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I stood up when my name got called and walked up to the stage to get my diploma, Yep today was my graduation...from collage. Its been exactly 4 years since Naru and Lin left to go back to England with Genes body, not that anyone was counting. I thought back to the day when he left.


"I LOVE YOU NARU!" There, I finally said it, maybe him knowing my feelings would make him change his mind about leaving. I could imagine my face looking like a tomato but I didn't care, he needed to know.

I saw Naru stiffen slightly before he turned around and walked up to me, glaring coldly with those blue eyes of his. I'll never forget the words he said next for as long as I live. "Are you sure it's me you love and not Gene?"

My eyes widened in surprise and I gasped, raising my hand and bringing it hard across his face, tears streaming down my cheeks. "How could you say that!" I turned around and ran back to my car, not even bothering to glance back. If I did, I knew my heart would just shatter again.

[End Flashback]

I felt my heart tighten when I recalled that memory and my eyes start to water, but I blinked them away and plastered a huge smile on my face. I walked up to my principle who shook my hand smiling widely as I accepted the certificate.

I turned around to face the audience and blushed when I saw Bou-san standing and clapping loudly, I could also see Ayako trying to get him to shut up. I smiled when I saw John and Yasuhara just sitting there awkwardly, pretending not to know them. What surprised me the most though was that next to Bou-san, I could see Masako hiding behind her kimono sleeve, we haven't spoken since he left so it was comforting to see her here. I smiled at her and walked off the stage, taking my seat next to Michiru and Keiko.

After the graduation ceremony ended, everyone went off to find their parents and talk to their friends. I was in the middle of a conversation with Zero-kun when I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist and lift me up. I giggle and slapped at the hand. "Bou-San! Put me down!"


"Your such a perverted old man!" Ayako stood behind him with her purse clutched tightly in her hand before stepping over his figure and giving me a hug, nodding her head at Zero. She leaned down and whispered something in my ear, causing me to blush brightly and shake my head.

I heard a groan from the ground and giggled when I saw Bou-San rubbing the side of his head. "What the hell was that for you old hag!"

"For being an idiot!"

"Doesn't mean you have to hit me!"

I smiled widely and turned away from them and back to Zero who was standing there awkwardly. "You get used to it. Anyway, what do you plan to do now collage is over?"

He smiled and shrugged. "I don't know actually, I'm thinking of working at a restaurant because apparently my cooking is to die for."

"You know it is." I giggled and gave him a hug, I felt him tense a bit but relax and return the embrace. I felt a strange sense of deja-vu but shrugged it off and pulled back. "I'm going to miss you so much! I don't know how I could have gotten through collage without you."

I heard someone calling my name and turned around to find John waving at me. I gave a slight wave back and turned around, giving one last hug to Zero before getting pulled away. "Keep in touch, kay!" I called out to him before he got lost in the crowd of graduates.

I turned around so I could see where I was walking but as soon as I looked up from my feet, my eyes went black and I fell forwards. The last thing I remember was Ayako calling out my name and the ground disappearing from beneath me.

(Dream Time)

I woke up and looked around, noting all the blackness. I groaned, 'Great' I thought, 'This is one of those dreams. Might as well get comfy.'

I started poking at the blackness, waiting for the dream to start. A few seconds later the scene changed to a Victorian looking house, I noticed a couple with their arms wrapped around each other and one of the woman's hands rested on top of her stomach...it took me a while to realize that she was pregnant.

I smiled and got up, following the couple into the house before I felt a hand on my shoulder stopping me when I went to take a step inside "Don't go in there, Its dangerous, just watch."

I raised an eyebrow but stopped where I was. I took a few steps back as the scene changed again, It was the couple but this time something was different. 'Shes not pregnant anymore...'

I looked around and saw a crib in the corner, I leaned over to see if the baby was there but all I saw was a lifelike doll staring at the ceiling, I turned around and walked back to the couple, attempting to stay as far away from that doll as possible. Only then did I notice a small figure on the woman's back trying to hide from the mans dark eyes. 'Oh...' I thought as I looked at their fancy clothes 'They must be going out somewhere'

The scene changed again and I looked up startled. The man was holding a bloodied knife above the body of a baby, I stared in horror as he brought the knife back down and slid it across the baby's throat. The woman took the right moment to walk in and witness his actions.

She dropped the cup she was holding and it smashed on the ground, causing the man to look up and grin evilly. "How could you Takumi? He was your son!" The woman yelled at him, tears dripping to the floor yet she made no movement to go to the body.

Takumi shrugged and looked down, purposely kicking the bloodied body. "Are you even sure he's my son, Yumato?"

Yumato looked at him in horror, her hands balled into fists. She walked right up to him and raised her hand, slapping him hard across the face. I couldn't help but smirk at her actions. "How can you say that! You know he was your son!"

"I saw you with that man Ryko or whatever. Don't lie to me you stupid wench." He didn't even make a move to rub his cheek, he just stood there glaring at her, the knife held tightly in his hand.

The rest of the scene went in slow motion, Yumato kneeled down so she was next to the baby and brought it up to her chest, crying silently. Takumi just glared at her and raised the knife, bringing it down just as the woman turned to say something, the knife embedded itself into her neck. Blood splattered out of her neck and dripped down onto the white nightgown she was wearing, staining it crimson. But she didn't say anything, didn't scream, didn't whimper in pain or anything.

Just before everything went into darkness for me, meaning someone was trying to wake me, I heard her voice echo in my head "Every man that enters this home with a child of their own shall suffer the same fate in which I did...because even after I'm gone...my spirit will remain..."

(End Dream)

I woke up gasping, her evil laughter still ringing in my ears. I opened my eyes and saw everyone hunched over me, so being the normal girl I am, I screamed.

Everyone jumped back in surprise at my sudden outburst, my eyes fill with tears and I launch myself into the closest persons arms, soaking their shirt straight away with my tears. I felt their arms wrap around my shoulders and rub my back soothingly. I sat there crying for a few minutes before I pulled away to see who I was clutching, I was shocked to find that it was Makita Noriko, a guy who I've had a slight crush on all year..not to mention the only guy I've had something for since he left. He also happens to be the hottest guy in collage... I smiled warmly at him and wiped my eyes with the back of my sleeve. "Thanks.." I mumbled before pulling myself off the ground and standing up, brushing the dirt of my graduation robes, a slight blush evident on my cheeks.

I saw Ayako make her way over to me and run a hand through my hair "Well, it doesn't seem like you have any bumps from that fall just then" She looked at me with concerned eyes, tilting my head this way and that. "What happened just then, Mai?"

I laughed shakily and slapped her hand away softly. "Can we please talk about it when we get home? I need to lay down and all these people staring at me isn't helping my situation..."

Yasuhara took the right moment to cut in and dramatically sweep me off my feet and carry me bridle style out of the hall "Don't worry, My Lady! We'll have you home and safe in no time!"

The slight blush that was surly permanent on my face got darker as I brought my hands up to my face and hid my head in them. "Oh god. Please Yasu, put me down!"

I felt his chest rumble from laughter. "No can do Mai Bear. Don't want Miss Danger Magnet to get more hurt now do we?"

I groaned loudly but let him carry me outside, I could feel people staring at me and that caused my blush to go even darker then it already was. I looked around and noticed that we were heading away from my car. "Uhh...Yasu...My car is the other way..." I looked up at him and studied his face for a second but it went emotionless "Yasu...where are we going."

He looked down at me and sighed. "I'm sorry Mai-chan but we have to go on an errand, John has your keys so hes going to drive your car back to your house" We got to his car and he opened up the passenger door, putting me down and buckling me like I was a kid. I glared at him and started to give him the silent treatment, though truth-be-told I was still shaken up by that dream.

He went to the drivers side and got in, he started the car and left the car park, 3 cars trailing behind us. I looked outside the window as the buildings from my now old school got smaller as we drove further away, The constant trees made my mind start to wonder, I started thinking about Zero, then about graduation, then about my life, then SPR and finally my thoughts landed on Naru. Oh how I missed that narcissistic black clad boy, I missed the constant tea calls, the way he would always tease me, the way we would constantly argue but then get over it. I even missed the silence of Lin. I sighed and looked down at my lap. But they'll never come back so there's no point in wishing they would anymore.

An hour passed and the trees slowly turned into houses, which then turned into buildings. Yasu had long before turned on the radio because he couldn't stand the silence. My favorite song came on the radio but I was too far lost in my own thoughts to notice anything. I felt the car turn and then slowly come to a stop, my mind was coming back to my body in pieces.


I shook my head and turned to Yasuhara, tilting my head like a confused puppy. "Whats wrong?"

Yasuhara just looked at me like I was from another planet. "I called your name at least 20 times. I said we're here."

I finally looked around properly and found out we were in front of the building I have not dared lay eyes on since the minute they left...SPR.

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