Journal Entry #405

I write a few lines tonight in remberance. My affection for Victor increases as the das grow long. His eagerness to learn from what I teach is a breath of fresh air. I met the young man a fortnight ago when he came to my private cambers to visit. We talked about my fellow colleague Krempe, and Agrippa and Paracelsus; the men who's knowledge founded modern philosophy. I was astounded by Victor's knowledge, and eagerness to learn more. I took him into my laboratory and showed him of my various machines and works that I have completed in my lifetime. When he has advanced more I have promised him the use of these.

I am happy to say that that day I had gained a disciple, someone to teach this Nobel artistry to. I have no doubt of his success in my teachings if his application equals his ability to learn.

Though I do worry about Victor. If his wish is to become really a man of science and not merely a petty experimentalist, I should hope he applies himself to every branch of natural philosophy, even ones he may not enjoy. Such is the noble life of the ark angels of science.

When Victor had left that night I had a few moments to reflect and reflect I have these past few weeks. He is an interesting fellow, a man who wants to never stop learning, he reminds me of a young self. I hope though that his ambition is not as vast as mine once was. Ambition does not to cure the faults of man.

M. Waldman

Authors note: Hello lovely people! To the people who have read my previous story I would like to say that was written for fun and fun only. Nothing in that was to be taken seriously. We are studying Frankenstein in my Literature class and one of the SACS was to create a new chapter in the classic novel my Mary Shelley. I decided to create a new part in the novel that focus on M. Waldman who was the professor at the University that Victor went to. This gives another view to who Victor was from the eyes of Waldman. Enjoy these! Lots of love and leave me honest critiques and all that Jazz!