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This is the sequel rewrite to Convention.


"Thinking about leaving.
How should I say goodbye?
With a handshake or an embrace,
or a kiss on the cheek?
Possibly all three."

- The Summer Ends, American Football.

One day.

That's all the had left of their summer vacation.

They had a short twenty four hours to change their habits. Lying in each other's arms and forgetting reality together, staying out until early hours of the morning- it was going to scarcely happen. Getting out of the house was going to be a challenge as the days grew shorter, nights grew longer, and parents watched their every move. It wasn't right to act like holigans. It was time to start acting like young, respectable men.

Young men that, in the span of three months, had fallen in love.

"Hey," Matt whispered against Mello's mouth. "You're thinking too hard."

"I am not."

"You are," he spoke, the small gap betwen them closed as their lips met, melding together like lightning on sand. A perfectly flawed, destructable piece of art. "Stop thinking so much and enjoy it."

"Okay," Mello murmured, curling into Matt's embrace.

The sun rose, settling high in the noon sky and bathing the couple in warm rays as if to tell the world that the only thing that mattered was seeing them happy. If you asked Matt, however, he would say that it was more so directed towards Mello.

The happiness of one individual teenage boy that had been stuck living his life to his parent's expectations. He had been traveling a difficult path of trying to meet their ideals, dreams, and visions. Matt was his fork in the road, and this budding relationship had steered him into a direction that he never thought he'd take. No longer did he feel the desire to please his parents, but to have his own happy ending.

Mello's happiness was meant to be short lived, but he would cherish every minute of it.

His parents knew; they were aware of something going on between the boys. However, they turned a blind eye when it came to their son battng for the same sex. He couldn't be - no, he would never be - gay.

At least not in their eyes.

The sun wasn't ready to acknowledge Matt's happiness as it covered Mello from head to toe, leaving the red head to bask in his boyfriend's shadow. No, it wasn't willing to accept that he deserved to be happy too, despite his cheery disposition on life, lopsided grin, and sarcastic remarks. How could the sun shine for Matt when it was Mello that was acomplished so much in such little time? He'd made it through the entire summer vacation holding onto something that he wanted, and that was praise worthy enough.

"Mel," Matt chimed in, tossing Mello's worries into the wind. "I need you to do something for me."

Perking an eyebrow, Mello languidly looked left, blue capturing green. For a moment the the only thing that mattered was the penetratingly long gaze they shared. The world ending was the only thing that could tear them apart.

"Hm?" the blond pushed himself up, his fingers digging into the cool soil.

"Make out with me," Matt proposed with a wry grin.

The scenario was all too familiar.

"But... I," Mello started nervously. It was like this was his first time making out with a boy. "I can't."

"Why not?" A soft palm cupped his face, and naturally, Mello leaned into it.

This wasn't how the blond remembered meeting Matt. There were no soft touches, seductive glances, or silent promises. Their meeting had been purely based on boredom and a lack of excitement.

"B-because I don't know you!" Mello exclaimed, mocking the way Matt acted that faithful evening months before.

"Well," Matt leaned forward, breathy wisps ghosting over Mello's face as he inched closer, his other hand slowly coming up to rest on the bare side of Mello's face, pulling the blond to him, "how about you get to know me?"

"I don't think that's such a good idea." Mello protested weakly, melting against his lover's hands.

"It's an execellent idea." Matt grinned before hungrily claiming his lips.

Almost instantly blue eyes closed as a familiar spark coursed through his veins, sending small shivers along his spine. Mello pushed against Matt, his hands gliding over stripes as one came to rest on the small of his back, the other needingly kneading crimson locks.

Moaning quietly, Matt's back hit the ground with a muted thump and Mello took this as the oppurtunity to straddle him, both knees firmly pressed into the drit beneath them. A mewl of excitement escaped Mello's lips and Matt took the initiative to thrust his tongue into the welcoming warmth of his partner's mouth.

This was definitely something they were going to miss once school started.

"Mm," the blond groaned, sweeping his tongue across Matt's as they hopelessly danced together, his hands finding their way under his shirt in retaliation to the sudden intrusion of his mouth.

Arching his back into the touch, Matt tore away from Mello. Breathing heavily, lust filled eyes searched oceans of blue in an attempt to decide that was this was how they should spend the last day of summer vacation.

Matt wanted to analyze the situation; he wanted to think about this clearly, as he wasn't sure that he wanted to spend their last day together trying to catch their breath and covered in more than just sweat. He loved Mello, but did he want to end the summer by doing something they could do at any given time? He wanted today to be special.

On the other hand, this might be the best way to show Mello his love. It could also be their last chance to be intimate for a while. It would also mean that he could begin life at his new school off the market, and happily so. No one would bug him about his availabilty if they saw bruises painting his collar.

Even then, Matt wasn't too sure if that was a good thing considering the parental units of his boyfriend. They didn't exactly like him or what he had supposedly done to their son. Their son that would graduate high school with flying colors, attend a well known, prestigious college and find love in a book worm of a girl that would only care about salvaging a broken marriage and trying to start a family in order to do so.

In Matt's opinion, Mello would end up making a move on the sleaziest girl he could find because it would put his parents in an early grave. He knew Mello too well. Almost as well as the pain growing under Mello as he moved around on his lap, trying to get comfortable.

"Matt?" Mello pulled away from the rewarding job he'd begun on the red head's neck.


"Something's wrong," he said, looking up. Worry etched on his face.

"Nothing's wrong, Mel," their lips connected briefly. "I promise."

Mello sprawled himself out over Matt, snuggling against his chest, his lips lightly tracing the previous trail of glistening skin from Matt's neck to his jaw. "Tell me what you're thinking."

Matt sighed, wrapping his arms tightly around the other male, cradling him against his body as he gingerly pressed his lips to golden tresses, inhaling a scent that was distinctly Mello. How was he suppose to tell Mello that he wasn't sure if they would last the year? How was Matt to tell him that hew knew Mello's parents would find out about their relationship? Hell, he knew that someone in the school would rat them out. There was always that one person that wanted to ruin the happiness of other people for their own personal gain.

Matt dreaded tomorrow, and he did so rightfully.

"C'mon," Mello insisted, fingers curling into black and white fabric as he leaned up to look at the worried expression flittering across Matt's face, "talk to me, baby."

"We start school tomorrow, Mel."

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I know that." he shifted until he felt the arms around his torso release him, allowing him to roll over to lay beside the red head. "That shouldn't bother you."

"It does though..." Matt stated, biting his lip out of frustration.


"It just does," he said, screwing his eyes shut as he gathered his thoughts before spitting out mindless word vomit. "We'll have to hide us..."

Blinking, Mello glanced over to the other teen. Was that it? Was Matt honestly panicking over having to keep their relationship secret? Granted, they had been inseperable for the past few months, even though Mello knew his parents were catching on. It had never been a problem until now.

"Matt, baby... there's nothing wrong with that." Mello whispered, turning to face a darkening sky. A storm was looming.

The pearlecent clouds drifted by slowly, colliding with the sky as it broke off into ribbons of blue and grey, resembling their relationship in its current moment.

Mello took the blue parts of the sky as he kept his head high, discouraging any negative thoughts that could lead to breaking off what they had spent months crafting and sharing. Matt homed in on the grey storm clouds watching over them as they regretably came to terms with the possibility of having to break up in order to remain friends, if they could stand being only that.

It wasn't like he didn't want to be with Mello anymore - no, it wasn't that at all. Rather, it was that he was afraid the wrong person at school would catch on. Matt couldn't stand having their forbidden affair put on full blast. Everyone would know about it, and he already knew that he wouldn't be able to handle it or the break up if everyone knew. That would make things ten times worse than they needed to be.

This was the moment that he had been least looking forward to, and he sincerely wished that it wasn't going to happen.

"There's nothing wrong with that?"

"Isn't that what I said?" Mello retorted, clicking his tongue.

"Mel, seriously." Matt gazed over at Mello, watching as he made pictures in the distorted coloration of the sky. "Think about it. If word gets out about us, then someone will rat. What would you parents think? They already suspect something."

Not having thought of this newfound fear, the blond shrugged before sliding a leg over Matt's waist to sit on his thighs.

"We'll have to deal with that when it happens," he announced, leaning down as his hands slid up to cradle his face, his lips softly brushing against Matt's. "Now isn't the time, okay? Stop worrying."

Matt hesitantly nodded, pulling his knees up to support the boy on top of him.

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