Kurtbastian AU Sunday: Cisgirl! Kurtbastian





Katherine closes her laptop with an annoyed sigh and walks to the window. In the middle of the lawn, dressed in skin-tight black jeans, a hot pink tank top and a jean jacket with studs on the shoulders, stands Senna. There are still a few handfuls of tiny pebbles at her feet.

"Hi, baby. I'm sorry for almost breaking your window, but really, you should just have come outside and come see me."

Her sandy-blonde hair is artistically but carefully messed up, and in her hand she's holding what appears to be a bottle of some sorts.

"It's two am."
She smirks.
"Well you were still awake, weren't you? So what are you complaining about? Get your cute little ass down here, Kath."
She winks and smiles with a flash of dazzlingly white teeth.
Katherine smiles sweetly too, but closes the window, turns around and walks back into her room.
"But your ass is cute!"
Her voice sounds muffled through the glass. Katherine smiles to herself. "It sure is." She sighs and gathers up the clothes on her bed. Organizing the closet could wait. Her phone vibrated on the nightstand.
From: Senna 3
I'm not going away till u come outside.
The corners of her mouth turn up into a smirk.
To: Senna 3
I hope ur not too opposed to sleeping outside?
Not a minute later another text message comes in.
From: Senna 3
Not if I have you to keep me warm ;)

She rolls her eyes but walks back to put on her own, white Doc Martens. Now, what to wear? About ten minutes later she casts a quick look out the window and, sure enough, Senna is still there. She's sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the damp grass, sipping from the bottle she'd brought. When she notices Kath watching, she grins and hugs the bottle to her chest, sticking her tongue out in a childish attempt to state her possession of the bottle. When Kath raises an eyebrow, she just shrugs and runs her tongue along her teeth and raises an eyebrow suggestively. Kath sees the glint of the street lantern reflect on the tiny barbell in Senna's tongue and shudders. She remembers what it feels like against her own tongue, clicking against her teeth, against her... She shakes her head. Not tonight. She quickly laces up her shoes and pulls on a leather jacket, then tiptoes down the stairs and past her dad's bedroom. Pausing for a second, she presses her ear against the door. The deep snoring satisfies her and she moves on, down the hall, through the kitchen, and through the front door, shutting it behind her with a soft click. As soon as the key turns in the lock, Kath feels two warm arms circling her waist and a cold nose nuzzling her neck.
"I knew you'd come."
Kath smiles at the sound of her girlfriend's voice.
"I always do, don't I?"
Kath turns around as Senna unwinds her arms, sliding her hand into Kath's and twining their fingers together.

Senna presses their lips together for a brief moment before pulling apart again and resting their foreheads together.

"You always do."

They jump apart at the sound of a car speeding by, and Katherine smiles.



"So, smartass, what's in the bottle?"

Senna grins cheekily and takes another swig, sloshing the liquid around in the bottle.

"So, hot ass, it's booze. Liquor. Alcoholic beverage. The good stuff even, from my dad's liquor cabinet."

She drinks again, as if to prove her point. Kath shakes her head, but takes the bottle when it's offered. The alcohol burns on its way down her throat, but she doesn't let Senna notice it, just swallows and tries not to let her eyes water too much. If she does notice, Senna doesn't say anything about it. They start walking, swapping the bottle in between them, until they see the familiar contours of the playground appear before them.

There's something about a playground in the dead of night. Some might think it misses the bright laughs of children, the shrill screams and piercing sounds of playing kids. They say the creak of the swings in the wind is frightening, that the brush of tall grass against ankles makes them nervous.

They simply don't understand

Kath and Senna step to the old swing set, sitting down beside each other. Senna takes her hand again, interlacing their fingers and starting to swing. Kath closes her eyes and lets the familiar creaking of the chains relax her as she swung higher and higher. She feels a smile taking over her face. They slow down until the swings stop, with just the occasional squeak when one of them moves.

All of a sudden Senna gets up. There is a rustle of fabric and Kath feels something suspiciously feeling like satin cover her eyes.

"Senna, what—"

"Sh. Trust me."

There is a slight quiver in her voice at the word 'trust', a plea that she doesn't want to put into words. Kath nods and lets her put the blindfold over her eyes. Senna takes her hand and leads her a few hundred yards away. It's not too far, and it's dark, and she feels the ground slightly slanting upwards. She hears the rustling of dead leaves still on the branches in early fall, and she smiles to herself. She knows exactly where they are. Behind the playground there's this big hill with a lot of trees in front of it. Nobody really takes care of it, so the grass is high and soft and the trees are wide and protecting whoever decides to hide behind them. Senna's soft hands are in hers again, and her voice whispers in her ear.

"You can take off the blindfold."

She does so, fingers shaking. Slowly, she opens her eyes. There seem to be a thousand tea lights scattered all over the place, giving the hill a warm orange glow. They look like tiny stars, tumbled from the sky, onto the ground. There are a bunch of small speakers too, playing soft music from an iPod that's plugged in somewhere. In the middle of it all is a blanket, spread out on the grass, with a plate of seemingly homemade cookies and another bottle of wine. She knows her eyes are comically large, but she can't help it. This is not something Senna would normally do. If she has something to say, she either just says it, or even texts it. A cold nose nuzzles the nape of her neck and arms wrap around her waist.

"Happy four month anniversary, baby."

Her hot breath sends shivers down her spine and she presses back into the warmth of another body pressed against hers. Senna turns her around and pulls her close, chest to chest and arms around her waist as Kath wraps her arms around her neck. Kath hides her face in the crook of Senna's neck, just breathing in the familiar smell. They sway slightly to the music in the background. Kath feels the jitters in her stomach fade away into something warmer, deeper, stronger. She closes her eyes whispers three little words into the warm skin of her neck. She's not even sure if Senna heard her, but at that point she doesn't really care. Kath Hummel is in love with her girlfriend.

The song ends, but they stay together long enough for another song to begin and end again. And then another. Then Senna bends down to press a soft, lingering kiss to the spot right behind Kath's right ear, and Kath knows she heard.

They're on a blanket on a grassy hill behind a playground in Lima, Ohio, at six in the morning, the sun only just stretching its purple fingertips over the horizon, and they're in love.