I awake to another day, finding that each time I wake up I get less and less willing to get up. I find that it's hard to press on against something that is almost impossible to beat. I quickly dismiss the thought since I know I and the others can make it through this in one peace. I rise up, stretching my arms and legs out and quickly walk over to the pantry area to find some food and water that we scavenged. I find an orange and I take a bottle of water and sit down at our makeshift table and start conversing with the others. I quickly find that they wake up particularly earlier than myself, who enjoys his sleep. I notice everybody has a worn-down look on their faces as if they've got no spirit themselves. I ask them. "What's with the worn down looks? We aren't dead yet, we have food , water and firearms . What more do we need right now?" Thor grunts in saying. "Well... We need storage, transportation, a permanent living area and more people. They all nod their heads as if they agree. I then reply with. "Hey, at least I tried to get the spirits higher." In reality though, I was thinking to myself the exact things he named off. You see, I explained. That's the kind of attitude that get's you killed. I understand you're a realist and everything but this isn't exactly covered in reality 101. This is about the equivalent to The Dark Knight killing babies in a nursery rhyme. However, I think that would be the best nursery rhyme in history. I do however, agree with you on the more storage and transportation. We can't exactly walk everywhere and we need more mobile storage. So after today. Those items should be our priority. Samurai proceeds to ask. "Where exactly can we find these means of transportation?" I then reply with. "There are so many cars in the immediate area that a few of them should have working parts, then all we would need is a pickup truck to haul stuff around in and we're good for a while." Samurai then asks. "Okay... but how exactly are we expected to run security for this vehicle?" I reply with. "Easy, just have one of us on the tailgate firing at the enemy." Samurai then looks back at the others and the others giving my idea the nod of approval. Then I ask the question of who knows how to fix up a car. Coleman proceeds to raise his hand up. I then say. "Alright then, we now know what to do for transportation."

We then decide to discuss the next very important topic, which has already been decided since last night. How and where we intend on getting new supplies. "Well first." I bring to mind. "We know of one location. Problem being, that it's in hostile territory. Do we as a group think it's worth it to go back there and scavenge or leave two behind so we have security back here." After a couple minuets of quarreling we decide it would be better to send a three man scavenging team with three backpacks. "We also need to figure out a time of when to leave." I add. Waffles thinks we should leave at noon and everybody else including myself thinks we should leave now. We decide now.

We decide Waffles and I are going to go since we know the area better than the rest. Samurai, myself and Waffles set out on our journey for the supermarket. On the way we converse a bit but nothing important is being said. We turn a corner to notice a few cars that could be used for salvage in the future, we decide if we aren't being pursued we would push one back for salvage and dump stuff in the back if we don't find anybody. As we're making our way towards the supermarket we notice some signs of recent activity which leads us to believe somebody has set up shop in the supermarket. In any case it's our only known source of food and water so it's a must we go in there. We decided that it's best to go 2 to water and 1 to food. We also decide if the outside is clear we unload our backpacks in the back of a truck and push it back to the hardware store where we will fix it up and later add more storage. I grab as much water as my backpack will allow me to carry check outside and for once find good news. Nobody is out there so I dump my stuff in the back run back in and tell the other two. After a few more trips back and forth we all go back to the truck to push it back. Once again good news, nobody has found the stuff and we have Waffles in the driver seat to steer while me and Samurai push. After a short while of pushing we see the hardware store and it's clear of all hostiles and we leave the truck in the back where they would unload the store's shipments.

Once we get back and rested we decide to take inventory of what we grabbed. Water wise we got about 68 bottles and for food we made out with some microwavable lunches, two twenty four pack ramen containers and some fruit. We all look over the supplies in awe. It was dead silence until Thor spoke and said. "We are set for a week and a half. Maybe even more." I then give Thor a nod to say I agree. We all take a vote that from now on every night we would have a meeting to recap and decide what to do next day. Tonight however, we already knew what we're going to be doing tomorrow. We just do a basic recap of the day. Thor and Huggies say they encountered nobody through the day and we just told them what happened to us and went to bed.

I awake to find my face covered in what little what was already leaking from the roof. I raise up to find the others surprisingly in bed still. I decide to take this time to think to myself. I think about what I've accomplished since I've joined up with these guys and how far we've come. Truthfully though I can only pay attention to my stomach and tongue, they seem to have a mind of their own right now seeing as how I'm hungry and thirsty. I decide after a few more minuets of trying to concentrate it's time to visit the pantry. After spending some time thinking about what I want to eat I decide I want some ramen. I chose it mainly because it's fast to make and it tastes pretty good too. After I get my ramen out and let it cool I notice the others have woke up. I ask them if they want anything to eat they reply with no. I then try to start a conversation about who is gonna strip the cars and who is gonna try to apply the parts? We all decided that Huggies will apply the parts and tell everybody else what parts to strip. We then have him after breakfast of course, check the parts on the truck we brought. He said. "Good news and bad news. Bad news first. It needs gas. Good news it only needs an engine." I then reply with. "If we could find a hose like thing we could siphon gas out of cars in the parking lot for that truck until we find a way to make bio fuel or make it electric. We then find after hours a working engine. Now we need to find a way to siphon gas. Thor finds a way to make a makeshift gas siphon pump. We proceed to siphon gas out of the other cars. Now, the moment of truth. Does it work? Huggies puts the key in the ignition after a few seconds the car starts. We all rejoice with happiness. We have made our first real accomplishment. We now have a working car. Now that we have that however. We're going to be so much louder than going in on foot. Which I told them and we all agreed until we get it armored, more storage capacity, more people and some guns on the truck. We aren't going to take it into unknown territory.

"The next order of business." I say is to find some better weapons and more people." Thor then adds. "If we have more people that's more mouths to feed, so right now. I'm not liking that idea, though I will say if we get more food, which will likely be happening. We can take on a few more people making our lives a lot easier."

After we let the car run for a little bit to get the engine warmed up we decide to take it for a test drive. See how it handles stuff like that. We also decide to make the trip worth it we would go to a gas station and grab some gas cans to fill up for when we need them. On the way to the gas station we see a store that sells guns. It is obviously in our best interest to check it out. Though, right now isn't the best of times since we aren't sure what this truck can do. Just in case the situation turns hot and we need to make an escape I personally, feel much better knowing the truck's limits. After we stop at the gas station we find some old gas cans we clean out and fill them up with gas. After we fill the gas cans we decide that on the way back while Samurai, Waffles and myself would be out looking for more supplies, people etc. Thor and Huggies, would be inside the base working on the truck and making other makeshift vehicles/storage areas. With the day dying down since we all know what happened there is no need to recap and we all decide to go to bed.