Rue was thinking about the instruments. A violin for her, the flute for Ahiru and the cello for Edel. Rue was thinking about what to do about destroying the cello. The maiden stood beside Rue who was looking outside of her window. The maiden was worried for Rue. She seemed very sad and the maiden had no feelings, she did not know how to make Rue happy. "What is it Princess, why is you face as pale as chalk and your mind un-rest with thought s of despair?" she spoke in an old fashioned way and beheld Rue's attention with her lovely voice.

"Maiden, I do not feel comfortable with my lies to Mytho, it hurts my very core; the violin is so beautiful, but how can I destroy the flute of the cellist will only get in my way?" Rue questioned the maiden. She had nothing to say to her and she watched her eyes stare into her spirit.

The maiden disappeared. The question was to queer. She wanted to evade all evidence and erase everything. She just didn't want to leave earth. Giving a false love to the boy, making him love this girl. She wanted his love; why did she regret it so much now? The maiden looked at her violin. She wished she could play it now, the only way she could was through Rue who was dwelling in a misery for no reason. She wanted to pluck a string but her hand fell through the violin. She raged in her heart but kept herself calm. No emotions were needed at this moment.

She disappeared in her violin and Rue looked out the window. She loved Mytho. She didn't want to let him go, but she loved Ahiru too! Ahiru was her best friend. Rue was neutral as she though. No tears fell down her face even though she wanted to cry. No word came into her mind, but she wanted to free herself. Fakir was no help. He would tell Ahiru that she was the Princess with the flute and then Ahiru wouldn't talk to her ever again and she would try to free Mytho's heart. A promise was a promise. Rue couldn't break free. She had to go against her own friend now.

Ahiru woke up from her slumber as she had countless times. She was in the old mill and Fakir was there too. Ahiru cringed and thought she could sneak away and he wouldn't notice. Oh how foolish she was to believe that Fakir wouldn't notice! Without turning he said "What are you doing?"

Ahiru stopped moving and stood up straight "I'm leaving, I don't like you,"

"Yeah well, I don't like you even more but sometimes; it just has to be,"

Ahiru was confused "What do you mean Fakir?"

"Nothing, nothing at all," Fakir looked back at Ahiru. "Have you talked to Rue ever since she began dating Mytho?"

Ahiru considered sitting back down again on the bags of flower in the mill. No…Rue had isolated herself from everyone but Mytho. Suddenly they were in love. Ahiru couldn't say that there was any love lacking. They both seemed perfect for each other. "No," she confessed out-loud to Fakir "I haven't spoken to her once!" Ahiru was sad. She missed her friend.

"Do you think that we should do something?" asked Fakir.

Ahiru shook her head. "I only want her to be happy," she said "Follow me," she said to Fakir.

Fakir hated being told what to do. He sucked it up though. Walking with Ahiru to the famed lake. It was very pretty to Fakir, he just didn't want to admit. He looked at Ahiru. "Will you dance with me?" she asked

Fakir was taken aback. Ahiru had her hand out though, inviting him to dance. He took her hand. Surprisingly she wasn't clumsy or foolish like usually. She danced gracefully. Was this Princess Tutu wearing her dancing skills into her? Should Fakir tell Ahiru about Princess Tutu. He knew he should. He might even get control of Mytho again. He looked at Ahiru who tried to dance as best she could. He never noticed but Ahiru was very cute. He felt himself smile as she did the splits and he held her arms. He lifted her up and she sighed. Fakir stopped smiling but complimented her dancing. "That was lovely Ahiru, why don't you dance like that in class?" he asked

She giggled "I never considered that," she laughed and the lake glistened. Fakir saw Rue by herself for the fisrt time. She had a violin case with her. She looked at Ahiru and she put the violin down very gently and hugged Ahiru. "I' sorry we haven't gotten a time to talk," She let go suddenly and Ahiru looked up at Rue.

"Where have you been?" she asked innocently. Rue thought if only she knew that she had t fight against her to protect someone who was already dead and couldn't change.

"I was Mytho, you must've seen!" Rue smiled and tried to look happy Ahiru smiled too which made Rue happy.

"I saw! When did it happen?" at that question Rue went quiet and her smile faded. "Yeah, how did it happen?" Fakir pushed on, simply to make her angry.

Rue sighed. Out of nowhere her violin flew to her and Ahiru fell to her knees. She stood back up again standing on her pointe. "It's so funny how you can sense Mytho's presence," said Princess Krahe.

"It is a gift," said Princess Tutu as she saw Mytho walk behind Princess Krahe. "I think your heart needs to be free,"
"Uh-uh-uh," tutted Princess Krahe "No, I am the Prima Ballerina! I am his love! You cannot determine anything with his heart! It belongs to him, and his heart belongs to me!"

Princess Krahe jumped pushing Mytho backwards. Fakir ran to Mytho and said "Are you okay?"

"Why does my heart need to be free?"
"To free the spirits of this earth," Fakir explained.

"I was told that the maiden Rue protects doesn't want to be free," Mytho told Fakir

"What maiden?" asked Fakir

"Look," said Mytho pointing at the pale white figure that was standing beside Rue.

"Over her spite, you think the other spirits shouldn't be free?" asked Fakir looking into Mytho's eyes and obviously wanting a clear and straight forward answer

Mytho was struggling to find an answer and was distracted as he heard a high-pitched squeal. He looked at the princess' who were both doing lovely arabesques and the moonlight sympathy played in the background. Both increased the speed of the song and suddenly Princess Krahe attacked Princess Tutu's flute.

Again the heavier bow intercepted but Princess Krahe smiled "I was waiting for you!" she threw a feather at the ungraded cello. The cello was hit once then by more feathers. At first nothing happened. As Princess Krahe held her bow to her cello Edel looked confused. Her bow was at her cello and Princess Tutu readied her flute. As the E note was played on the violin the cello strings began to melt. Slowly but surely. Edel looked at her instrument. The melt metal touched her hands. She didn't react but the shock of her cello strings stunned her. She dropped her cello which smashed on the side and disappeared. Edel looked at the wood and the melted metal. She was horrified. "I told you; there is nothing more precious than an instrument!" she touched the smashed wood and Princess Tutu was by her side

"How could you?" she asked disguised.

Even though Edel was just wood, with open eyes water fell onto the smashed wood. She was crying tears. Princess Krahe looked annoyed "I don't care! Go away!" she yelled at them both. In one turn on her pointe and in one swipe of her bow she was able to cause a big gust. Princess Tutu was un-prepared and her flute was pinned onto a tree. Miss Edel however threw the pieces of burnt metal at Princess Krahe. The metal landed on her face. It burned a lot. Princess Krahe screamed and the violin fell onto the floor caught by the maiden.

"While she's distracted;free his heart!" Edel commanded

Princess Tutu lunged at her Flute and danced towards Mytho. The maiden was trying to tell her to stop whining and play her violin. All Princess Krahe could do was make another gust. Aiming at Mytho who was looking at Princess Tutu scared.

"You will be free from sadness if you give me your heart," she told him

"I'm not sad, I'm happy, I love the raven's daughter,"

"Think about the spirits!" said Princess Tutu

"NO!" the maiden screamed

Mytho looked at Fakir who stood back not wanting to say his part. Mytho was about to take her hand when Princess Krahe threw a feather at her hand. Blood was slowly falling onto the floor and Princess Tutu backed away scared of Krahe. "Not today Tutu!" she growled.

Miss Edel looked at Krahe who stared at her. Miss Edel didn't know what to do. Without her cello she was gone. Princess Krahe took her hand and then as she danced feathers tore apart the wood Edel was made of. The cellist was no more; leaving the Flute unguarded and vulnerable.

Princess Tutu threw her flute away and it disappeared again she was Ahiru who fell asleep. As Princess Krahe became Rue again she looked at Mytho in surprise "You almost took her hand," he said slowly.

Mytho was quiet "Princess," he said

"You almost took her hand!" she interrupted

"I know but Krahe-"

"YOU ALMOST TOOK HER HAND!" she yelled "Do you not love me?" falling onto her knees and looking up at Mytho. Her face was ruby red where her face was burnt.

Mytho struggled for words "I love you, but the maiden is vain; what if the other spirits want to be free?" he asked

The maiden slapped Mytho "A promise is a promise!" she yelled "Remove that girl! Let's go you two!" she commanded and Rue walked away with Mytho in a silence.

Fakir looked at the maiden. Why had he never noticed her? He looked at passed out Ahiru. The poor, stupid girl. She was going to get herself hurt.