looked disappointed with himself, as if he too would start to cry.

"It's okay. I didn't really expect you to remember, it was so long ago." I smiled, looking at the one I love most in this entire world. I felt a load come off my shoulders at that moment, and my smile just shone so bright, my cheeks hurt.

"Why are you smiling so hard right now?" he smiled fondly at me. This… This is the Kyouya that I knew all those years ago. He has come home to me. Finally…

"Because... you finally remembered." I felt more tears fall down my cheeks, but they for once, were not tears of sorry, but of pure bliss.

"Every day, when I woke up I remembered you. I never once went a day without thinking about you, and not a moment went by that I didn't want to come home and see you. That is was truly got me up every morning. In all honesty, I looked forward to growing up to be what I wanted to become. Do you remember?" I asked, wiping the new tears from my face.

"… Tamaki's husband." I gasped, tears of his own spilling over.

"Here's your- Oh my GOD! Are you two okay?" Nanami gasped, rushing towards us with food in hand.

"Perfect." He smiled, wiping his red eyes with a smile.

". . . Okay, if you say so." She sighed, but then smiled at the sight of us. "You two are too cute! Here, on the house!" she placed our meals down, and left us with a wink. A blush formed on our faces as we laughed at how funny she was.


"I'm so glad… everything happened like this." He sighed contently, walking alongside me towards my house.

We had been at that restaurant for nearly 3 hours, just talking and catching up. He had truly grown up so much, and he said one thing that made my heart stop on the spot.

"I wish I could have been there with you. Sharing all those moments where you were happy, all the holidays where we could have been together… Even the sad times where I could have comforted you. I wish I hadn't missed so much, Tamaki. You grew up so much."

He took the words right out of my mouth.

"Why?" I asked, falling into step with him as we crossed the street.

"Because, right when I needed you the most, you appeared. You made me truly happy. Thank you." He whispered, grabbing my hand in his. My heart just exploded. Am I dreaming? Am I dead? What did I do to deserve such a sick joke like this?

"Y-you made me happy too. Thank you." I wrapped my fingers around his, and for the rest of the walk home, silence filled the air, but just that silence spoke all the words that needed to be said.