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She should probably be in class right now but frankly this was more important then drama. She was way behind on the yearbook and school paper pictures and she really had to get it done.

"Berry, shouldn't you be in class?"

"Principal Sylvester. You know, I should be but who needs drama, eh?" Rachel asked, spinning in her seat and smiling sweetly at Sue.

"Well clearly not you. Just make sure that you don't miss your next class"

"Lunch. I grantee I won't be missing that"

"Stay funny, Berry"

"Stay strict, Principal S"

Rachel grinned as Sue lefts, turning back to the computer and picking up her camera. She lightly ran her fingers over the 'property of Rachel Berry' sticker on the back.

Rachel sighed and pulled up the next picture. Glee club. The first person that Rachel noticed was Quinn. The blonde haired, green-eyed beauty of the school. If you looked up perfection in the dictionary then there would be no doubt that there would be a picture of her there. Or at least there should be.


Rachel rolled her eyes, clicking off the picture and back onto the home screen "Hudson"

"What are you doing in here, loser?"

"Proper work. What are you doing out of class, surely you need all the help you can get"

"What?" Finn growled pretending to lurch forward to hit Rachel making the brunette flinch "You watch yourself, Berry, I already have my radar on you"

"Should probably get that radar fixed then because I'm not the person you should be keep your eye on. Maybe Noah? The one who is taking over the basketball team? Before you know it he will be captain and you will be benched"


"Hey, man, how about you leave her alone and get to class" Puck bellowed and Finn scowled but turned and lefts anyway.


"No worries, get back to that good work, Berry"

Rachel nodded, tuning in her seat and back to the computer.

She brought back up the glee picture and began touching it up. She had just finished when the bell wrung. She finished up her work and logged off, pulling her camera strap over her head and slung her bag over her shoulder before heading out to the quad.

The first thing she noticed when she walked through the double doors was blonde hair. Quinn was quietly reading away on a lunch bench, completely ignoring everyone around her.

Rachel quickly snapped a picture before her attention was caught by the group of people to her left. The bully circle. Boy, has she been in the middle of one of those countless times before. She quickly pushed her way thought the wall of students to see Finn with Rory over his shoulder the Irish lads face shoved in the plate of food.

"Ah, Berry, you're the girl with the camera, snap a picture of this"

Rachel shook her head, slowly at first "No"

"I said take the damn picture, Berry"

"And I said no, now put him down"

"What? Just take the fucking picture"

"No. Put him down!"

Finn threw the boy off his shoulder before turning to Rachel "Who are you to tell me what to do"

Ok so now she realizes that this probably wasn't the best move but she wasn't about to run off now, she couldn't if she wanted to. That's the beauty of the bully circle, you can try and run but they just push you back in like some animal who's about to fight to the death "You have to leave the kid alone, he just moved here this year"

"Ooh yea well, that's cool"

That's progress right? Oh nope, the fist that just connected with her face says otherwise. What kind of boy hits a girl anyway?

As Rachel tried to get to her feet there was a foot sent into her stomach "Stay down, Berry"

She's been in enough of these circles to know that, yes, she probably should stay down but that just wasn't her.

"I told you. Stay. Down!" Finn growled, sending his foot into her ribs making her cough and fall face first onto the tarmac.

"Hey! Don't you think you should go to class, Hudson!" Quinn growled as she pushed her way through the wall of people.


"Leave, Finn"

Finn huffed, turning and shoving his way through the crowed.

Rachel groaned, trying to get up to her feet, catching Quinn's eyes as she was walking away with a sympathetic smile on her face.

Rachel finally got to her feet after a few stumbled. Well fucking ouch. It's fine. Rachel wanted bruised ribs anyway.

She should probably get to class, science, Rachel's favorite class.

Most people think she's crazy or nerdy for loving biology so much but she just finds it fascinating how a complex machine like a human and animals body works flawlessly, well most of the time. There are those times where it doesn't and she loves finding out why those times happen and trying to figure out a solution to it.

"Ah, Miss Berry, nice of you to join us"

"Sorry" Rachel mumbled, her voice raspy.

"Well, why are you late?"

Rachel glanced around the room, looking at Quinn who was nodding at her as if to say 'tell her what really happened' but Rachel wasn't a snitch.

"I walked into an open locker, you know me, clumsy" Rachel pointed at her busted lip and turned heading up to her seat.

She quietly rested her head on the desk, running her hands through her hair, because damn does her ribs hurt.

"Hey" a voice whispered and Rachel's ears pricked up slightly. She slowly lifted her head off her desk a few inches and peered through her hands at the source of the whisper.


"Do you not think that you should go to the nurse or something, you could have a concussion"

"What? No, I'm fine, really"

"What's your name?"

Rachel frowned, she was pretty sure Quinn knew her name "You don't know my name?"

"Oh, no, I know your name I'm just wondering if you do?"

"Of course I do, it's Jamie. Oh no wait, that doesn't sound right" Quinn gave her a look that said she was in trouble of she didn't answer truthfully "My names Rachel" Quinn arched her eyebrows, signaling Rachel to give her fully name "Berry, Rachel Berry"

Quinn nodded "I thought that you would have been in Rory's position enough times to know better than to get involved. I was brave of you, extremely dumb but brave"

Rachel shrugged "I quite like the Irish"

Quinn laughed, catching the attention of the teacher "Berry, how about you answer this, huh?"

"Sure" Rachel mumbled even though she had no idea what the question was. Damn you compulsive need to please.

"How do lizards regenerate their tails?"

"It's stem cells in their spine isn't it? They migrate to the growing tail and take form where needed, such as muscle and cartilage. The regrown tail won't be the same as the one before but hey, if you could grow your limbs back, would you really give a damn if it looked a little different"

"That's... A better explanation I expected Miss Berry, thank you"

"Nerd!" a voice yelled from somewhere to her left but it didn't bother her anymore, she was used to it.

Quinn turned back around to Rachel with a sympathetic look and Rachel just shrugged, letting her forehead rest on her arms.

Rachel walked out of the class dropped her board but then scooped it right back up when Sue appeared "Do you want to lose that board?"

"No, I actually quite like it"

"Then keep those wheels off that floor or I'm taking it home with me"

"Ooh, you board?" Rachel asked but regretted it when she saw the look on Sues face "Kay, no, of course you don't"

"Keep that off the ground and get outta here"

"Sure thing Miss S" Rachel sent a small salute to the woman and watched her walk back into her office before turned to walk away.

Rachel let out a quiet howl of pain when her body collided with someone. She braced herself for another punch in the face by Finn or to be shoved into the lockers but frowned when nothing happened.

The girl cracked one eye open slightly, smiling when she saw Quinn there, the blonde was wearing a slightly worried look "Ooh, hi. I was kind of expecting a right hook to the jaw just then"

"By me? Oh come on, I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag"

Rachel smiled "I don't believe that"

"Well these guns do tend to deceive. I just spent the last ten minutes looking for you so I'm already extremely late to work but I had to make sure you're ok"

"Fine. I knew she wouldn't have taken my board away"

"What? No, not about that. About your ribs and face, well I mean, your face looks fine, great, actually. Ok, no, that sounded weird" Quinn took a breath before continuing "After the fight with Finn, how are you feeling?"

Rachel smiled, grabbing onto the straps on her backpack and looking down at her feet as he scuffed them off the floor "I'm fine, it didn't even hurt"

"Is that why you literally yelped in pain when you crashed into me?" Quinn grinned at Rachel and pointed over her shoulder "I've really got to go or I'll get fired but just look after yourself, ok? Make sure those ribs aren't broken"

Rachel nodded "I would give you a ride but, you know, skate boards only carry one" Rachel shrugged and Quinn laughed.

"You always were a funny one Berry, I'll see you whenever"

"Bye" Rachel smiled and began walking towards the door that just so happened to be the same way as Quinn was walking.

Quinn chuckled "Should probably of realized that you'd be walking this way to"

"Yea" Rachel mumbled, also chuckling "how far is your work? It's getting pretty dark out"

"Only about half an hour"

Rachel nodded, pointing over her shoulder "I'm that way. But stay safe walking to work, ok?"

"I have these guns, I'll be fine"

Rachel grinned, "Stay employed, Fabray" Rachel dropped her board and kicked forward, glancing quickly over her shoulder at Quinn before turning the corner.

"Ah, Rachel, how was school sweetie?"

"Great, aunt May" Rachel mumbled closing the door and walking through the living room with her face hidden behind her hood.

"Did you get all your yearbook stuff done"

"Most of it, just a few more pictures to go" Rachel headed towards the kitchen, trying to keep her face hidden from her aunt "Where's Uncle Ben?"

"Upstairs, there's a leek in the attic"

"Oh, does he need help?" Rachel asked turning to look at her aunt but regretted it when she gasped.

"Rachel, honey, what happened?"

"Crashed and burned on my board today, was pretty nasty to"

"Well are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine, it doesn't even hurt anymore"

"I don't understand why you ride that thing"

"Because it's clumsy and dangerous" Ben said, walking into the kitchen.

"Uncle Ben, do you need help with the attic?"

"Sure, come on up"

Rachel nodded, following the man up into the attic "So, yea it's pretty bad" Rachel mumbled, sloshing through the inch or so of water.

"It is, do you think you could fix it"

Rachel squinted up at the pipe, she could fix it, easy but she would have to buy the right parts "Yea, I'll have to head to the hardware store though"

"How much will it cost?"

"'bout twenty bucks"

"Ok, why don't you grab a few things to take down with you and then you can go to the store"

Rachel nodded, walking over to the table and lifting a box but it burst open at the bottom "Shit!" Rachel snapped, cringing as she looked around for her uncle but he was gone.

The girl crouched down to pick up the stuff but something caught her eye.

LB. Leroy Berry.

It was her fathers' old leather briefcase. He carried it everywhere with him; it was what she remembered most about him.

She picked up the case and headed downstairs "Uh, aunt May, uncle Ben?"

The couple turned around as she placed the case on the table.

"Ooh that was your fathers'. He got it when he was sixteen, didn't exactly make him a popular kid in school but he didn't give a damn"

"Why is it here?" Rachel crocked, her voice cracking. When did she get tears in her eyes?

"He asked us to keep it safe for him"

"Why! There's nothing other than his old glasses, a calculator and this paper clipping in here, who is this?"

"Curt Connors, he worked for your father but we haven't heard from him in years"

Rachel nodded, "I'm, uh, gonna take this upstairs and head to the store ok?"

"Sure, sweetie"

Once Rachel had fixed the broken pipe in the loft and had a shower Rachel took out her contacts and placed he dads glasses on her nose. Perfect. She could see perfectly with them.

Rachel smiled to herself as she quickly got changed into her pajamas and sat down on her floor with her laptop and dads briefcase.

There was something else in this briefcase, she could hear it, but she just couldn't find it. Her father was big on secret compartments so Rachel decided to check again this time for hidden places.

Bingo. How hadn't she seen it before, it was kind of obvious.

Rachel took out the folder that was hidden and recognized it straight away. It was the thing he grabbed before they had to leave, it must have been pretty important since it was the only thing he grabbed.

The girl opened the folder "00 decay rate algorithm" Rachel mumbled out loud to herself as she read through the file. She understood most of it, the math that is, not the reason for having it.

She quickly opened her laptop and typed in her fathers and Curt Connors name and there was her answer. Cross species genetics.

Rachel knew a little about it. Just plant some zebra fish DNA in with human DNA and then boom, the ability to grow new cells at will. Simple right?

Well, no. Not really. The problem with this is the rate of decay or, to put it simpler, the rate in which it kills you from the inside out. No one has found the correct algorithm, well, possible, until now. She could be holding the answer in her hands right now.

"Oscorp" that's where she had to go and would go, tomorrow though because it was almost midnight and Rachel's ribs were throbbing.

"Will you be home for dinner?" Aunt May asked as Rachel gathered her things to head over to Oscorp.

"Probably not, but I'll eat when I'm out" Rachel said, pushing her glasses onto her face and slung her bag over her shoulder "I will be home by ten, I promise" Rachel quickly pecked her aunt on the cheek before grabbing her board and heading out.

Oscorp wasn't far from Rachel's house, about a twenty-minute skate.

"Uh, hi" a voice called and Rachel checked behind her before looking at the woman.

"Hey, I'm looking for doctor Curt Connors?"

The woman nodded "You'll find yourself to the left"

Come again? "Sorry?"

"You are here for the internship, right?"

"Internship. Yea, that's why I'm here"

"Well you'll find your name badge to the left" Rachel nodded, staring blankly at the badges "Is there a problem"

"No, found it" Rachel held up the closes badge to her.

"Well, ok, Scott? Just go up to the third floor"

Rachel nodded "Parents wanted a boy" she said with a shrug before turning and getting on the escalator.

There was a group of people on the third floor all wearing the same badges as she was so she assumed this was the group.

"Ok, can everyone who is here for the internship please gather round"

Rachel froze because, fuck, she would know that voice anywhere. What are the odds, the place Rachel decides to crash is the place Quinn Fabray worked. This was probably because she knocked that little kid over the other week, she didn't mean to but she probably shouldn't have blamed that other kid. Fuck you karma. Rachel quietly hid behind the group as Quinn continued talking.

"Welcome to Oscorp, I'm Quinn Fabray and I'm a senior at midtown science and also head intern for doctor Connors so I'll be leading this visit. Where I go, you go. If you stray you're out, clear?"

Ok so Quinn's bossy, Rachel didn't see that one coming.

"Ok, follow me" Quinn began walking along a large hallway and onto a huge room filled with lab coats and safety glasses. Rachel was in her element.

"Good afternoon" Curt Connor, exactly who Rachel wanted to see "Welcome, I'm doctor Curt Connors and I'm a scientist believe it or not" the man nodded towards his half arm and the group chuckled. Out of curtsy, Rachel guessed, because she didn't get the joke "The worlds leading scientist in Herpetology, which is the study of amphibians and reptiles for those who don't know. Basically, I'm trying to fix myself, fix people with disease, create a world without weakness. Does anyone know a way to do this?"

"Stem cell research?" a voice mumbled from the front and Rachel scoffed to herself.

Not in the next ten years buddy.

"Promising but no. What I'm thinking is more... Radical"

Silence. Rachel didn't like silence.

Stay quiet, Rachel. Don't say anything.

"Cross species genetics"

Fucking really? You could just stay quiet. Damn need to please people!

The group split, leaving Rachel in clear view of Quinn who frowned and looked down at her board. Busted.

"Well, a person gets Parkinson's when the brain cells that produce dopamine start to die. But a zebra fish has the ability to regenerate cells on command. If you can somehow give this ability to a Parkinson patient then boom, they're cured"

"Yea, now you'd just have to look past the gills on her neck" the laughter should upset Rachel but she gets enough of it at school to even give a shit.

"Listen" Curt said effectively shutting everyone up "And you are?"

Rachel looked down because she didn't even know who the hell she was right now.

"She's one of midtown sciences best and brightest. Second in her class"

Ah, Quinn Fabray to the rescue again, twice in one we... Hold up second? "Second?"

Quinn nodded "Yea"

"Sure about that?"

"Pretty sure"

Rachel just grinned

"I must get going but I will leave you in the capable hands of Miss Fabray" Curt said before turning and walking away.

"You'd like to gather round" Quinn said and Rachel jumped because what the hell was the this that just showed up in front of her?

A blue hologram filled with spiders. Nice.

Ok so everyone's has their attention on the talking lights, sneak away, slowly..


"Damn it" Rachel mumble under her breath before turning to look at Quinn "Hey"

"Where you going, Scott?"

Rachel frowned, but remember about the badge "Oh" she chuckled.

"What're you doing here?"

"I work here. No I don't. I was going to say that I did but clearly you work here so you know I don't work here"

"Are you following me?"

Seems like a good pass time but no, not this time "What? No I'm not following you. I didn't even know you worked here"

"Then why are you here?"

"Because I always wanted to be called Scott" ok there's that 'don't fuck with me' look again "I just snuck in because I love science"

Quinn as about to say something and Rachel knew she was in trouble but the blondes attention was caught by the hologram shutting off. Saved by the talking lights.

"I have to lead this tour but we will be talking later. Don't get me in trouble"

"No, of course not" Rachel pretended to followed the group as Quinn lead them away but as soon as they were out of site she turned to head away from them, her body crashing with someone else's.

"Sorry" Rachel mumbled, clutching her ribs as she knelt down to pick up the file the man dropped. How can they still be hurting?

She went to hand it back to him but her attention was caught by the markings, it was the same one on her fathers file.

The man glared at her as he snatched the file back and marched off. Rachel followed after him.

It was times like this she really wished she had that cloak from Harry potter that made you invisible.

She watched him put the code into the lock, he should really cover that up, and call someone out of the room and they walked off.

Action time Berry.

Rachel rushed over to the door and quickly put the code in and sulked inside. Cool place. Clean.

She looked around a little more, noticing something that resembled the blue hologram. She walked into that room and looked around in awe, pulling on a strand of webbing. Damn it was strong.

There was a low alarm and all of a sudden it was raining spiders. Rachel clenched up shaking off any spiders that got onto her. She was as far as you can be from arachnophobic, if she found a spider in her room she would pick it up and let it run around on her hand for a bit before putting it outside, but that was just horrible.

She quickly left the room and headed down stairs. As much as she wanted to know more she didn't want to get Quinn into trouble. She walked out of the building and ran her hands through her hair.

There was a sharp pain in her neck and for a second she thought someone had saw her and shot her with a poisons dart or something but when she felt her neck there was nothing there.

Once she made sure there was no one trying to stick a dart in her neck she began skating to the subway. When did she begin feeling do tired?

The last thing she remembered was getting on the tube before she blacked out completely.

There was a drip on her head that made her eyes fly open and knock whatever it was on her head off before flying up.

At first she thought she was jumping to her feet but no, apparently she sticks to roofs now. Frowning, she fell to the ground with a thud.

"Now look what you did! My shirt is all beer"

"I'm really sorry ma'am" Rachel said, patting the woman's shirt lightly but when she tried to take her hand off it wouldn't budge.

"Hey, get your hands off her man"

"I'm trying. Really I am" Rachel said and the man launched forwards towards her but she had reflexes of a cat now and sent him head first onto the wall of the train. In the process she ripped the woman's shirt off "Shit. Fuck, sorry"

Rachel tried to shake the shirt off her hand but it was stuck.

"That's it" the other man growled, going for Rachel but the girl was in autopilot right now, sending people flying each and every way. It was light she was some sort of ninja. What human being can pull a metal bar off of its hinges?

"Oh come on, not the board" Rachel whinnied but the dude swung the board at her which she blocked easily, breaking it in half "Fuck sake, that was my favorite board man" Rachel mumbled, sending her feet into the mans face.

"You just had to go and break it, didn't you?" Rachel groaned, picking up at halved board and rushing off the tube.

She stumbled home like she was sleepwalking or high. And this definitely wasn't fun so she didn't understand why people did it.

"Aunt May, Uncle Ben. Sorry I'm late it was extremely rude and selfish of me" Rachel mumbled, handing her broken board to her aunt "Oh, watch out" she mumbled, grabbing the fly that had just flew in front of her aunts face but how did she just do that? She caught it like she could catch a dog or rabbit.

She turned and headed over to the fridge and began rummaging through it and grabbed the first thing on hand and took a bite from it "Hum, this is incredible, what is it?"


"Well we need more of it!" Rachel reached back into the fridge and the freezer grabbing everything and anything before walking up stairs.