Day 7, early morning

Okay... My dreams are officially loco.

This time, I dreamt of a Clawbug. Suddenly, it just melted. Out of the puddle came a dozen of miniature Clawbugs. Those rapidly grew to the original one's size. Then, those melted as well. Out of their puddles came a dozen more mini's, so there were over a hundred. This repeated until there were so many, they had to melt, grow and stack on top of each other for space. We were already running by then, but they reproduced so fast, that they were actually gaining on us. When they reached us they didn't attack us, noooo... They separated us... Well... They separated me from the others, at least... I kept on running and running, those bugs on my heels, when I found the stairs leading up and out. I ran up, taking three steps at a time, when suddenly the steps behind/underneath me crumbled. I desperately clung to the ground of the Outside, while underneath me everything squirmed in a grayish blue. I prayed my friends had managed to get out somehow, when out of nowhere a shadow loomed over me. I looked up, squinting against the sun to try and see the person's face. Suddenly, one of the Five knelt down, placing his hands on my wrists, giving me support. I gave him a grateful look and opened my mouth to thank him, when he grinned sadistically and said; 'Long last the Guild.'. My eyes widened at his murderous tone of voice, when he suddenly pulled me free from the ground and released my arms. I screamed as I fell down towards the ocean of Clawbugs...

Next thing I knew was Zihan's worried face hovering above mine, a stinging sensation in my right cheek. Apparently, I had been screaming outside of the dream as well, and the only way to wake me up had been a slap in the face. Looking around, I saw they all bore various degrees of worry on their faces (yes, even the emotionless Veleno... Though it was only visible in his one visible eye... And I'm pretty sure he'd never admit it, even to himself... Well... maybe to himself but... definitely not to others).

I literally cried in relief.

AN; Many thanks to all who read this story. And of course to the reviewers as well! Talked about reviewers…

Dear Dmitri,

About those quintuplets, they don't need to fight, because of a little shortcut that leads directly to the gathering spot near the door with that purple crystal. Here is a link so you can see what I mean; * * /ds/934287-etrian-*odyssey/faqs/48421 just remove the stars.

I put all their skill points in chop, so I can gather a max. of 30 items a day. And yes, this is based off of how I play the game.

Thank you for your input though! It is highly appreciated.