TC Stark: So, who has seen The Dark Knight Rises? Wasn't that so awesome! I was blown away with the story line and just wow. I loved the ending and was really happy to see how well Nolan delivered. Crane's small part in the movie inspired me to write the sequel to Agateophobia. Now, this story follows the time-line of my last story. I want to try and include some ideas and maybe characters from the movie, but it won't follow the time-line of the Dark Knight Rises; since a lot of characters here don't even exist in TDKR universe. Also, I had one Guest who reviewed my last story who mentioned Crane looking old, which I think is a result of him being locked up for eight years. Still looked hot though lol enjoy!

Limerence- A darker form of love. Edging somewhere in between liking someone and being insanely mad about them.

Chapter One

"Ms. Downey?"

Another boring meeting. Arkham Asylum seemed to have had many of them lately. After spending two years, summers included; to achieve a master's degree, this wasn't what Roxanne had in mine. The day of her graduation had been the best day of her life; despite no one showing up on her behalf. The day afterwords had been equally enjoyable. Arkham had given her a bigger and nicer office and named her one of the facility's psychologists.

Two years of peace hadn't afforded them any good cases. So, she supposed boring meetings were all they had to do. The staff members of Arkham met often to discuss the psyches of the criminals, in order to help the police. It seemed like the law enforcement was no closer to finding any of the high risk criminals and it had been too long to allow them to play.

Arkham had never found out about what she had personally done, but they knew of her close relationship with Jonathan Crane while he was locked up. It was because of this, and the fact that she worked beside Dr. Quinzel during her sessions with the Joker; that they allowed her to become an official staff member without a doctrine.

Roxanne had been staring intently at the meeting's syllabus, when Dr. Chen had addressed her, "Yes?"

"What do you think? Miss Selena Kyle's rap sheet is long enough to be considered a short story. Yet, no one can find her. The police have dubbed her The Catwoman."

Giving a small smile, Roxanne shrugged, "I'm not sure if she's really worthy to discuss. From what we've seen, she's just a cat burglar with very expensive tastes."

"In a city like Gotham, you can never underestimate the criminal." Dr. Young explained

"I agree with Ms. Downey," Dr. Kellerman interjected, "We should move on to more important matters. It's been two years and some of Gotham's most dangerous criminals are still on the loose. About a year ago, Lyle Bolton was found dead in his home. His wife discovered him. You all remember Bolton as our former Head of Security. We let him go about two years ago; after several complaints of inmate brutality and having been caught holding a certain inmate over a can full of termites. We believe this was the work of the Joker and Harley Quinn, since he was found with the sides of his mouth carved into a large smile."

"Don't forget the red kiss mark on his cheek." Dr. Bartholomew added.

Dr. Kellerman nodded, while moving on, "There haven't been any sitings of the former DA Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face. None of the crimes that have been committed are linked to him."

"I believe he's dead," The female doctor explained, "With the burns that he's sustained, I would be surprised if the pain didn't kill him."

Jeremiah Arkham cleared his throat, "Well, no body has been found, so let's not rule him out. Now, throughout the two years there have been cases of seemingly normal civilians suddenly becoming unstable. For the lack of better words: crazy. Upon examination, these victims all have ingested some sort of street drug. They vary from cocain to heroin to Special K. All have been laced with some sort of chemical that has made the effects of the street drug permanent. We believe this is the doing of Dr. Jonathan Crane."

At this, Dr. Chen looked over at Roxanne and asked, "In your notes, Ms. Downey, you listed Crane as having dissociative identity disorder. What can you tell us about his alter personality and when he first showed signs."

While Jonathan was locked away in Arkham, he had lied and convinced everyone, including her; about his origins. He spoke of abusive parents and the pressures of his career. It wasn't until he let Scarecrow come out to play that he revealed his true breaking point. Being sexually abused was something the two could relate to and she wasn't about to betray that kind of trust.

Clearing her throat, she spoke, "He's called Scarecrow. Jonathan is aware of him and for the most part has control. Though, when he doesn't it's not like he doesn't know what's occurring. I believe Scarecrow is a result from years of abuse by the hands of his father, as well as the bullying he endured as in school."

"Can it really be that simple?" Dr. Young asked.

Roxanne shrugged simply and explained, "Sometimes that's all it takes."

The meeting ended soon after the discussion of Jonathan Crane ended. Even though Arkham was under the constant surveillance of security, many of the doctors were able to go home. That also included Roxanne. The staff had the privilege of attending that night's fundraiser. It was an excuse to get dressed up, eat cocktail shrimp, and speak with some high profile investors. Roxanne tried to tell herself that she went for the free drinks, but she needed to remember that the event was mandatory.

Roxanne hadn't been made an official staff member for very long and she wasn't too happy that the cab she had ordered was twenty minutes late. It wasn't going to look good to her superiors if she was late. Surely, she could have drove, but if she was going to be forced to attend the fundraiser then she would take advantage of the open bar.

So, there she was. Waiting outside her apartment; wearing a form fitting silver mini dress, a white three quarter sleeved blazer, and purple pumps. Her red curly hair cascaded loosely down her back and her Hazel eyes were decorated in her usual exotic shadows. It may have been a little too dressed up for the event she was going to, but with a new job came a nice paycheck and she wanted to show off her new outfit.

Finally, the cab was here. Tightening her lips, she clenched onto her black clutch and headed down the stairs. With haste she opened the door and entered the black vehicle, "Can we hurry a little? I'm going to be late."

"My apologies, I'd rather one of my men drive you."

She recognized that voice. Turning, Roxanne rolled her eyes, "What did you do?"

Jonathan smirked behind his frames before snapping his fingers. The driver took off. Turning back to the redhead, he explained, "I remember how heavy the work load was at Arkham and I remember these very unnecessary fundraisers. I merely desired to see you."

"How romantic." She commented sarcastically, before giving a genuine smile.

"I do apologize, next time I'll arrive with roses."

I had hoped your obsession with Ms. Downey would have ended already. Two years later and we're still here.

I quite like it here.

Glancing over at her body, Jonathan commented, "No doubt your new salary paid for this." His fingers reached out and gently held the silver necklace that dangled around her neck.

Roxanne smirked, while crossing her legs, "One of the advantages of having a job."

And yet we continue to pay for her apartment.

Not us. I pay for her apartment.

Either way, I don't see why when she has a job now. Its been two years, time to cut the umbilical chord.

Must you clutter my mind every time I'm around Ms. Downey?

My apologies. I forgot we have to play nice around Red.

"Do you find me boring, Jonathan?" Roxanne asked coyly, while shifting her body towards his.

Jonathan hated when Scarecrow interrupted his mind. It distracted him and made him look foolish. Focusing his attention on the woman beside him, he cooed, "Quite the contrary. That dress is distracting."

"Now, how do you suppose we fix that problem?"

He loved when she played with him. Her little coy remarks and seductive suggestions still aroused him. Smirking, Jonathan leaned in and captured Roxanne's lips with his own. Like so many times before, she savored the first few moments of his kiss. The full pillows trapped her own; taking charge while allowing her to make a move.

And she did. Roxanne could never resist. Jonathan was the drug that she had come to depend on and highly enjoy. She had given up trying to kick the addiction long ago. Taking in a breath, she pulled the doctor closer and deepened the kiss. His hands reached out and wrapped her legs around his waist. He didn't care about being in the back seat of a cab or that one of his goons were driving. All he cared about was the feel of his lover underneath him.

Roxanne wrapped her arms around Jonathan's shoulders and slid her fingers through his silky black hair. Her sex was growing increasingly warm and moist, as his hands tucked under the hem of her dress. She could his bulge against her pink panties and he could feet the heat radiating in between her olive skinned legs.

Roxanne yanked his nicely tailored jacket off his shoulders and began to undo the buttons of his shirt. His lips attacked the skin of her neck, finding the spot he knew satisfied her the most. His teeth nipping at her skin and his full lips sucking at the area was mind numbing. Her body became limp; too aroused to even have control of herself.

Somehow, she had been able to lift her hips high enough, to allow Jonathan to pull her panties off her. The cool air touched her now exposed sex, causing shivers to run up and down her spine. Her body was yearning for him and she couldn't take anymore waiting. Roxanne reached down and pulled at the zipper of his pants.

Smirking, Jonathan leaned into her ear and moaned, "Impatient, are we?"

"Fuck me." Roxanne begged.

Look whose calling the shots.

Jonathan snorted inwardly, while reaching out and tangling his fingers through her red hair, "Such foul language doesn't suit you, Roxy," His hand reached down and pulled his hardened staff out of his pants, "I'd save the profanities for a more appropriate moment."

Roxanne bit her lower lip in anticipation, before letting out a gasp as she felt him slipping inside of her. Almost instantly her back arched up; her hands grabbed at his back and dug in. Her walls stretched around his shaft, as he rotated his hips back and forth. They may have been cramped on the back seat of a cab, but none of that mattered. Both were too wrapped up in ecstasy, to be concerned with the world around them.

Jonathan reached up and pulled the draped neckline of her dress down, along with her white bra. Her left breast fit in the palm of his hand while the other was capture in between his teeth. As her nipple was gnawed at, Roxanne picked her legs up and locked her ankles together over his lower back. He felt her legs clench his body; picking herself up to feel him at a different ankle.

The driver took a turn, driving the doctor further inside of her lover. She let out a small scream, before Jonathan smashed his lips against hers. Red's a real screamer, huh? Crane inwardly rolled his eyes, before pulling back and whispering, "Touch yourself."

His smooth voice chilled Roxanne at her core, shuddering as she reached her fingers down to her exposed clitoris. With their eyes linked, she began to circle around the sensitive piece of flesh. Jonathan took in a deep breath as he peered down, to watch. The look on her face as she pleasured herself, was maddening. With that he began to pump into her harder until she climaxed. As she came, her walls tightened around his staff and it was what sent him over the edge.

The doctor had been careful to not dirty her dress when he ejaculated. Not wanting to be in a cramped position any longer, Jonathan sat up and quickly ran his fingers through his hair. Sorry, Johnny-Boy, sex usually makes a mess out of one's hair.

Excuse me if I don't want to look like a slob. Jonathan rolled his eyes while adjusting his tie.

While adjusting his glasses, Jonathan glanced down and noticed Roxanne's pink underwear on the floor. After picking them up, he turned to the redhead, "I wouldn't want to go to the fundraiser without these." She giggled before slipping them on.

"You'd be surprised how many do." He smirked.

Just as Roxanne made sure everything was in place, the cab stopped in front of the fundraiser. It was being held in the banquet hall of a very lovely hotel and was being hosted by none other than Bruce Wayne. Surprisingly, she was only about a half hour late, "Are you sure its safe for you to be outside?"

Jonathan simply smirked, "What do I have to fear?"

"What ever happened to your friend Selena? The one who wanted to leave her fiance for me?"

With how many people occupied the banquet hall, no one had noticed the time of Roxanne's arrival. People were laughing, eating, and drinking. There were plenty of important people there; business men and women who were hopefully going to give to Arkham Asylum. She was just happy that no one could smell the Scarecrow off of her.

Someone, though; had spotted her amongst the crowd. A man who, for the two past years; had become a friend of hers. A real friend. Although Roxanne gave into the social norm of having girlfriends, none of them were genuine. They were artificial. How could they be considered true friends when none of them hadn't a clue who she really was. A victim of sexual abuse. A daughter who refused to speak with her mother. A niece who killed her aunt. And above all; the lover of Dr. Jonathan Crane.

Besides the doctor, Bruce Wayne had been the only one to even remotely know about her past. Only Jonathan would ever truly understand her. The billionaire had been insistent on keeping in touch with her. They both had secrets. Roxanne knew how jealous the doctor was and didn't want any harm to be bestowed upon Bruce, but the matter man wouldn't take no for an answer. After two years, she had grown to enjoy their friendship.

She had been mid-sip of her dirty martini, when Bruce had questioned her. After swallowing the alcohol, Roxanne laughed, "She found another man with even more money and left Barry about a year ago."

"True love." Bruce commented sarcastically.

"You're one to talk. Different girl every night."

He knew she was teasing him. Giving a small chuckle, he corrected, "Not every night. I'm only human after all."

Roxanne smirked coyly and took another sip of her drink. The room was full of chatty patrons, but she still leaned forward and spoke lowly, "All evidence to the contrary."

Bruce knew what she was referring to. Two years had passed and none of the criminally insane had made any major attacks. Well, at least none that could be linked to anyone. And no one had seen the Batman. Roxanne knew that he was still in the midst; watching his city and making sure everyone was safe.

"I don't take the suit out for foreplay."

At this, Roxanne really laughed. The two had gone past being poised with each other and often found themselves making less than appropriate comments. A few onlookers glanced over, wondering what was so funny. She allowed the giggling to die down, before composing herself. It wouldn't look good in front of her boss if he thought she was fraternizing with Gotham's richest man. They would never even know half the story.

"Bruce," She then turned seriously, "Have you heard of The Catwoman?"

There was a small sign of recollection on his face, before asking in confusion, "The cat burglar? Seems like something the police can handle."

"I thought so as well, but some of the doctors think otherwise. A lot of criminals Gotham has come to know started off with petty crimes. I suppose they want to nip this problems before it grows."

"I'll keep an eye out."

"Tell me what you know about Bruce Wayne."

After dropping Roxanne off at the fundraiser, Jonathan had some business to attend to in the Narrows. The doctor didn't really like associating with other criminals. He found himself far more intellectually superior than everyone else and found their focuses laughable. It had been a while since he had used organized mobs to distribute his drug to the public, rather using his own goons that he had accumulated throughout the years. There was no way he wanted the clown couple appearing at his apartment ever again.

Unfortunately, it came time for him to associate with another. And at least it was Harvey Dent. A man that didn't play games other than his little coin toss. Jonathan would describe Two-Face as vengeful and acted out this vengeance in an erratic fashion. The burnt man hadn't done anything in two years. His one goal was to avenge Rachel Dawes death. After doing so, he dove into seclusion and stayed away from society.

Jonathan was surprised that Two-Face could keep on living the way he did. No medication. The burns looked painful as ever and he honestly had no idea how he could still see out of the one eye. Either way, the two met at an underground steak house. The main room was open for the public; patrons who never knew the secret rooms that criminals met in.

The two were drinking whiskey on the rocks, when Jonathan got down to business. Two-Face brought a cigarette up to his lips and pulled in. The mention of the billionaire seemed to cause the former DA to pause for a moment, before breathing smoke out of the hole in his face. I'm getting tired of that.

It is a tad unsettling.

"Why the interest?"

Crane took a sip of his own alcoholic beverage and let the liquid burn down his throat. Sitting back, he explained, "He's too close to Ms. Downey."

Dent snorted, "Why do you allow this?"

I've often wondered that myself. She's yours after all.

Which is why I'm here.

A young waitress stepped in and placed a plate of food in front of each other them. The two watched silently and waited until she left, before Crane answered, "She's chosen not to embrace my lifestyle and go on with social norms. She's young, beautiful, intelligent, and has a promising career. Not to mention she has a past with me. People will start to wonder why Roxanne Downey doesn't have a man in her life. I may have been able to get her out of jail, but she needs to secure that she doesn't go back in."

"I thought you took care of that."

Crane snorted, "She has to keep her end up as well."

Two-Face stubbed out his cigarette, before sitting up straight and picking up his utensils. The doctor watched, as the knife plunged into the steak and cut out a small cube. Crane sucked in air through his nostrils and tightened his lips, as the former DA began to chew. It would be interesting to see the effects of my drug on him.

His mind is so fragile. But, remember that he still has friends in the big house.

I don't take orders from anyone.

Once the piece of meat was swallowed, he explained, "You should have seen the way he looked at Rachel. So smug, so condescending. He thought he could rob her from out under me. Just because he was Bruce Wayne. He doesn't care whose in his way. He thinks he's the better man and he hasn't any respect. It was as if I was just standing in for him, until he was done fucking all his whores."

Jonathan's grip on his glass tightened. Gritting his teeth, the doctor tilted his chin up and stated calmly, "He must be taught a lesson."