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~Chapter Seventeen: Past Memories~

Walking down the hall, Tsuna looked at the once happy rooms. Used to been full of joy, and laughter, now only to be filled with tears and pain.

"Nee Tsuna-nii!" Lambo shouted. "You want to join?" Lambo was playing video games with Ryohei.

"EXTREME! Tsuna! You should join!" Ryohei added.

"Okay!" Tsuna jumped on a seat and took a controller.

"…" A tear rolled down his pale face. "…Everyone…"

"Why did you kill?"

He opened the door leading him to the king sized bed, to big for him. Covering himself with the orange blankets he curled into a tight ball, wishing himself away, multiple times.

"Tsu-chan… Wake up… You're okay."

'No… they don't want me!'

"Tsu-chan… It's okay… Open your eyes.. Please?"


"Trust me…"


Tsuna opened his large eyes, letting him see a face, similar to his smiling at him. "G-gio-chan."

"Tsu-chan… You okay?" Giotto asked while holding Tsuna's small hands.

"Kinda… I had a dream…. About the… future…." Tsuna softly cried. "It was so scary, everyone was gone… gone…"

Giotto patted Tsuna on the head. "It's okay Tsu-chan, they are still here."

"Thank you Gio-chan.." Tsuna hugged him. "I was so scared…"

Giotto hugged the trembling Tsuna back. "Come on, it's time for school."

Tsuna got up and was going to change. "HIE! Giotto!" Giotto grabbed Tsuna when took off his shirt letting him see is pale skin. "Don't touch o-over there!"

"Mou~ But I want to" Giotto smirked as he started kissing Tsuna. He was holding Tsuna, his left arm holding him on the butt, and the right arm supporting his back.

"Ah~!" Tsuna moaned.

"TSU-KUN!" Nana opened the door. "Oh my…" She covered her face. "Opps. Please continue." She walked away.

"HIEE!" Tsuna cried out. "Gio-chan! Baka!" He ran off with his uniform to the bathroom.

"Nuuu! Tsu-chan!" Giotto ran after him.

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