Out of Darkness

Author note : OK ~ so everyone, this is my first story of DMC fanfic .

This Fanfic take 4 years after the event in Devil May Cry 3

Hope you guys enjoy it ;D

Disclaimer : I do not own anything.

I've been dreaming about someone lately

Someone that I never saw before …

Why ? who is he ?

Somewhere in Velonel city.

A girl coming down to the street while people walking and running busy on their own business.

A girl with long hair , with school dress who has a card name on her uniform with name "_"

The girl talk to her self while walking home from school "pheuww, so tired today .. i really need to take a nap after reach home"

"_" home

"I home.." you walk inside house. " what am I greet about ! i'm alone here ! mom & dad leave me when I was a child !" you crying " it's because those damn demons killed them !" you scream when put the bag to the chair and when to her bedroom.

You sat on your bed and wipe the tears that rolling down from your lovely eyes and quick go to the bathroom to take a quick bath.

Yo go out from bathroom and dressed with a pajama and head downstair to make a dinner.

You always lazy to cook because it make the kitchen mess and you just eat instant noodle, almost everyday.

When you done eating,you quickly head to your bedroom and sleep. You groaning to yourself " Urghh … I wanna have a family .. some one that really care me .." and then you sleep until tomorrow morning sun come arise.