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*Chapter 4: Heavy Metal... Sure...*

Yusuke leaned against the wall on the roof of his school. He was skipping class as usual, half humming a song as it blasted through his headphones.

He sighed. 'Why come to school, if I'm gonna just skip? Screw this, I'm going somewhere else.' A short running start, and he launched himself off the roof. Yusuke landed on a nearby roof top. In this fashion, he made his way to his apartment complex.

Atsuko sighed as he walked in the door. "School piss you off again today?"

Yusuke either didn't hear her, or didn't care. He changed out of his uniform, into something more comfortable, and set off to find something to do.

On his way to the arcade, he sensed a familiar aura. "Hiei, I'm surprised. you don't normally come visit me unless there's a mission. And I know there isn't, 'cause I'm not a Spirit detective anymore."

"I only came because you might provide some entertainment." Hiei's voice floated down from a nearby tree. "What are you listening to? I can hear it all the way up here."

"What? Oh, that. I'm listening to heavy metal. It's a band called Disturbed. Come here, I think you'd like it."

Hiei reluctantly leaped from the branch he was crouching on, and landed in front of the teen.

Yusuke handed him an earbud. "Here."

The shorter of the two demons carefully placed it in his ear, like Kurama had told him to. The music's volume made him flinch at first, but after Yusuke turned it down a bit, he seemed completely absorbed in the song.

As the song ended, and another began, he tore the earbud out of his ear. "It's fine. Though that song reminds me of you when in battle, Yusuke."

"Really? I never thought of it that way. It reminded me of you, actually."

A small smirk crept across Hiei's face. "Well, we can spar, and see who it really represents. Genkai can be the the judge."

Yusuke grinned. "Okay! I'm in!"

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