First and last of my kind: by Turbokat25

Disclaimer- I do not own the Swat Kats, they are the property of the Swat Kat franchise. The character John Kase is my own creation for the purpose to entertain, not to profit. And again sorry if this takes idea's from other people, I didn't know.

This is my first fanfic and sorry if I get a few things wrong

OK with the ground rules down, let's get started:

Chapter 1 - what am I running from?

It was a dark and stormy night in Los Angeles, and a figure had just taken shelter from the rain under a bus stop right next to a dark alley. He was caring a rucksack with all of his belongings in it, he was determined to keep pushing forward and never go back. He was waiting for the next bus to take him out of town then suddenly a shining light caught his eye. He looked around and there was no-one else there except for him and this shining light. He walked over to the alley once again exposing him to the damp coldness that was the rain, he couldn't see very far down the alley because of the light. Ignoring his better judgment he walked down the alley.

"Hey," he called, "who's shining that light?"

As he got closer, the light got brighter and then he realized.

'That things getting bigger!' he thought as fear ran though him. He turned to leave but he couldn't see the way he came from, the light was surrounding him, blinding him. And then, darkness took him.

MegaKat City 7:52pm October 19th

"Great, now I have to buff out all of the dings" Razor complained as their jet sored though the sky.

"Take that up with the Pastmaster and Darkcrud" said T-bone "They're the ones that opened up that weird portal that had stuff falling through It." he said "At least Hackle got the portal closing before the polarity reversed and pulled the whole city through it."

"Yeah, but you could have not hit all of the junk that was coming though." Razor retorted "looks like the last of the stuff is coming throu...Hey, what's that" he said as he saw a figure fall through.

"Hold on," he said as he maneuvered the jet to follow the falling figure.

"Spider missile, Away." said Razor. A missile attached to a rope fired out of the Turbokat's bomb bay and shot towards the figure.

The missile dispersed into a net that wrapped around the figure, who was seconds away from becoming mush on the pavement.

"Bingo!" cheered Razor as the net was retracted. The Turbokat landed on a building nearby and the Swat kats jumped out to see who they have saved; they pulled off the net and looked at who it was.

"What is that?" questioned T-bone as he looked at the human boy.

"Don't know," replied Razor as he knelt down beside the thing. "Let's take it with us."

"What?" said T-bone in shock "Are you serious?"

"Yes." said Razor and when he saw the look on his partners face he said "We can't just leave him here till someone finds it, think about it," he said "it will probably be experimented on or worse."

"OK, OK" said T-bone putting his hands up in defense "we will take it back to the hanger, then we figure out what happens next OK?"

Nodding at his partners surrender they loaded the figure into the cargo hold and strapped it down and took off. A short time later they put the fur-less thing on the couch that they had in the hanger, and then T-bone started to go through the ruck sack until Razor looked at him with annoyance on his face.

"What?" said T-bone "No harm in looking to see if he's got weapons in here?"

At that moment the thing started too grown.

"Ohhh, man what happened" it said and got up to look around, and saw the two Kat/humanoid figures looking at him, and he freaked, he jumped up off the couch and said "Where am I? Who are you...? I mean WHAT are you?

"Whoa, calm down. We are not gonna to hurt you." Said Razor,

"I'll might if you try anything funny!" declared T-bone.

"Relax T-bone, he looks harmless," Said Razor.

"Yeah, well looks can be deceiving." Retorted T-bone.

"How about this," chimed in the figure, "I won't hurt you, if you don't hurt me? Sound good?

"Ok, how about names?" said Razor, happy to avoid a fight.

"My name is Razor, and this great big lug here is T-bone." Razor continued "You?"

"John, John Kase. I'm human, and what species are you?" said John curiously.

"Kat's," said T-bone "How old are you exactly?"

"I'm seventeen, about to be eighteen." Said John. The slim cinnamon Kat looked at his partner and said "Well, I think we can trust him," and took off his helmet. T-bone looked at him in shock then realizing that the secret was out, took off his.

"My real name is Jake, and this is Chance." Explained Jake. We got kicked off the Enforcers for something we didn't do and forced to pay off the debt of the damage we caused by working here in the junk yard."

"So we built our own jet and became the Swat kats," said Chance "we do things that Enforcers can't, catch the bad guys and we don't have to deal with Feral when we break stuff." He continued.

"But you can't tell anyone," Jake said firmly.

"It's not like I have a choice," said John "I rat you guys out and the world finds out about me. But yes I'll keep your secret."

Chance let out a sigh of relief of the fact that their secret would remain a secret and noticed something on the boy's face.

"Nice shiner, who gave it to you," he said.

"No one important, now here can I sleep?" said John looking around. Chance could tell the kid didn't want to talk about it so he wouldn't press, he could tell that his partner was thinking the same.

"There's a room down that hallway," said Jake "first door on the left."

"Thanks," said John and picked up his rucksack and went into his room to unpack. Once he was gone Chance pulled Jake over to him and said in a whisper, "I think this kid is running from someone when he came through."

"I'm thinking the same thing but the more important issue is how we keep him from being seen?" said Jake with a worried look on his face, "if someone sees him, we would been seen as harboring an alien and it would be the end of the Swat Kat's. And another thing, the portal is closed, there is no way of him getting back. "

"we could keep him down here till we figure something out," said Chance

"I'm cool with it." Said a voice from behind them. Both of them jumped and looked around, it was John "I don't have anyone back in my world. No one, what I have is what I'm carrying but that's it." He said with a sad look in his eye.

"That settles it." Said Chance with a smile on his face. "You're staying with us from now on, and I will not take no as an answer" he said playfully.

John's face lit up like the fourth of July, Jake could tell it's a feeling he didn't get all to often.

"Thank you so much," John said "I can tell I'm going to like it here.

So, what do you think? More chapters will be added later and more stories about John and the Swat Kat's coming soon. So stay tuned!