The precious time from the theater to Regina's bedroom was torturous, but seemed to pass by in a dreamy blur. Emma was going through the necessary motions to get them home, but she wasn't thinking about anything but what she was hoping would happen when they got there. No more distractions, no more excuses, and no more emotional walls.

For so many months she had fought her body and its natural reaction to Regina's proximity. She couldn't count how many times she'd catch herself staring and force herself to look away embarrassed. When Regina stepped forward, she'd take a step back to maintain a distance, afraid of the strong emotions that seemed to grow like ivy around her heart with each passing day. It was necessary to keep herself in a state of denial, unable and unwilling to face her true feelings. That effort had been draining and futile anyway, slowly they had both let down their guard and when all pretenses fell away it felt nothing but healthy and authentic.

Now, her overly deprived body responded automatically to Regina, fatigue enhancing her arousal as she felt without filter, too tired to evaluate and analyze the sensations she was experiencing. It was at once disconcerting and amazing to finally allow and encourage this intimate closeness.

"Just relax and let me take care of you," Regina pressed her lips to Emma's in a soothing kiss, then her forehead as she held her gently. She pulled back just enough so she could peer into her eyes, smiling so sweetly it took Emma's breath away. She walked Emma back until she felt her legs meet the bed. Regina pulled up Emma's skirt by the fistful, as she peppered her shoulders and clavicle with more kisses. She seemed so unhurried, so intent on thoroughly kissing every bit of her skin, and fixed on showing Emma just how much she was loved.

Emma watched in devotion as Regina disappeared underneath the skirt, and then felt warm hands on her legs, followed by a warm adventurous teasing mouth. She felt her underwear being coaxed down her legs and Emma stepped out of them. Regina had might as well ripped them off, judging by the steady unending state of arousal Emma maintained all day: that pair of panties would not be recovering. (Hell, Emma might not be recovering.)

This was another first for Emma, who previously viewed sex as a means to an end; she had never had anyone make love to her. She was in unfamiliar territory unable to compare this experience to anything that had come before. The anticipation she felt throughout the day had left her on edge and now that edginess was softly dissolving into overwhelming, heart brimming love.

Regina stood back up, taking her time removing the Princess dress from Emma's body with the same gleeful expectation one might display when opening the greatest birthday gift they've ever received. The dress finally slid over Emma's head, and Regina tossed it across the room where it drifted into a heap like a frilly pink parachute.

With a hint of friskiness she pushed Emma down on the bed, and landed on top of her. She cradled Emma's face, stroked her hair and kissed her some more, unable to quench her thirst for the woman. For Regina this was also new, she had resigned herself to never feeling this way for another person, which is why she didn't realize the love that was growing between them even as it became obvious. She panicked when she had unwittingly confessed her feelings. She had spent so much time concealing and hiding her true self she had been convinced there was no point to love. Though, some sentiments are too great to stay hidden.

Emma kissed her back forcefully, arms wrapping around her and tugging at the lacy bow of the corset. Regina sat up, straddling Emma while looking down. She reached back and carefully unknotted the laces, watching Emma's star struck reaction as the garment fell away. Emma reached for Regina, pulling her down so skin could meet skin. Regina floated over her, her face close, hair haloing her beauty. Her hands explored Emma's body, taking in the planes of soft skin, scratching over her ribs and down to her stomach, caressing her lower when Regina felt a strong stab of arousal when her fingertips met Emma's soft bit of curls just above her sex.

Emma urged her on, with a moan, she needed Regina's touch, and for Regina simply feeling wasn't enough, she wanted to see. She sat back on her thighs, spreading Emma's legs gently, opening her thighs. Emma surprised herself by how she willingly and eagerly opened herself to Regina without shame or hesitation. Emma gazed down at Regina; the room was silent except for their uneven breathing. Emma's eyes were hooded and darkened almost matching Regina's.

Regina set her mouth to work on the inside of Emma's thigh while she let thumb skim over her sex, no pressure just the barest of sensation. She slowly closed the distance, while Emma squirmed in discomfort. She loved how Regina was touching her, even if it was at a maddeningly slow pace. Regina leaned in to press her face fully into Emma, and Emma leaned forward to watch. The visual was just as arousing as the sensation, as Regina inhaled against her, exhaling with a hum.

Regina circled Emma's entrance with her thumb, applying pressure and pressing in just a little. She licked a long slow stroke up the length of her, glorying in the first taste, sharp and addicting. Emma could tell from the way Regina was savoring this, deliberately teasing her to the point of sweet pain, she had thought about doing this to her many times. That speculation alone caused Emma to shudder and moan combined with the delicate long fingers that were leisurely sinking inside her, she was close to coming already

Many nights Emma had hesitated in Regina's foyer. After saying goodbye they would continue to stand in front of each other neither wanting to part. Both looking awkward and embarrassed and both waiting for the other to make a move. Invariably, Emma would eventually will herself to turn and go out into the night, trying not to look back as the heavy white door closed behind her. She'd end up at home, feeling listless and unsatisfied, and when she'd crawl under the covers her mind would replay each moment of cleverness or possible flirtation she and Regina had engaged in that evening. Her thoughts would drift downward from there (along with her hands) and she'd touch herself imagining what if instead of going out the door, Emma had gone up the stairs to Regina's room.

Emma could feel each stroke and thrust of Regina's fingers fully, everything seemed magnified. Regina alternated between flicking her tongue against Emma's hard clit and sucking her, as she worked in time with her ever moving fingers; slipping in and out of Emma's slippery wetness more fervently as Regina sensed good things beginning to happen in Emma's body.

Emma didn't even feel real, she was in her body and out of it all at once. She gasped for lungful's of oxygen, her hips were pushing and rocking up to meet Regina's mouth and fingers, getting the pressure she needed. Her thighs quivered from strain as involuntary muscle contractions burned through her as she climbed to a delicious precipice. It didn't take much to fall, just Regina pausing for a moment to announce her love once more, and for Emma everything twisted like a key in the ignition. She screamed out her love as well, although it was a bit less enunciated then Regina's more eloquent declaration.

When the smoke cleared, Regina was there to calm and pacify, stroking her sweat dampened hair, and embracing Emma as she drifted down to earth. She took a moment to rest and peacefully glide along on her warm fuzzy feelings without any other care or worry.

When she turned in Regina's arms, flipping their positions, her movements were imprecise and a bit lazy, but Regina didn't seem to mind as she tipped her head back and relaxed into the pillows. Emma nipped at her skin, ripping off her pleasantly soaked panties and wasting no time, nuzzling against her intimately, purring contentedly. Emma wasn't one for teasing or prolonging, and Regina eternally grateful judging from her moans and whimpers, her body vibrating with tension and pleasure. After this long day her body was so ready for release that Emma had her coming after only a few short minutes.

It was all the energy Emma could muster to pull herself up and lay beside Regina, who still had her eyes closed and a happy smile upon her sweet red lips. Emma snuggled against her, as Regina folded herself around her and dropped a kiss to her shoulder, "Love you, I really do."

"I know, I love you too," Emma melted against her and fell into a deep satisfying sleep.