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Rachel held up her hands and knelt on the ground before turning to look at Russell "Berry?"

"He's going to Oscorp. Quinn is there, you have to let me go" Rachel said walking closer to the man who was slowly lowering his gun "You can arrest me after. I will go no problem but I just have to save Quinn" she mumbled grabbing her mask from the ground and pulling it on.

She knew by the look on the mans face that it was a yes so she run up the cab and swung off "Hold your fire!" Russell bellowed behind her but some jackass wasn't listening and shot her right on the left thigh.

Rachel yelped in pain but didn't stop, she had to get to Quinn.

Rachel quickly swung onto the close is building, slamming off it with a thud before Climbing up the wall and onto the roof she hobbled her way to the edge. There was no fast way to get to Oscorp and there's no doubt Connors was there by now.

Rachel jumped across the gap in the building, almost making it to the other side but smacked off the edge and fell onto the fire escape.

"Get up, Rachel. Quinn's in trouble" She whispered to herself, stumbling to her feet. Fuck her body was hurting bad, she didn't care about after she got Quinn out of the building she just had to get her out.

She could see the building. Right along the edge of the street. It was about five minutes away, maybe longer with her injured leg.

The cranes were moving though, on a line that would get her a direct route to Oscorp. It was nice to know the citizens were behind her no matter what the police said.

Grinning to herself, she shoots her webbing over her wounded leg and ran as fast as she could. She jumped and shot her webbing but the crane was to far away. Luckily there was on just under her and she grabbed onto the.

She stood on the beam until it was close to the other crane before taking of. Swinging from one crane to the next. If she wasn't do worried about Quinn she would be having a ball right now.

She slammed into the side if Oscorp and slung herself up the building. The lizard was at the top so Quinn was either out or safe so Connors was her main priority right now.

"T-minus two minutes"

Two minutes, that's how long she had to stop that thing. She quickly shot her webbing into the beam before swinging round and kicking Connors off of the platform but he grabbed her leg and took her with him, both of them crashing into the huge floodlight.

Rachel fell out of the light and crawled off but the lizard was hot on her tail and grabbed her leg as she tried to swing up to the dispenser, slamming her down on the ground before throwing her over the edge.

Fuck this wasn't as calming as it was up on Quinn's building.

She swung herself back onto the building an climbed as fast as she could, dodging everything that was thrown at her.

God, how did they get Godzilla off of the tower on the movie?

She took her chance and shot Connors in the face, dodging his tail and swinging herself up to kick his chest.

She slung herself up onto the beam where the dispenser was but before she could climb there was a cloud of gas in her way making her fall backwards and onto the floor. Judging by the fact everything was freezing up she guessed it was liquid nitrogen.

Before the lizard could pounce she pulled herself out of his way and tried to turn on the nitrogen but he grabbed her and crushed her wrists, effectively destroying the web shooters before pulling her mask off "Poor Rachel Berry. No mom, no father, no uncle. All alone"

"She's not alone!" a voice said before there was a gun shot, taking of the nitrogen tube allowing Rachel to grab it and shove it in Connors' face. The tail slackened around Rachel neck and she fell to the ground.

She continued spraying Connors as Russell shot him, braking parts of his body off "Hey, a gift from Quinn" he handed Rachel the serum.

Great. Quinn always came through "I got this Rachel. Go"

Rachel nodded, climbing towards the dispenser as fast as she could, ignoring the pain, well, everywhere on her body.

"T-minus ten seconds"

It was counting down now and Rachel opened the door, putting the antidote in just as Connors grabbed her legs. She watched the blue light shoot up into the air before exploding into a huge cloud.

Rachel could feel Connors loosing strength and his hand slipping making him tumble down the beam, breaking and bending it as he went.

She was now toppling. Over the edge of a skyscraper with no web shooters. She was going to die. Except she wasn't falling, everything else was but she wasn't.

Looking up she noticed a slightly scaly hand wrapped around her arm and pulling her up. The hand began dissolving, nice choice in arms, Connors. Switching hands, Curt yanked her up onto the building and Rachel sighed in relief.

Rachel watched Connors sob as his scales fall off and dissolved "The captain"

Shit. Rachel sprung to her feet and took off to where she'd last seen him "Captain"

"We're losing" Russell wheezed, three gapping holes in his body

"No, we stopped him. Ok let's get you out of here" Rachel tried to left him but he just howled in pain "Ok, ok" she lowered him back to the ground "Look at me. You have to stay with me ok? Helps on the way"

"I was wrong about you, Rachel. This city needs you. Here" the man held out her mask and she smiled slightly, taking it from him "You're going to need this. You're going to make enemies, people will get hurt, sometimes people closest to you. So I want you to promise me something ok? Leave Quinn out of it"

That was like a stab to the chest. Not because of what he was asking her but because he was right. Quinn could get hurt. She almost did today, twice.

"Promise me that?" a few tears slipped from Rachel's eyes as she looked back at the man "You promise me!"

Rachel nodded "Promise" a breath left Russell's body and his eyes slipped shut. Rachel sobbed lowly before letting out a scream. She couldn't handle this anymore and she knew Quinn would be more than devastated that her father was dead and there was nothing Rachel could do about it.

She had to get home before the police and paramedics showed so she began climbing down the edge of the building and running along the back ally ways to her house.

She's never seen her aunt look more relived when she hobbling in the door. She tried to have her a smiled but she just couldn't so she quickly kissed her aunts head and walked upstairs to her room

She couldn't not go to Russell's funeral so she decided to watch from a distance as his body was carried out, a distort looking Quinn following. It had been six days since Rachel had saw or spoke to her. Not from the lack of trying on Quinn's part, she had called and texted over one hundred times but Rachel was just following her fathers dying wish.

Rachel quickly ducked behind the statue when Quinn looked around. She couldn't help but wonder of Quinn felt that she was there or just hoped.

Once everyone had left Rachel used the backstreets to swing home, not caring that the rain was smacking against her face and the wind was freezing up her nose and cheeks. She barely even notices.

Rachel was home for half an hour when there was a knock on the door.

Quinn. Did she expect her just not stop trying?

Rachel opened the front door. Her head hanging as she walking out in to the cold.

"Where have you been?" Rachel didn't answer, she didn't know how "My father died, the funeral was today. Everyone was there, two of my teachers, even Sugar and Finn showed but you didn't!"

Fuck she sounds so hurt, Rachel didn't expect anything less but it broke her heart.

Rachel couldn't help it anymore, she reached out and brushed Quinn's tears away with her knuckles stepping back when Quinn stepped towards her "I can't, I can't do this. I'm sorry, I can't"

"What are you saying?"

Rachel sniffed and rubbed her tears away "I can't see you anymore. I can't"

That must be what heartbreak looks like, the look on Quinn's face, that must be how Rachel looks this very second to. Quinn turned sharply and popped open her umbrella, walking down the steps before turning back "He made you promise didn't he? To stay away from me? So I'd be safe" Quinn croaked and Rachel just looked at her feet

Quinn took that as a yes and turned and walked away.

Once she was out of site, Rachel broke down completely. The tears began streaming down her face as she walked into the house, leaning her head on the door "Why didn't you invite Quinn in?"

Rachel just shook her head

"Why?" her aunt pressed.

"I couldn't"


"I'm no good for her, aunt May"

"Rachel Berry" her aunt snapped, walking over to her "In there's one thing you are, it's good. Anyone who has a problem with that can talk to me"

Can you talk to the dead?

Rachel headed upstairs and pulled out her phone. She was ready to hear her uncle's message.

"Rachel, I know things have been difficult lately and I'm sorry about that. I think I know what tore feeling. Ever since you were a little girl you've been living with so many unresolved issues. Well take it from an old man, those things send us down a road, they make us who we are an of anyone is distend for greatness, it's you. You owe he world your gifts, you just have to figure out how to use them and know where ever they take you, we'll always be here. So come on home Rachel, you're my hero. And I love you"

Rachel bit down on her lip, trying to stop herself from crying but it didn't work. Her uncle knew about her being spiderwoman, she knew that for sure but another thing she knew. Life's to short to be unhappy, so she would talk to Quinn again, if she gets in danger once it was over but she couldn't stay away, not anymore.

Two days later she was standing by her locker, watching Quinn dig through hers. She looked like she hadn't slept in days, and probably hadn't, but she was still completely breathtaking in Rachel's eyes.

A set of arms wrapped around her shoulder "Hey, Berry"

"Oh, Finn, hey"

"You're alright you know" the boy said, walking backwards away from Rachel.

The brunette nodded, noticing the boys' shirt. Blue with the logo she wore on her suit "Nice shirt"

"Yea, chicks crazy. Nice ass to"

Not as flattering as you might think.

Closing her locker, Rachel looked over her shoulder to Quinn who just kept he head high and walked towards biology.

Rachel didn't blame her for ignoring her, she would of probably done the same.

Sighing, Rachel headed to get water before walking towards her class "...Who am I" the teacher finished, looking over at her as she walked in "Miss Berry. Late again I see. Well at least we can always count on you"

"Sorry, miss" Rachel mumbled taking her seat behind Quinn "Promise it won't happen again"

"Don't make promises you can't keep, miss Berry" the teacher snarked, turning back to the board.

Rachel smiled, leaning towards Quinn before whispering "Yea, but those are the best kind"

She could tell, even without seeing her face, that Quinn was grinning and right then she knew she would try to obey Russell's dying wish but it was almost a certain she wouldn't be able to.