Day 1, afternoon

My first entry in my new Diary.
My name is Kat. My profession used to be Hunter, but is now Survivalist.
This changed for a single reason.

Nearby the town I grew up in, there is another one called Etria. There an underground forest was discovered. The Radha, governors of Etria, issued a proclamation far and wide, calling any able-bodied adventurer to come investigate the forest and explore its depths. However, many died, and none was able to venture deeply. The forest eventually came to be known as The Yggdrasil Labyrinth. Yesterday, I finally became of age. Where it is usual for women to find a husband and become a good and proper housewife, I decided to test my luck in the Labyrinth. I have but one goal; Explore the forest as best as I can, to win fame and fortune so my father won't have to live of scraps, unsure whether or not he'll be able to get enough game to pay off the Leeches, as we call them. Though Etria is nearby, it is in a different country. I had to sneak over the border in order to get there. Should someone find out, it is likely our so-called Emperor will slay all those who care for me, or sympathize my cause.

Anyway, today I arrived in Etria. I went to the Guildhouse and made my own Guild which I named Gwenwyn, after my deceased mother. She died because of an unknown disease when I was only a few years old.

Now to find some people to fill it.