Alright this short and sweet one shot involving a new pairing between Ash and Serena, please enjoy the story.

Ash: 18

Serena: 17

Ash had enter Lumiose City for the third time during his whole journey through the Kalos region, he had seen some amazing sights, "every time I see this city I am still amazed," Ash stated while looking around with his partner pokemon, they continued to walk through the streets of the massive city, with a large tower, "so many shops, it will take forever for me to see this entire city," Ash complained while turning around to see a young woman with light brown hair, wearing a red hat and dress, black knee length stockings, shoes and sleeveless blouse.

"It's been a while Ash, how has your journey been so far?" the woman asked in a joyous tone.

Ash pulled out his new badge case and showed off his badges to the woman, "well Serena, I seem to have about three badges, how about you?" Ash enquired while informing the Kalos native of his progress.

"I have four badges," Serena replied with a proud smile, she walked up to Ash's side and knelt down to pet Pikachu on the head, "why are you taking so long anyway Ash? You should be at least with six badges ready to challenge the seventh gym?" Serena asked the trainer curious as to why he was taking his time.

Ash looked up to see the massive tower and then looked around to see the people riding a Gogoat, "well Serena, I have never seen such a beautiful region in all my travels so far," Ash remarked with a chuckle, the comment left the woman in shock, "I am not in any rush Serena, I want to take my time and enjoy the sights," Ash answered the question positively.

Serena stared at Ash and started to smile at him, 'he really is amazing, holding back so he can see the sights of the region, enjoying every aspect of this region,' Serena thought before feeling her face heating up.

Ash turned around to see Serena looking around the town, "would you like to see some of the sights of this town with me?" Ash asked the woman with a smile.

Serena turned around, shocked at the idea and gulped for a moment, she looked at the ground, "are you asking me out?" Serena asked with a cheeky grin.

"And if I am asking you out, what would you do then?" Ash asked in reply to the young woman's question.

Serena leant in and kissed Ash on the cheek, "that," Serena replied with a giggle, she grabbed Ash's arm and forced him to walk, "how about we set up a meeting spot, next time we come back to this city, we should do something," Serena suggested happily while showing Ash parts of the town.

(2 Weeks later)

"Ash!" Serena yelled out as Ash entered the city proudly, the woman ran up to the trainer and embraced him joyously, "it has been two weeks, I missed you," Serena claimed as her excitement continued to build.

"Sorry for taking two weeks I had just won my fifth badge," Ash replied while returning the embrace.

Serena rested her head on the trainer's chest and closed her eyes, "that's great news," Serena stated while proudly smiling at herself and the trainer, 'so this is what it's like,' Serena wondered while pulling back from the embrace, 'maybe one day I will tell him, but now I would like to focus on my journey,' Serena thought to herself.

"You know I have been thinking about something," Ash confessed with a smile.

Serena quickly jolted her attention to Ash and started thinking about what Ash was going to say, "what is it Ash?" Serena asked curiously.

"Nah it's nothing, I am just thinking too much," Ash retorted leaving the young woman slightly disappointed.

"Oh, okay," Serena replied timidly before walking away with a frown on her face, "we will meet again?" Serena asked with a solemn tone, Ash nodded in reply as the young woman walked away.

Ash looked to the ground angry at himself, "why couldn't I say it?" Ash said while clenching his fists in anger, he looked up to see the young woman of interest walking away, "next time I see her I will tell her," Ash declared with a more serious expression.

(2 weeks later again)

Ash walked into the large city, it was busier than usual, he looked around to see if Serena was around, "I guess she hates me now after what I said a fortnight ago," Ash said while sighing heavily, he walked around the streets of the city seeing every massive building on his own.

Ash walked back to the meeting spot to see Serena standing on the spot with tears rolling down her face, "I thought it was too good to be true," Serena told herself not noticing that Ash was approaching her.

"Sorry for making you wait," Ash chuckled while scratching the back of his head, he then moved his hand towards the girls face and wiped away her tears, "no need to cry," Ash instructed the woman causing her to start blushing at his kindness.

"It has be nearly five months since we met," Serena claimed while putting her hand on Ash's which remained on her face, she closed her eyes while the sounds of the city.

"Serena, when I said sorry for making you wait, I meant something else," Ash claimed while the woman nodded happily, "in five months of traveling through this region, I had always enjoyed coming back here to spend some time with you," Ash professed happily while not attempting to move his hand away from Serena's face, "there is a reason for it right?" Ash questioned silently while his partner pokemon attempted to push him closer to the woman.

"Maybe this will help you find out," Serena claimed before kissing Ash, the raven haired trainer was shocked at first and tried to resist, but his resistance soon broke and allowed Serena to continue, it didn't last long but they both knew they needed more, "so did you find an answer?" Serena asked with a smile while her heart was racing, ready to fly out of her chest.

Ash placed his right hand on his lips wondering what to say, he tried to say something but he was speechless. After a few minutes of comprehending at what had happened a smile graced his lips, "yes it did help me find out, it proves what I have been thinking for the last month," Ash claimed with a laugh.

"Really, what was that Ash?" Serena questioned the trainer; she gulped and waited for his answer.

Ash moved his left hand and grabbed the woman's hand, he held onto it tightly, "I discovered that you are the most wonderful woman I have ever met," Ash professed happily, he watched as Serena's gasped with her free hand over her mouth, "not only are you my rival, but also the woman I am in love with," Ash pointed out while squeezing her hand.

"So does that mean we will be travelling on separate roads? Or will we be travelling together?" Serena asked Ash with great hope.

Ash looked down towards his small electric mouse pokemon, then quickly returned his focus to Serena, "I want you to travel with me," Ash answered happily.

"I want you to be my rival for now, but I want you to know something Ash," Serena expressed her interest in traveling with Ash, she tried to finish her sentence but was having a hard time choosing her words, knowing that the wrong word would end her chance with Ash, "I want you to know that I love you," Serena confessed happily.

After the revelation Ash and Serena walked towards the exit of the city together, they looked back at their meeting place, which was under a lamp, the light flickered on as the day light shifted into the darkness of night, remembering the times they had together in the large city, thinking to themselves, now holding hands as they walked closer to the exit of the city. No longer will they be separated, they would be traveling together wherever the road was going to take them.

I hope you all enjoyed this one, I think this one was really good, I am pretty proud of this one, and now the next one will be the final X and Y stories until the next lot of females come out, so please make a request for the next lot and I will do what I can to make them a reality.

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