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Oga was running anxiously when he noticed that the road he's running on, was burning, as if all hell broke loose.

"Get outta my way!" he punched the gilled pillar in front of him, and he flew a good thirty meters in the sky.

"Oga!" a familiar voice called him. It was Hilda.

"Hurry up and save the Master!"

"I'm on my way!" he ran as fast as he could, catching up with Sodom, Jabberwock's grand Bahamuth.

"You're not getting away!"

"Oga-dono, please use me!" Alaindelon offered his help. He split open and Oga entered his body.


"Shingetsuryuu battoujutsu nishiki: Hyaka midare zakura, massou renken hanafubuki!" Aoi used her skill, aiming at Sodom.

"Don't interfere!" Jabberwock hit Aoi.

"Kunieda-sempai!" Furuichi jumped towards Aoi and he covered him, making him the one to be hit.

"Furuichi!" Aoi exclaimed, as she saw Furuichi vomiting blood.

"Furuichi! Get a hold of yourself, Furuichi!"

"What the hell is happening here?" Himekawa asked everyone, but no one answered him.

"Demon shock!" he used his stun baton to electrocute a bunch of pillar squad.

"This isn't funny anymore!" Tojo was all serious now. He punched everyone who is in his way.

"Furuichi!" Lamia ran to assist Aoi cure Furuichi, who's still unconscious.


"Nene!" Nene ran towards Aoi, but she was stopped by one of the pillar head, Salamander.

"Sorry but you're not authorized to enter the line," and with that, he snapped his fingers and he set Nene on fire.

"AHHHH!" Nene cried in pain.

"Nene!" Aoi cried.

"4th!" the Red Tails exclaimed in chorus.

Nene land on her knees, Salamander bowed and whispered to her. Nene stood up, she pulled her chain and she started attacking the Red Tails.


"Ho… you really did catch up with me, don't you?"

"Give me back… Baby Beel," Oga said with a fiery eyes.

"Hmm… don't go all confident! You can't win against me without the Young Master's powers!" Jabberwock smirked, insulting Oga.

"Don't underestimate me!" Oga ran towards Jabberwock. He punched him, but Jabberwock dodged it. He held Oga's arm and break it.

"…" Oha gritted in pain. He escaped. His actions were desperate.

"You can't beat me now, you're weak! You don't deserve my time! Now be gone!" Jabberwock kicked Oga and he fell from a terrifying height.


Oga fell. He's lucky he was still conscious after falling from that height. He opened his eyes and he was shocked. His eyes widened in surprise. The whole place was like a burning hell, burning with Salamander's flames. He saw Hilda, being stabbed again, Furuichi lying bloodied on the ground, the Touhoushinki: Kunieda, Tojo, Himekawa, Kanzaki, the Red Tails, the 6 Holy Knights. Everyone was unconscious, and the worst case, is that they might be dead. Oga was losing his self. This is hell, he thought to himself.

"Oga…save… the Master…" Hilda's last words.



Oga woke up. He was in his room. Everything was normal, except that Saotome was in his room.