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Changing my Past.

Please just this once,

Let me change the past,

So that we can still be friends,

And no blood will shed on my bare hands,

And the terrifying face that you have on you,

So please let me try this once,

To change the future...

Gun shots can be heard. People scream bloody hell to run away from one person. That very one person that they underestimated. Sawada Tsunayoshi. That name had just traumatized the people that they thought was a timid and weak young man but the truth is... He is not that all innocent at the end. Tsuna then shot another one of Drago Famiglia member. He then turned to his side to see a man that step back away from him, trembling as his long barrel gun slipped from his hands, begging

"P-please spare m-m-me..." Tsuna just laughed evilly

"Spare you? Like hell I'll spare you! After your boss had his fun torturing my Guardians! Now I'll just have to erase you all like I've done to your boss!"

"Tsuna, stop this senseless war now!" Tsuna then turned around just to see Yamamoto shouted at him still in bandages and was limping towards him. Gokudera then went beside Yamamoto with his head and left eye bandaged

"Tenth... I have to agree on Yamamoto on that..."

The leader of the remaining member of the Drago Famiglia then asked all of the other members to retreat from the bloody place and the remaining were Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto. Tsuna then spun around at their direction and almost cried in joy when he found out that his friends are now okey.

"G-Gokudera... Yamamoto... You guys are alright!"

He ran to them and hugged them but instead he was pushed away harshly then non-other his right hand man. Tsuna seem too stunned for what just happen and he staggered back a bit with wide eyes

"Go-Gokudera..? W-why did you-"

"Y-YOU'RE NOT THE TENTH AT ALL!" Tsuna was taken aback by what Gokudera have just said

"W-what are you talking a-about? I'AM TSUNA, GOKUDERA!" Gokudera was shaking with anger and fear


Gokudera then calmed down just a bit because Yamamoto cools him off, but there are only two sentences he whispered

"The Tsuna I know will not like violence at all... Not a monster just like you..."

That's it. Tsuna buckled at that one word 'Monster...' That very word kept on echoing in his mind 'Monster, monster, monster, monster-' Tsuna then clasped his hands tightly to his ears and screams at the cloudy sky


He then stopped screaming and saw that his best friends are nowhere to be found. He curled himself into a ball in the middle of the abandoned battle field that he just made 'If I can just go back to the past and change the future...' He thought 'Maybe just maybe I can make this never happened...' his eyes welled up and he started to cry

"Please... Just please help me please... Oh god just please grant my wish... Please I beg you..."

"I can grant that wish of yours... Decimo..."

Tsuna looked up and search for the voice that had spoken to him. Until he saw who is was

"P-Primo? Is that really you?"

Giotto's translucent figure kneel in front of him and Tsuna immediately hugged him

"W-why...? I was only trying to help my friends Primo... But instead they rejected me because-because..."

Giotto smiled at him and wiped the tears away from the Decimo's eyes

"I know how you feel Decimo... I know it hurts a lot... So that's why I'm going to give you a chance on changing your past..."

Tsuna's eyes went wide by just hearing those sentences. He grabbed Giotto's hands and begged

"Oh please do Primo, please... I beg you... Please..."

Tsuna stood a bit and kneel down while tightly grasping Giotto's hands


(Oh and Giotto was standing by the way...) Giotto smiled a bit and pulls Tsuna gently up and...


Giotto smiled and Tsuna fell unconscious in Giotto's arm when a bright light engulfed them both... But before Tsuna fell asleep, one thing that surprises him though... Giotto kissed his cheek. And he whispered "Ti amo... Tsunayoshi..."

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