========== Chapter 1: Everyone's scrutiny ==========

"My name is Keima Katsuragi. I'm just a typical 16 year old kid that doesn't want any interaction with the real. The real is nothing but a bluff, something which fades in and fades out of nowhere. Nevertheless, I never give a damn about it. I don't care whatever view it takes on me. I'll play by my own rules and won't let any outside interference stop me. I prefer 2D girls over the real as they embody what I consider the ideal girls. 3D girls are just the rotten fruits of reality and I won't associate with them."

At 7:00 AM in the morning, Keima prepares for school. He does this every other day, well, except for Sunday. Keima's a genius, far outpacing his peers in academics. But thanks to his anti-social nature, he gained his background as an "otamegane" in no time flat. Everyone despises him and they even detest him. His teachers are no different than his classmates. Perhaps, the only advantage he gets is that his "otamegane" exterior is too "strong" that even delinquents don't want to bully him just because of it. "Atleast I don't have to worry about those morons interfering with my gaming", Keima said to himself. Keima enrolled at Maijima High in the first year of his schooling. Just like the others, there's nothing that makes him stand out from the others. All that is known about him is that he is a hardcore otaku gamer with a nerdy intellect. Keima doesn't seem to mind this insulting description of him that his classmates had given him. He also doesn't seem to do anything to get rid of it and he seems to prefer it.

In the usual situations, Keima's combination of his genius intellect which his teachers can't deny and his hermit behavior proved to be enough to piss his teachers off. "How would you learn Katsuragi if you continue playing games?", Kodama-sensei asked in a loud voice. Frankly speaking, Ichiro Kodama or Kodama-sensei is quite hated by the student body thanks to his usual habit of denying the students their wants at the most needed situations. "There won't be any problems if I listen, right?", Keima replied in a calm tone. This angered Kodama-sensei who retorted "What did you say? What are you going to do? Ace all the tests?"."I see", Keima replied in a calm tone again. With this in mind, Kodama-sensei thought that he could humiliate Keima on this plan so he concocted with his fellow teachers who also hate Keima the hardest exams ever to be made. Unfortunately, it was to prove to be a fatal disaster. In their haste of making the exams, they didn't take into account Keima's superior intellect. Their biggest mistake is that they considered Keima just like any other student that they have. Nevertheless, the ones who suffered the exams were Keima's classmates and the students in the other sections who are ill-prepared for such a test of knowledge. His entire class, 1-B, became hostile to him because of it. This has been quite the set-up since then. Even with such talents, it's hard to believe that a single student can hold out for this long and pull out the impossible.

Classes started a few moments after the bell rang. There isn't anything unusual in the class except Keima playing games on his PFP. Playing games in class is prohibited but, apparently, Keima seems to just ignore it. The teacher currently giving lectures don't seem to mind him and just continued doing his business for the entire session. "Just how do that guy manages to pull this kind of thing off?", a student said as he see Keima completely focused on his PFP. "That guy's a nerd. That's what he is", another student said to him. "Okay, but you gotta admit that he's too smart. I wish I also have that kind of brains so I don't always get screwed during tests", the student replied. The other student rebutted him, "Geez, don't wish for that dude. There are other things important than that". Before the student could reply, the teacher noticed them having a small talk and rebutted them for it. "Okay class", the teacher said, "I'm going to give you a seatwork. Open your books at page 193 and answer all the questions in there. You have 30 minutes to answer all of them". "Eh?", a female student said, "are you really serious about this sensei?". The student complained because of the large number of questions that needs to be answered in the designated page. The teacher simply rebutted her and told her to just answer all of it. Everyone is struggling to answer the entire page. Not only are they many but the questions are apparently hard as well. While this is happening, Keima just stopped playing games and brought out a pen. He then answered everything on the page. It just took him less than 10 minutes to answer everything. After that, he just resumed playing games. After the given time had passed, the teacher laid out the answers. As he had expected or, more proper to say, didn't want to expect, Keima got a perfect score while the rest didn't get half of the activity.

While everyone deems the class session to be too long, time flew by quite fast for Keima. He simply found himself in his class with the last teacher for that day leaving them with no assignment. His classmates were all cheerful because of it. As soon as everyone left, Keima packed up his things inside his backpack and continued playing on his PFP while walking. "Hmm... it's still quite early", Keima said to himself. So, instead of going home, he went to the rooftop where he could play his games. "Perfect, this place is excellent to play games", Keima murmured upon seeing that the signal for his PFP is quite better at the rooftop.