The Choices We Make

Sequel to: Spin The Bpttle

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I looked out of the window beside me. After about ten or so minutes of bickering, I'd gotten Rocky to allow me to have the wondow seat on the plane. We were just about lifting up off of the ground. I was surprised when Gunther revealed to me (in a text, he hadn't spoken to me since the breakup) that his parents weren't going to be joining us on the trip. The trusted him that much, huh? I was surprised, but delighted.

On the plane, we rode in Economy, and I was sitting right beside Rocky. Gunther and Ty were sitting in the isle across from us and evry time I tried to catch Gunthers eye or make eye contact, he'd quickly look away.

I felt like crying.

Deuce was sitting a few rows in front of me with...


Yes, Tinka. I's gone to court a few days ago, and hadn't pressed any charges against her. She had to go around with a tag on her leg with told the cops back in Chicago exactly where she was at all times. She wasn't even meant to be leaving the country, but we'd found a loophole, and they just gave her the tag instead. She's kept her distance from me since she got out. I was hoping to make friends with her again during the holidays. Sometimes, she'd give me a smug 'I Told You So' look. As in, I told you you'd never be good enough for my brother.

Gunther's become colser to his sister again, much to my delight. Deuce ... well, Deuce is still something special. He won't give up on me. And I love him and hate him for that.

Rocky is still my bestfriend, and right now, shes snoring with he head on my shoulder. She still loves Deuce. Deuce still loves me. I still love Gunther. And Deuce.

I rememebr a promise Gunther made to me a few weeks ago when my life was still OK. He promised to make love to me. In Spain. And there was not a chance in hell that I was going to let him go back on his word.

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