Bianca (BW)

Alright this is the one-shot series that I have promised a few people due to the loss of my lemon series. This time the stories are friendlier and will not contain any lemon of any sort. Please enjoy the new series and review the stories, please request which female you want me to write mothers and Professors not included (sorry about that)

Ash: 16

Bianca: 15

Disclaimer: pokemon does not belong to me.

It was a nice sunny day on the way to the next gym battle for Ash, Pikachu was on the young trainers shoulder, on his right was an aspiring dragon master and to his left was a green haired man seeking to become a pokemon connoisseur, they were travelling on a tree lined route with pokemon jumping from tree to tree and Deerlings running along the road towards the fields on the right and a body of water on the left.

"Wait up, I am in a hurry," proclaimed a female voice from behind.

The trio looked back to see a blonde haired teenager running towards them, Cilan and Iris jumped out of her way but Ash wasn't as fast, she crashed and sent him into the body of water, "sorry about that Ash," she said with a smile on her face.

Ash quickly got out of the water to dry up, "you know Bianca, if you slowed down, this wouldn't happen," Ash said before sneezing.

Ash was a little upset knowing now that he wasn't going to get the gym battle that he wanted, "you know that the gym leader isn't there today," Bianca said with a smile on her face.

The sun was setting over the horizon, Bianca was sitting watching the sunset non her own, it wasn't long before Ash joined her to watch the bright blue sky turn from a fiery red with orange and the colors changing the usually fluffy white clouds into a rose color, "wow this is amazing," Bianca said with a smile on her face.

A gentle breeze blew through the fields as the duo continued to watch to sunset, Ash wasn't watching what was going on, Bianca started to move closer to Ash, "you're right Bianca, this sunset is amazing," Ash remarked with a smile still oblivious to Bianca getting ever closer.

Eventually Bianca was close enough to rest her head on Ash's shoulder; Ash was in shock when he looked over to seeing the blonde teenager resting her head on his shoulder, "Bianca, what are you doing?" Ash asked still in shock.

Bianca moved her head and looked into Ash's eyes for a moment, "because you're such a nice guy Ash, you stopped my dad from stopping my journey almost at the cost of your own journey," Bianca said with a smile on her face, "from that day onward, I strived to be your equal to travel with you," Bianca confessed happily as she placed her hand on Ash's.

Ash looked at Bianca with a blank expression on his face; he turned his attention back towards the final moments of the sunset, "are you sure about it?" Ash asked with uncertainty, he looked back towards the energetic trainer who was resting back on Ash's shoulder, Ash in a sudden movement placed his arm around Bianca's shoulder.

"From the moment you saved my journey Ash, I fell in love with you," Bianca confessed with a grin.

The two sat watching the sky darken and slowly but surely the sky was starting to fill up with little white dots, Bianca started to pick herself up, but before she walked away she kissed Ash on the cheek, she walked away from a stunned Ash.

Ash just sat there placing his hand n the spot he was kissed, "didn't expect that," Ash said with a smile.

I hope you liked this one shot, remember that I will be doing a few while I am doing my major stories, this will be a replacement series for one of my lost series, please read and review, also make a request if you get the chance.