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A few days later after detonation

A chopper carrying a total of one pilot and five scientists was sent to the destroyed Lagos Islands in the search for information. All were in radiation suits since the area is still exposed to radiation of the bomb as they head blindly towards the greatest scientific find in all of earth's history.

"Hey!" One of the scientists said, "Check the Geiger counter." He continued.

"Um sir… you may want to have a look at this." The scientist with the counter said.

"Why's that?" Another scientist said, just as he looked over at the Geiger counter he too was shocked "What why is it saying that the radiation is going down?"

"This is no mistake and… waits a minute."

"What is it now Marcus?" The head scientist said.

"If I turn the counter towards the hill it radiation goes down…" Marcus said before running over towards the hill.

"Come back here Marcus." The head scientist said.

"Just give me a second David." Marcus said as he started to head up the hill, David just groaned as he started to follow. Marcus reached the top of the hill and almost fell back down at the site he saw.

"Marcus what in God's name…" David said and as too gasped at the site.

"What the hell is that?" One of the other scientists said.

"I believe gentleman that we have just found the greatest discovery in the world." David declared.

"Hurry! William bring the chopper around." Marcus said.

William called in the chopper that they were using, telling the pilot that he was picking up a 'special package'. A few minutes later the chopper landed near the hill and when he saw the egg like the scientist he too was amazed.

"What the hell laid that?" The pilot asked the scientists, the scientists just shrugged.

"We have no idea, but like David said, this is probably the greatest scientific discovery in the world." William said. Marcus then checked the Geiger counter and made another discovery about the egg.

"David I think I found the source of the radiation drop." Marcus said, pointing at the egg.

"Then whatever is in there must be dead or…" David was interrupted when the egg suddenly wiggled around the nest. Causing everyone stand back a bit.

"Well I just think it's just proved us that it is alive." The pilot said, before having a small chuckle 'Well what do you know an egg just proved a scientist wrong' he thought before chuckling some more.

"We must research this, imagine the possibility's we can learn from this." William said, the other scientist agreed

"Load it on the chopper." David demanded eager to get out of here.

After 10 minutes, the egg was loaded into the chopper and was to take off.

"So where are we to go?" The pilot said. The question made the scientists to discuss about the matter for a moment before having an answer.

"Is it possible to head to America?" William said, hopefully to head to America and not another country to take the glory of this discovery.

"Sorry no can do, where almost out of fuel." The pilot said.

"Dammit." William said. There goes the glory.

"I may have a suggestion?" One of the other scientists call out, William turns his head to see a Japanese man in his thirty's speaking.

"Yes, Professor Minami, what is it?" William questioned.

"If I may suggest that there is a research, military facility just off the coast of Tokyo Bay, where it can be studied. However it should be at best to keep the egg as a secret from the public, because as we know what ever that thing is it is alive, and could maybe a threat toward the public. And I don't think that receiving the honor is the way us scientists are? Hum" Professor Minami said, as the other scientists too agreed with this.

"Fair enough then, we shall go with your idea Professor Minami. Pilot do you know where this research facility is?" William asked the pilot.

"A yes sir, it is about half an hour from our position." The pilot said, as he turns the helicopter towards the destination.

Half an hour later, the helicopter has reached the research facility and where the team of scientists has just met up with the head scientist of the research facility.

"Greetings I am Dr. Shinzo Mafune, I have heard of your reports." Dr Mafune said.

"Of course, this egg must be researched, who knows what is inside of that egg." Williams said.

"Indeed shall we head inside?" Dr Mafune said, the others agreed. While they headed through the main door the egg was being transported to the back.

"So um are you going to be in charge of the operation, Dr Mafune?" Marcus said.

"What? Oh heavens no, I am more in underwater scientific." " For this one I'm leaving the egg research to a dear friend of mine." Dr Mafune said. When they reached the area on where the egg is stored, all they saw was the egg in a glass container in a room that is 35 meters across and 25 meters high.

"Why is the room so big, and that the equipment is outside from the egg?" Marcus said, looking at all the high teck equipment, and the egg.

"That is very simple, because what you have said that this egg is very much alive and that we do not known what it is, so that means we don't know how big it would get or if it is a carnivore or a herbivore." Dr Mafune said.

"I see that you are taken this every seriously, so how long until that friend or yours come?" David said.

"Hopefully not that long and that… Ah there you are!" Dr Mafune was interrupted when someone came through the door.

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