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I Won't Betray Hilda

Aoi's POV

"I will never betray Hilda," I repeated Oga's words, as it echoes in my head. I was ready to take my 'forget-the-world' sleep, but I just can't. He just gave me nightmare, to think that he kissed me. Kissed me. I'm supposed to be happy, after all he did it to me, but no. I wanted to confront him, but my shyness and fear drained all the courage I had, just because of that words that crushed me. You're such an idiot, to think that I have these feelings for you!

"If Hilda was here, things will be a lot easier. Her disappearance just made my situation with him more complicated," I murmured to myself, and I found myself thinking of him, in this time of night. Thinking whether he is thinking of Hilda again, but that's no doubt. He is. Ever since they were gone, he forced us to remember them, hell. I choked him when he said he already has a family, that was shameful of me. To think that I cared for him the time that he wasn't able to move even the strand of his hair. Now I wonder, if he, too, doesn't remember? Will things be the same? Will he go for me? Hell, stop with my daydreaming already! He already sad it, said to my face before he locked lips with me that he like Hilda, he like Hilda! I have no more guts to face him. I didn't even manage to confess to him yet I'm this all afraid and coward. Damn it, Oga Tatsumi let me sleep! He must be sneezing non-stop for I have uttered his name a thousand times.

"That's funny!" I chuckled, which made a cute sound. Too funny that I almost forgot the reason why he did it to me in the first place. To restore my memories that was burnt to cinders and was scattered to four winds, and Oga, whom I like, gathered it all and pressed it to my lips. I was back to my senses but I never thought that I would be hurt like this. Wish I hadn't retrieved it.

"My, my… I have been too emotional… guess a good walk will do me better," I said, while wiping the tiny teardrops on edge of my eyes. I dressed, grabbed my sunglasses and I tiptoed outside. As I walked around, I noticed that the Milky Way is a sight to behold. Millions of stars were scattered in the deep blue night sky. The moon peeks from the clouds, as it passes through it. The cold breeze send chills to my spine, making my hair stands in a prickly manner. I walk continuously as I kept thinking about Oga. Thinking about how did I end up liking that brutal, airheaded delinquent. That's right, here in this park where we first met. With this outfit, I managed to know him. That was one hell of an acquaintance. Well enough of my memory lane down, the problem we face now is that how are we going to save Hilda-san and Beel-chan. He needs my help and Koma. I can't let him down. His trust is the only thing that I keep on holding on, the only thing that binds us. Yes, that's the only thing. No more, no less. No love thing. Just pure friendship and trust.

"Just friends…"I murmured my feelings through the freezing wind of the midnight. If fate is on my side, it will reach him. Then suddenly he will know these feelings that I just kept inside my heart. Kept inside my heart.

Tatsumi's POV

"I will never betray Hilda," is what I've said, but after all, I kissed her. I kissed Aoi Kunieda. But I don't have any other choice, Furuichi said that I'm her prince charming. I just need to test and see, and he's definitely right. She's my first. But it's not like that I hold some special feelings for her, I trust her and I know that she'll be useful and reliable in this plan with that little demon on her side. She and Tojo will be my best asset in this game. Asset, huh? It's like using her, I somewhat feel uneasy. She even cried before I kissed her. What was that for? Pissed because I stole her first kiss? Like I've said, I have no other choice.

"I'm sorry Kunieda…" I apologized to the air, as if it was going to reach her. Well that aside, because the problem we face now is that how in the hell would I save Hilda and Beel? I'm powerless, I admit it. Even though I can fight, all I can do is drain their stamina, after that I'll be killed.

"How…?" as I think about it, I'm becoming nostalgic. I miss Baby Beel's snoring at night, his tantrums, his wetting the bed. Hell, but I always get a hold of it, it makes me lonely for some reason. But what I really miss a lot, was that overbearing damn woman. Her frequent manipulations of my daily life that sometimes leads to trouble, her cunning smirks whenever I did something to laugh about.

"Achoo!" I sneezed. What the, she's the one to sneeze cause I remember her. I remember her last words… save Beel. I will save Beel, and her. I can't stand the fact that… no more nagging woman in the morning, evening, everyday. Hilda surely did manage to change my 'oh-so-boring' life in her own sarcastic way. It's a first but I have to admit it.

"I like Hilda…or rather more that that…" I whispered hoping for it to reach her. Damn it. I can't sleep.

"Maybe go to the roof." I stood up and climbed to the roof. This is my favorite spot at night. The starry sky makes me calm. I once brought Hilda here, and I know that's she's fascinated by it, too. I remember seeing her wonder at what she saw. A shooting star. She was thrilled, moved even. I said that she can wish everything she wants in that shooting star. She smirked.

"I don't need to wish for everything, cause everything I want is already here, at this time, right now," she gave me one of her rare smiles and nailed her attention to me, while Beel on the other had slept peacefully on her lap. Maybe that's the first time I started liking her. That time when she said it to me.

"A shooting star!" I exclaimed out of amazement. Now, I wish I could hear it one more time, or what I really want is for her to return. For them to return. I may sound like a kid by wishing on a wishing star, but desperation is desperation. I admit it, I can't get enough of her nagging, teasing and insulting, and this time, it make kinda lonely and I misses it a lot.

"How in hell…" I kept asking myself. I don't want beard-brain butting in, the least he could do is to train me. I want to gain power as soon as possible.

"Just wait, both of you… I'll get stronger and I'll come and get you out of hell…" I said and fished out of my pocket… Hilda's necklace, the one that Mrs. Iris gave her. That was so important to her.

"How in the world…" I looked at it and wondered how that thing got into my pockets without me knowing it. Well, I don't know and I don't care, because I'm going to give it back to her. I squeezed it and put in my pocket. I took a deep breath and then I jumped to the ground.

"I'll try to mollify these guilt have… a midnight stroll is my sweet escape," and then I went out of the gate and started walking randomly.

Hilda's PoV

"I will never betray Hilda," I thought of Oga saying things like these. Hell must be loose if he ever say it. I closed my eyes and thought about it. What if, he doesn't remember me anymore? What if his memories were burnt by Salamander too? Who'll save the Master? I had dedicated my whole life in serving Master Beelze. I can't forgive myself if something bad happened to him. The only thing that I can do is to wish and pray for the master's safety. If only I could escape from here. And still, I have to admit it, that I can't do anything under this circumstances. I have to believe in Oga, he's the only one who can save us. But if it is were important to that idiot. To think that he always ditched the Young Master. But I remembered something. The first time I was abducted, he came all his way to where I am and shouted back at me.

"I'm here to rescue you, you dumbass! So shut up and wait for me!" as it echoed in my mind, my hopes of rescuing us…got higher. I want to live. I want to stay by his side for more. That idiot maybe a total idiot, but I'm used to him being by my side. I can't deny that I'm extremely attached to that ruthless bastard.

"Look at me, I shouldn't miss him more than the Master…" I didn't notice that a single tear ran down my face,"… but why is it?" I cried. I really missed his stupidity, his snoring at night, everything about him. Because of that I can conclude that, that idiot has some good points too. I don't want to go as far as thinking that he already forgotten the two of us. To think that it's almost a miracle that he survived. Well, in the first place, is he still alive? What if he died right of the bat? That end things now. We will die here. No human can display the Master's power beside him. Most of all, no one can make me feel like this, the way he does. Even though I have this demon inside of me, I somehow can manage to become and return to my true self, that I'm not just some tool or catalyst for this demon inside of me.

"Please Oga Tatsumi… save us…" I know it's too much for him for me to put all the responsibilities on his shoulders, but that's if we are important to that idiot. There are lots of things I still wanted to do with him, many words I haven't told him.

"Don't worry, he will never betray you," a voice said appearing out of nowhere. I looked around, and I found my sister, Yolda, who's staring at me.


"He said it, he's preparing to invade the Demon World. What an idiot, I'm so jealous," Yolda muttered.

"What? How did you get here?" I asked. I doubt she'll answer.

"Don't you remember? I'm a dimensional demon. I can go everywhere I want." That made sense.

"What do you mean by Oga won't betray me?"

"Didn't you hear me? I said he's going to invade this world."

My eyes widened in surprise. Oga is still alive. At least one of the thorns in my heart has been removed. I'm relieved.

"Did you come here just to say that?"

"That's the only thing that I can do for now, I can't match this room's demonic powers. For that I'll let your prince charming do his job…"


"Now then it's about time for me to leave…"

"Wait up!"


"Will you please… search for my Master?" I pleaded sincerely. Yolda smirked.

"Of course, I owe you one," and with that Yolda disappeared. I'm happy to hear it, Oga's coming…"

"Just wait for me, Hilda!" Oga clenched his fist as a sign of determination. He was out there, somewhere in Ishiyama. He just kept on walking and walking to tire him and eventually make him sleep. From a distant, Oga saw a woman's silhouette, just standing and staring up above the starry sky. He wondered what does a girl doing in that time of night, in an eerie place of the park. He walked closer.

"O-o-o-o-o-oga?! What are you doing here?!"

"Oh… I think I saw you before…" Oga stared closely at the girl.

'What the hell is he doing in here anyway? Luckily I'm in my different outfit and he hadn't noticed yet.'

"Oh! You're that girl! Aoi Kunie! It's been a while, isn't it?" Oga exclaimed as he solved the puzzle that has been confused him.

"Yeah! You're right! Ahahahahahahaha…" Aoi laughed like she was forced to. She still feels uncomfortable and uneasy having Oga around after that shocking kiss. But what's really confusing her is that what does Oga doing there in that time of the night. Are they thinking the same thing about going out to the park in the middle of their sleepless night?

"So, what are you doing here? It's midnight you know, it's dangerous," Oga gave her a little warning. Aoi looked at him.

"It's because… some idiot made me sleepless…" Aoi sighed.

"Eh… is that so? So, how's Kunieda?"

Aoi blushed extremely after hearing Oga's words. A simple sentence that made her feel that Oga is thinking about her.

"W-w-w-w-why f-f-fine of course!" she stuttered while waving her hands sideways. "H-h-h-how about you? It seems like you're not with Beel-chan—" she paused. 'Aoi you idiot! Why bring that subject now?' she knocked her head for many times. Oga didn't mind, instead he smirked.

"They were mad at me that's why they left me," he said while smiling. "But I won't let them leave me right? After all they are my family, they are my life," he finished.

Aoi was stupefied. My life, she repeated. It was like a stabbing pain shot through her heart.

"Looks like, you really love your wife and kid…" she murmured. She stood up and glanced at the sky.


"I can't let you down, can I?" Aoi's voice trembled as her tears ran down her face. Nothing hurts more than confessing you love someone in front of the person who loves you too. "Looks like I lost here," she turned around and stared at him. Oga looked at her.

"What are you talking about? I can't understand you," Oga was so confused.

Aoi removed her glasses and untied her hair. Oga's eyes widened in surprise.

"Kunieda! You're really…"

"That's right… I'm Aoi Kunieda. Sorry for tricking you the whole time. I just can't find the right time to tell you. I'm afraid that you'll change the way you treat me the way you treat me as Aoi Kunie. But now that I already lost, I hope I still have a place in your heart as a friend…" and she smiled, even though she's breaking inside. Oga was silenced.

"A place in my heart… yeah… of course… Aoi," Oga smirked.

Aoi gulped. 'Eh? Did he just called me by my first name?'

"What's wrong, Aoi?"

"I-i-i-idiot! Don't call me by my first name just like that!" and she blushed in extreme embarrassment.

"Don't you like it?" Oga teased.

"MM! Well… if you want to call me like that, then it's fine…"

"Now then… how about going home? It's already late," Oga suggested.

"Mm…" Aoi nodded.

Oga walked Aoi home. But one last thing before they parted apart:

"Prepare yourself Oga, just plain physical strength ain't gonna cut it. You should train more… we're talking about demons here, not just some delinquents. Be ready for it…"

"Ah…thanks for the reminder, Aoi…"

"Do your best… Tatsumi…" and she left.

Oga was left alone. Tatsumi… Hilda is the only girl that was calling him in that name…

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