DISCLAIMER! This is my first attempt at writing. Please be kind I do take constructive criticism. Reviews are appreciated. I will read them if you leave me contact information I will also reply.

One night I was awoke by a scream followed by a very loud crack of thunder. This scream sounded as if somebody was being murdered in cold blood. So I decided to check out the blood curdling scream as any normal person would. What I was not aware of however was that my life and the world around me was about to change forever.

As I was approaching the steps I heard some banging sounds on my door. I had deduced that it was probably the person trying to find help, but in the unlikely case it wasn't I grabbed my Colt M1911. I had looked through the peep hole to find somebody with a glue like substance in their mouth. I opened the door very cautiously only to find this very badly wounded man rush through my door quicker than anything I've ever seen. I screamed stop now or be fired upon what I didn't realize that was my biggest mistake. He turned around and proceeded to charge head on at me. I then fired one round and missed the third one hitting his arm and finally a head shot knocked him down.

I went outside to check on the scream but only to find more of the brain dead creatures looking at me. I then decided to shut the door behind me as they all rushed the door at once. I held the door shut until I heard more rounds being fired off and one almost hitting my shoulder. I opened the door to find 4 more survivors then yelled out that I was friendly and I wouldn't harm them.

As I stepped out into the pouring rain I could feel it dripping off of my hair and nose screaming for the survivors when one points his gun and looks at me and says. "Calm down we hear you we're just talking amongst ourselves." I reply with okay. I wait a couple of minutes and then the one who spoke before came up to me and said "We're gonna let you join us as long as you agree to follow us." I again replied with okay. The man from before introduced himself as Matt but he said to call him Thor another as Justin he said to call him Waffles yet another as Jared or Samurai. The last said Colemon but he said to call him Huggies.

I said my name was Blaine but to call me Magic. After we all met each other we decided it was in our best interest to go find a department store to hole up in for the night.