Sai watched intently as Sasuke carefully evaded his ink jutsu, all the while maintaining eye contact with him. What was he doing, there was no way he could bring Sasuke back to Konoha. He swiftly turned over another piece of sketch paper and with a few strokes his artwork came alive. The Uchiha quickly swung his blade and within seconds he had dispatched everything Sai threw at him.

Sasuke laid his sword at his side with a smirk plastered to his face, not a bead of sweat on his forehead or a ragged breath escaped him. Meanwhile Sai could feel fatigue settling in and his clothing stuck to him like a second skin from perspiration. He couldn't understand the rogue ninja's endurance and impeccable skill; all of Sai's best hits, no matter how hidden or powerful, could not dissuade the man before him.

"Is that all you got, a prior ANBU member can't even arrange one hit? Truly pathetic…how about instead we play a game, I grow tired of your attacks. I'll even grant you a twenty second head start?" His unfathomable profound voice drifted through to Sai's thoughts and the artist frowned at the idea of a "game".

"I'm not going to be engrossed in your juvenile games-"

"I-2-3-4-5-6-7…" He counted out slowly as though Sai's refusal meant nothing.

Having no other alternative, but to flee, Sai hastily sprung into the trees and took off at full speed—impelling chakra into his legs. He went into this battle foolishly as Naruto would have done and he would now feel the consequences for his arrogance. He was thinking he could defeat Sasuke (the last standing Uchiha), who performed under Orochimaru (an ex-Akatsuki member), brother of Itachi Uchiha (existing Akatsuki member), a rogue ninja who abandoned Konohagakure to obtain power, a highly skilled ninja who excelled in all, a boy or rather a man who nearly killed his comrade. But the young artist knew that the Uchiha surely could have killed him or maimed him, instead he was toying with Sai. It was unclear what was stopping Sasuke, but he obviously wanted something from the root ninja—that much was obvious.

Sai stopped short on a large tree branch placing his right hand over the bark to secure him. Something was not quite right, he had been traveling for virtually two and a half hours, yet nothing had changed. He passed the same tree nearly four times, and the sun had not moved a quarter of an inch. It was as clear that Sai was trapped in a genjutsu and now just any ordinary genjutsu—Sasuke's genjutsu. He cursed himself for not paying any heed to the similarities he had seen four times.

Sai scanned the remnants of his parchment paper and noted he was out of ink. He had little methods to fight back and he was about a day's journey from the Leaf village; narrowing his eyes the Kohana-nin felt an ominous chakra approaching and fast.

Sasuke's chuckle ricocheted throughout the trees and Sai swiftly spun around, trying to pinpoint his chakra. The Uchiha was moving so fast from tree branch to tree branch, Sai couldn't interpret where he was. Before he could spring into action a hot breath tickled his neck and a blade was pressed to his throat, the cold metal initiating a shiver.

"I found you, Sai." Venom oozed from his tone of voice.

"Sasuke, what do you want?" Sai said through clenched teeth.

Sasuke perched his head playfully atop of Sai's shoulder, inhaling the artist's scent. The smell of sweat and lavender invaded his nose and the rogue ninja couldn't have claimed a better aroma. Nuzzling the boy's collarbone, that was paler than any porcelain he had seen, Sasuke felt the body in his arms tense.

'What does he think he's doing' Sai thought to himself and was rewarded a sharp tug on his hair, as Sasuke snapped his head back to observe more expanse of skin. A hot tongue swept over the right side of Sai's neck earning a small, but perceptible gasp, while he tried to wrench away.

The Uchiha was undeterred when the Kohana-nin attempted to escape and instead sank his teeth in the juncture where shoulder met neck. Warm blood entered his mouth and a moan of appreciation came forth from Sasuke's mouth. His arms pulled Sai closer, wanting to feel every crevice and curve the boy's body possessed. A whimper of pain had Sasuke withdraw his teeth to instead lave the mark with quick kisses and licks. He wanted his property marked; to show all of whom Sai came in contact with that he was taken.

A wave of nausea hit Sai as the pain of Sasuke's teeth lapsed into his neck. It stung like hot coals burning through his skin and the tight hold the Uchiha embraced him in had Sai's breathing restricted. He couldn't think straight with the man so close and he could feel himself heating up to what was far beyond normal. A fever was transpiring and Sai was in no condition to offer resistance, as his body was quickly turning on itself.

"Let go of me, Uchiha." Sai gritted out. Sasuke's left hand that was once coiled in his hair snatched the artist's right hand and twisted it painfully behind his back. The sword pressed deeper into Sai's neck mindful of the wound that its owner had created.

"Keep that mouth of yours quiet or I'll find a better use for it." Sasuke growled. Brining his head down into the crook of Sai's neck, the rogue ninja wanted to make the younger man moan in ecstasy, however before his lips even came into contact with that ashen soft skin Sai's body liquefied into a puddle of ink, sliding through the Uchiha's clenched hands. Sai was merely an ink clone; Sasuke stared at the spot where Sai once stood, rage beginning to consume his entire being.

He chuckled darkly to himself, "Tsk, tsk, Sai…you really should not have done that."