"The bullet wound will still take time to heal, but otherwise you should be okay." The nurse said to Rose and allowed her to leave the hospital.

Why am I not dead already? I should be. I was the one who was shot. I should have died and landed myself at heaven already.

As she looked at the clock in the building, Rose then noticed school day had already ended, but there was still one thing wrong.


Rose then stormed off the hospital to the train station, but not before being confronted by Principal Richard Grant.

"Is this yours?"

Rose looked at what the principal was holding, and immediately recognized it. "Yes," she replied picking it up, and ran fast again.

When she was at the train station, however, she suddenly stopped. The blonde looked around the station, noticed the candy corn horns, and started slowly walking towards their owner.

As Kanaya noticed Rose, she couldn't help but be relieved. "Rose! You're alive after all!"

But then Rose confronted her with the hard truth.

"Sorry, Kan, we can't be in any kind of contact. The schoolchildren would kill me."

"And nearly did."

"And nearly did, yes. So. As I said. Thank you for the time we spent together, and goodbye. Forever."

"So suddenly?"

"Yes. Sorry."

Rose watched as jade green tears started forming in Kanaya's eyes, and wanted to comfort her. "There's nothing I could do in making Earth... not crapsack."

But then Kanaya doofed her and ran away.

"Now what I'm going to do..."

Rose thought for a minute, but then suddenly was hit with a genius idea. She took off her tablet again and started writing into Pesterchum.

TT: Sure, we cannot live on Earth. But there always is your homeworld.

As Rose sent the message, she noticed as the brightness in the crowd suddenly stopped moving, then inched closer.

"You're really suggesting that?"


"But my other friends-"

"Your lover is here, and that's it."

Rose and Kanaya then hugged again, and remembered how happy it was to converse through Pesterchum, and how happy it is to be together, even in permanent danger.

Even if such danger was caused by the choice for a love interest.