I've always been in awe of people with a talent for poetry. The integration of meter, rhythm, and rhyme into a work make it reach a level a beauty I think is unachievable in prose. That being said, I've never been all that good at it. But, inspired by several poems on this site, I decided I wanted to try my hand at it again. Of the few ideas I had, I think this one turned out the best.

Across the peaks, majestic beast

Lay stiff with scales of richest gold.

The guardian for fiendish gates

Of horrors better left untold.


Deep within, the caverns ring

With sounds of suffering and demise.

A mighty demon waits in sleep,

Once again to rise.


His life - the price - set the seal,

And did the darkness bind.

To hold the demon deep within

The recesses of his tortured mind.


Day and night an angel watched;

Kept guard over sleeping form.

And with vigilance will continue to

Until the day he will transform.


Days were cold, the wind did howl

Beneath the shadows of the beast.

But oath she made; said she would wait

'Till his need to serve was ceased.


In solitude he holds the ground

Wherein the sleeping demon lie.

Though the angel plead him not,

On lips were whispered soft goodbye.