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Chapter One: Transformation.

They say the strongest human memory you'll remember as a vampire is your transformation. I never really believed them until now. I remember it. Every detail. Every flame that consumed my body and the pain that it brought with it. Vampires that I met before had said it felt like being submerged in acid, punched by a champion boxer and hit by a bus all at the same time. They weren't wrong either. But now I feel it's time to let the memory go, tell it someone to let out all the pent up anger and suffering for the person that damned me to this life. I'm Bella Swan and this is my story.

It was a cloudless blue sky in Phoenix, the smell of baking and cut grass hung on the air. Mum and Phil were packing upstairs for their permanent move to Florida. According to Mum, it would be easier for Phil's job as a baseball player to move far away. Without me. I know Mum would have let me join them and let me move in with them but I knew staying at home and taking care of me made Mum tedious and I hated to be a burden. So I convinced Mum and Phil and Charlie that I wanted to move to Forks and spend quality time with Dad. Forks. The town of too much green and countless rain clouds.

"Mum! I'm going out for a run, I'll be back before tea." I shouted upstairs to my parents.

"Okay hunny, but no later than that, I want to spend time with you before we leave!"

A lump formed in my throat as she said those words.. I quickly swallowed and stepped out of the house before I started to cry, I don't think my Mum or Phil could bare it if I did.

I turned round the corner and started into a sprint; I've never really been the athletic type but running cleared my head because I was concentrating on not falling over in public. I slowed down into a jog as I passed through the alleyway, goodness knows why I decided to pass throught there. A spur of the moment? A rush of adrenaline? Not looking where I was going? It could of been any of these but what I saw next stopped me dead in my tracks.

A man.

An inhumanly beautiful man. Sculpted cheekbones, chiseled chin, tousled hair that made you want to run your fingers through it. I've seen people like these before. Vampires. I instinctively took a step back and peered into the gorgeous man's eyes. A dull crimson.

This is bad news. He's a deadly vampire, ones that feed on human blood, ones that have no mercy or respect for human's lives. I gulped and took another step back. He responded with a evil grin, one that sends shivers down your spine.

I turned to run, my mind told me it was no use and he'd catch me but my body thought differently, I began to sprint for the life in me, I had to get somewhere populated. I was at the entrance of the alleyway now, once I got out in the street I'd be alright. Just as I placed another foot down to run, I was sent flying into a overfilled green dumpster. I was dazed. Did he punch me? Kick me? For a second I didn't care and that's when I realized all the air had been knocked out of me. Putting my hands to the floor, I tried to get up. I felt weak. I was gasping for air trying to refill my lungs with precious oxygen that I needed.

I looked up to see the man standing over me, smiling. His head was turned inquisitively to the side, pondering his next move. Somewhere deep inside me told me to get up and run. I staggered upwards just to be shoved down again by this sadistic vampire. He crouched down and stared at me. Hungry and thirsty.

" Get.. a-a-way from m-m-e!" I tried to sound menacing but it come out as a plea. The man chuckled.

" I think I'm fine where I am, Bella" He said casually. He knew my name.

"How do you know w-w-who I am?" I shrinked back into the dumpster, somewhat scared of his answer.

" I know everything about you, Bella. Your family, your friends, where you live, what you plan to do with your life. Every last pathetic piece of generic information about you and your mediocre life." He spat back, making me cower into the darkness.

" Y-y-your a tracker, right?" I dared to ask. He looked confused and curious but soon shook off the feeling.

" I see you've met our kind before, Bella. Have you ever considered being one of us? Ever wished to have speed, strength and beauty superior to humans?" He questioned with a devilish smile and a gleam in his eyes.

" N-n-no, I'm happy with m-m-my life." Crap. Now he'll end it. He'll end my life, kill me for being happy. Sick, sadistic vampire!

" Shame... A real shame." He whispered leaning into my neck, his cool breath giving me the shivers.

" What do y-y-ou me-" Before I could finish my sentence, a searing pain shot through my neck.

He'd bit me.

I was going to die.

I felt myself getting weaker and slowly slipping into unconsciousness. I had enough strength to open my eyes. He wasn't there, he'd fled, the fire started then, burning through me, my veins. I let out a feeble scream.

He'd left me to burn.