Darkness seething, darkness churning

Under corrupt power did it bind

Overreaching, overpowering

Within the recesses of tortured mind


Tendrils of blackness, rent asunder

Dragon bound by ankle and wrist

Overwhelming mask of darkness

Could not be pierced by his own fist


Alas the light, shone from above

The darkness fled in all directions

A hand reached up, sought liberation

From the void, light's protection


But hand recoiled for in its light

Dwelt the all-seeing eye

The monstrosity laid him to wreck

Drained and wasted beneath torn sky


Awoke, the Dragon, from his slumber

To the sound of Elder voice

Calling for his own assistance

Though, not that he had a choice


Sister sought comfort from her mother

Among the mountains, lay in weep

The Dragon left to seek her presence

And give her head the kiss of sleep


Yua sat beside the mountain

Speaking deep within her mind

Sprawled across the distant peaks

Dwelt entity, great and divine


Across the peaks, majestic beast

Lay stiff with scales of purest white

A guardian for fiendish gates

Wherein was darkness, held by light


Dragon was held by majestic beast

But visions of the darkest eye

Fought in his mind for dominance

Foreshadowing horrors, ahead did lie


For back within his own town

He was received unrecognized

His father and his sister gone

Horrors of the boy intensified


He fled the town with new companion

Thieving canine inclined his will

They took shelter in a cave

Wherein a demon dwelt yet still


Demon rent his body with pain

Dragon surrendered a tortured scream

In agony, lifted burning head

Alas the nightmare was but a dream

So here's the prologue. I'll just be posting whatever excerpts I feel like writing. For the most part they'll be important moments or boss battles but it depends, I think, on how interesting the part was and how is it easy to put it into meter. So yeah, don't expect any kind of principle to it. There won't really be any rhyme or reason to what's posted.