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Chapter 1: What to Do

End of episode 25 season 2

"I heard you really killed it at the patio last night," Chad said, sliding his phone into his pocket as he walked with Sonny down the hall.

"As a matter of fact, I did," Sonny replied, holding up a few neatly folded $10 and waving it between two fingers.

He smiled, "Well, uh, I'm sorry I wasn't there to see it."

"Maybe it's for the best," she said, giving him a sad smile.

"Maybe. I, uh, so I guess I'll see you around," he put his hands in his pockets and looked at the ground for a moment before returning his gaze to her face.

"Yea, I'll see you around, Chad."





He gave her a small smile and walked away. Her gaze followed him, and after a few seconds she sighed and walked away, singing to herself.

The next day

Sonny walked into her dressing room, humming the song she had sung at The Patio the other night. She murmured a greeting to Tawni as she passed and sat down at her vanity.

"So," Tawni said, not glancing up as she applied her makeup, "Ready for the show tonight?"

"Yup!" Sonny said, forcing a smile. She was still depressed about her breakup with Chad, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get him out of her mind.

Tawni eyed her suspiciously, but said nothing, simply applied more of her Cocoa Mocho Cocoa as she and her friend walked out of the dressing room and towards the stage to start the show.

After the show

The cast of So Random! walked into the pizza parlor, laughing.

"Okay, okay," Tawni said through her laughter, "So then I said, 'That's not Cocoa Mocho Cocoa, that's Mocho Cocoa Mocho!'"

The rest of the cast erupt into laughter as they stumbled over to a booth, clutching their sides.

"I'll go order the pizza," Sonny said after they had calmed down. She grabbed the coupons and slid out of the booth, walking over to the counter to place an order.

After she was gone, the rest of the Randoms looked at each other.

"Do you think she's over Chad yet?" Tawni whispered, concerned. The others looked at each other with uncertain expressions on their faces.

"She seems back to normal, I guess," Nico said quietly, "But that song she wrote about him...I think she still really cares for him."

"Which is way more than he deserves, seeing how much he hurt her! I was surprised when she took him back the first time, she can't forgive him again!" Tawni exclaimed, causing Sonny to glance over at her from where she was standing in line. Immediately, all her cast members smiled and waved like nothing was wrong, then turned back to the conversation, leaving a confused Sonny standing there.

A few minutes later, Sonny slid in next to Tawni. "So, what were you guys talking about?"

They all started muttering at the same time. Sonny heard bits of what they were saying, and it all sounded somewhere along the lines of "Oh, nothing" and "Just how much we can't wait to eat that delicious pizza!"

She decided not to push the subject, and they fell into an awkward silence as she began to daydream about Chad. No matter how much she wanted to, she couldn't forget him. She couldn't forget the way he called her "m'lady" and fought with her in the way only they could, yelling "Good. Good! Fine. Fine!" at each other. Oh, how she wanted to feel his arm around her once more. She shook her head to clear her mind. No, that's not what she wanted. That was most definitely not what she wanted. She was single now - she had broken up with him after he asked for a recount of the votes so Mackenzie Falls would win the Tween Choice Award. And she was never, ever, going to give him a second chance.


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