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Ace Stalkers

Chapter 11

Caramel Topped

Clove let out a frustrated sigh as a number of beeps sounded. She never did understand why she always made the loss prevention alarm beep whenever she entered a shop.

It was Sunday and so far, the most relaxing day of the week. Since last night, when Annie had the misunderstanding with Finnick, Clove hadn't gotten any rest. Besides the fact that all her mother did was drunkenly yell at the TV, she kept thinking about school.

As in, what if Cato actually read her list? Why was she dumb enough to put how blue she thought his eyes were? What if he started thinking that she watched him and always stared at him? Not that she did, she only stared occasionally. No, he wouldn't misinterpret it like that, would he?

Shaking her head, Clove stopped thinking about all the drama. She was in the mall to relax today, not think even more.

"Okay Clove, today we're going to buy a book. Because we need to relax. Then we're going to have some coffee. We're going to read our new book while we drink that coffee. Because that's how normal people relax," Clove murmured to herself. With that goal in her mind, she started looking through the shelves of horror books.

~Ace Stalkers~

"One Venti Java Chocolate Chip Frappuccino for Clover!"

Clove walked up to the counter and snatched the drink from the man before growling, "It's Clove."

The man just looked at her with a look that obviously said he couldn't care less. Clove walked back to her seat and sat down. She opened her new book, The Splendor Falls, up and started reading. After the second chapter, Clove put her book down and took a sip of her Frappuccino. She thought that Sylvie, the protagonist in the book, was a self-absorbed bitch. Taking another sip, she looked out the window and at the crowds of people.

She spotted a head full of blond hair and nearly choked on her drink.

That was Glimmer.

Holding onto a man's arm.

That man was Marvel fucking Quaid.

Clove's eyes followed them as they walked along. Just as they didn't notice Clove watching them, they also didn't notice Cato, who was hiding behind a clothing rack in a store.

The short brunette immediately slammed her book shut and picked up her drink. She ran over to the next shop and yanked Cato back by the arm just as he was about to keep following Marvel and Glimmer.

"What the hell?"

Clove glared at Cato, who looked down at her.

"Why are you following those two?" she asked in a suspecting tone.

Cato rolled his eyes. "Marvel's been going on these dates like every weekend, but he never tells us anything about it, okay? And then I lost this bet with Gale and he was really curious and wanted to know what the hell's going on so he made me follow Marvel around."

Then, he looked around and swore out loud. "And fuck, I lost Marvel."

"No you didn't, idiot. They're right there," Clove replied and pointed to another clothing store across the one they were in.

The two of them stared at the couple in the other store for a while before Cato seemed to realize that they were openly staring and could be noticed. He grabbed Clove's arm and pulled her down beside him as he crouched behind the clothing rack. They observed Glimmer and Marvel through the gaps between the clothing for a while until Cato started up conversation.

"So…" he started.

"So?" Clove asked.

"Do you really think my eyes are that blue?"

Clove choked on her spit. "Uh, eyes? What eyes? They're not blue, they're the color of kiwi's right? Ahaha—hey, look at that, Glimmer and Marvel are moving, let's go!"

Cato stared after the girl as she stealthily—but not really—followed after the couple. Did she seriously just dodge a simple question in that way? With a roll of his eyes, Cato followed after Clove.

~Ace Stalkers~

"When is this date going to end?"

Clove had to agree on that one. Glimmer and Marvel had already seen the sea lion show in the mall, had crepes, went to around four more stores, had coffee, and were now at the book store that Clove had just been in. All throughout that, Clove and Cato had been following them all while complaining and grumbling.

The brunette sighed as she watched Glimmer drag Marvel around the store. Just then, her stomach gave a loud growl. "We should've gotten crepes after they did."

Cato nodded along and sighed louder. "I should've just pretended to follow Marvel then lied about it."

The two sighed at the same time. Clove pinched her nose to cover the stench that was coming from the garbage can that they were hiding behind.

"I get all that 'we need to be stealthy like ninjas' stuff, but why are we hiding behind a garbage can?"

"It looks very inconspicuous."

Clove rolled her eyes and muttered, "Right, because two people hiding behind a garbage can is completely normal."

Cato looked at Clove with a very tired-of-your-bullshit face. "Well, sorry, but unless you have experience in stalking people, I don't think we can't not hide behind a garbage can."

"Oh, well, I do have experience in stalking people."


"What? I mean like… like in this game that I play?" Clove covered up with a nervous shoulder shrug.

"Right, in the game that you—they're getting away!"

Glimmer and Marvel started walking towards a café to sit down. Before Cato could follow them, Clove grabbed his arm and said;

"Wait, I think I need some frozen yogurt," she said, eyeing a self-serve frozen yogurt shop by the book store.

Cato rolled his eyes.

"Do I have to pay?"

~Ace Stalkers~

Clove looked at the assortment of toppings in front of her. She took two scoops of Skor bits and a scoop of chocolate chips.

"Clove, isn't that enough? The girl at the counter said that how much I pay depends on how much your yogurt will weigh in total."

"So?" Clove asked as she continued to scoop more chocolate into her yogurt cup, "you know what I need now? Caramel."

The girl started walking toward the bottle of Hershey's Caramel Syrup. She started pouring an excessive amount.

That was when Glimmer passed by and saw her.


Clove screamed and turned to her, and in her shock, squeezed the bottle of caramel syrup very hard, resulting in a caramel covered Glimmer.

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