Freddie was 8 when he first met Carly Shay, he'd been picked on constantly at his old schools fr whatever reason the kids could come up with that day. When he'd transferred to Seattle he'd expected more of the same. His mother didn't help things by being over bearing, one of the main sources of his torment along with his interest in computers, so he'd had no real hope of making friends at this school.

His first day was both amazing and horrible, the first person he happened to meet was Sam Puckett whom he knew he would grow to despise considering she seemed determined to make his life miserable.

Then, after Sam had gotten bored with calling him names and throwing things at him, she had walked up to him. "Are you alright?" she asked kindly as he sulked in the corner.

"I-I'm fine" he said nervously, no one ever talked to him and no one ever asked if he was okay except his mother.

She smiled "I'm Carly" she said, "I'm sorry Sam was being mean to you, I'll talk to her later about it."

He nodded "Um.. I'm Freddie" he said nervously "I'm new here."

"It's nice to meet you Freddie!" she said happily and smiled "I'll see you later, okay? I hope we can be friends" she said as she walked away.

Freddie watched her go, a slow smile forming on his face and he looked up "Please God, don't take her away from me" he said, happy to finally have someone that was nice to him.

It had been ten years since Carly and Freddie had met and three years since they had started dating, and Freddie had never been happier. He'd long since become used to Sam, ignoring her if it meant being in the presence of Carly. Tonight they had just gotten out of a movie, Carly's pick so it had been a romantic film, when suddenly Carly gripped his arm tightly.

He turned to look at her "what's the matter?" he asked quickly, noticing the fear in her eyes. She pointed to her lungs and it clicked, her asthma, she had mentioned it years ago but hadn't really had an attack in years "Oh my god, your having an asthma attack aren't you?" he asked, trying not to panic "Something in the air must have triggered it" he muttered, knowing Seattle was bad for pollution.

Carly continued struggling for breath and he struggled with what to do, his car was just around the corner but Carly needed help now. He closed his eyes, trying to think clearly "I'm going to get the car, I'll only be a second" he promised and headed to the car. Driving around he pulled up beside her and opened the door so she could get in "I'll drive you to the hospital" he told her.

She nodded and he sped off, eager to get her there, he knew she would be okay but he still said a little prayer, like he had when he'd met her "please don't take her from me" he whispered, hoping she didn't hear.

Another five years had passed and Carly sat in the hospital waiting room with Freddie, she couldn't help but feel nervous about being here, and Freddie could tell by how tense she was. Freddie wrapped an arm around her and whispered encouraging words, which made her smile, and she kissed his cheek softly.

Two weeks ago she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and today was her first round of radiation in homes to destroy the cancerous cells. She gripped his hand tightly in hers and smiled as her name was called "I'll be back" she said softly as she stood up, she could tell by the look in his eyes he wanted to be back there with her but he said nothing.

When Carly disappeared from sight he clasped his hands together and sighed, leaning down so his forehead was leaning on his hands he began to pray again "Please don't take her from me" he whispered "I'll give up my own life if I need to, just please don't take her from me" he looked up and sighed, only time would tell if his prayer would come true.