Anakin's POV

I slammed my head harshly on the datapad, smashing its delicate screen in the process. I was supposed to be researching the Christian religion, but one of it makes sense to me. For example, one text said the following:

Several hundred years ago, a man appeared claiming to be a Messiah, or Savior of the people. He claimed to be a messenger of God, and many people followed him. When he was approximately 33 years of age, he was convicted by an Empire, then killed. Several days later, he supposedly rose from the dead. After returning to the "heavens," his followers spread the word of the Lord. Now, over one billion people have joined this revolution, and their numbers still grow.

ARE YOU KRIFFIN' KIDDING ME! Next, I checked out the official profile of the church leader, which turned out to be a teenage girl, nineteen to be exact, so some of my...tricks are legal.

Name: Ahsoka Tano

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: Unknown

Age: 19

Species: Togruta

Status: Single

Occupation: Christian Youth Leader

Eyes: Blue

Hair: None

Homeworld: Shili

I sighed heavily one more time before sitting up and heading to the MedBay for my make-over. When I entered the white, pristine room, I was surprised to see Obi-wan in there behind a chair in front of a mirror on the wall.

"Take a seat, Anakin," he said, gesturing towards the seat in front of him.

"I guess you're doing my make-over," I said nervously, slightly afraid of my former Master armed with a razor and scissors. "So, will I still look good after this?"

"Oh, that's what we're going for," he chuckled, wrapping the protective plastic around my neck, glancing at some notes in his hand. He pressed down on the back lever, gently hoisting me up until I could see myself in the mirror.

"I didn't know you were a fashion stylist," I chuckled, glancing at some magazines with him on the front.

"I took a part-time college scholarship in case I needed an extra job," he said, squirting some water in my hair so he could cut it more precisely. My hair had grown quite a bit, now almost touching my shoulders.

"Oh," I replied, twiddling my thumbs at the sound of the snipping scissors. I closed my eyes so he wouldn't poke them out, and I stayed still for quite some time, until he turned me around to do my bangs. More snipping echoed in the quiet room, occasionally interrupted by Obi-wan mumbling in some fashion language.

"Alright, your hair is done," he said, stepping back slightly. I slowly opened my eyes to see me with an awesome new haircut, softly layered on the sides, a neat part down one side, and a small lock of my bangs curling into my forehead to make a "C."

"It's awesome!" I said, gaping at the stylish, but subtle haircut. I smiled at him before he frowned at me.

"Time for waxing," he sighed, taking out a small wood stick and a container of heated wax. I groaned at the smell of the melted plastic. He gently laid some of the hot substance on part of my left eyebrow, and it burned like hell. I bit my lip as he applied some more along with more burning, before he placed cloth over the wax and stopped, waiting for it to harden. "Anakin, this will hurt."

No freakin' duh!

He swiftly pulled the cloth away with a flick of the wrist, and it felt fine at first, then an intense pain erupted at the site. I yelped and grasped my eye, trying to ease the irritation.

"Holy f**k!" I yelled, turning towards him. He sighed before repeating the process on the opposite side, with the same result and pain. He handed me a small case with two small disks in them.

"Contact lenses," he said. He showed me how to put them in, and once I did, when I looked in the mirror, instead of having my bright blue eyes, I had bright green color with gold flecks along with darker shades of green thrown in.

In the words of Barriss Offee, "Totally tubular."

"Alright, now to get rid of that scar," Obi-wan thought out loud, standing back momentarily before snapping his fingers and grabbing a small container of skin-like liquid. "This is semi-permanent fake skin. I'm going to apply it, wait for it to dry, then slowly remove it. If it works, the colors will soak into your skin, and you will not have a scar for a week."

"Alright," I said with a shrug before he applied the goop over my right eye. While we waited, we tried to come up with a name for myself while undercover.

Here are some options:


Johnathan (Too plain)

Jason (Too traditional)

Erin (Too girly)

Aaron (Might work)

Nick (Too popular)

Flynn (Too weird)

Dave (Too boring)

Oscar (NO!)

Carlos (Too exotic)