This is it! The final chapter and the one thing you have all been waiting for. The secret of John's past!

Here we go


John winced as Jake stitched up his right shoulder; He was sitting on a cleared bench in the hanger. All he wanted to do is sleep, but Jake and Chance wouldn't allow it until he had replenished a bit of his blood. While Jake was stitching him up he looked at Johns back and he couldn't help but notice a lot of scars on his back. Some were old and some were just healed. Jake finally understood what ad happen to him. He finished the job and started bandage it to further stop the bleeding. When he had finished Chance had re-entered the hanger with a bottle of orange juice.

"Here, drink it all." He said, giving the bottle to John. "It will stop you from feeling dizzy"

"Thanks," said John, not noticing Jake had slipped behind him to get a better look hat his back. However, Chance noticed.

"Something up?" he said making John turn around and seeing Jake staring at his back. He quickly made to get off the table but Chance, at Jakes nod, placed a paw on John's uninjured shoulder and pushed him back down on to the table.

"Who gave you these?" asked Jake indicating Johns back, at that point Chance had come around and saw the scars. John didn't answer, just tried to leave again. This time it was Jake that pushed him back down onto the table.

"Who gave you these?" Jake repeated, refusing to leave the subject alone.

"No one important." John said flatly, attempting for the third time to leave but Chance lost his patience.

"No more secrets!" he said starting to get angry "if you are going to live here, we deserve to know! Now tell us who did this to you!" he ended almost shouting, John stared into Chances face giving no answer. Chance needed to prove a suspicion but he knew Jake wasn't going to like it. He raised his fist and swang, stopping only centimetres form Johns face. John flinched, Chance knew that face too well, it was the same face that bully victims made when their tormentors came to blow off some steam. His eye's where closed not wanting to see what would've came next. Not feeling the force of the punch, John hesitantly opened his eyes and saw Chance looking at him, a look of satisfaction on his face. Jake was just standing there, mouth wide open, staring at Chance for what he almost did.

"Now tell me that's nothing" said Chance. John sighed

"Ok, but it doesn't leave this hanger, understood?" said John, Chance and a now understanding Jake nodded.

"Ok, I was an only child, and my parents were far from perfect, My Mom was a scientist for some company and was always away, and my Dad…well let's just say he gets a little violent when he drinks, one day Mom just packed up and left us, she said she would be back for me, but never did. And well, you know Dad didn't take that too well; he blamed me for her leaving and liked using his belt as a whip. I would try and fight back, but he was too strong. I used to be in a lot worse shape than this, and the night I came through was the last straw, I told him I was leaving and packed up my stuff, and the burse on my face that you saw that nigh was his parting gift." As he finished he could see that Chance was really mad and Jake had the look of a confirmed suspicion on his face but was understanding.

"If I ever get my hands on him, I will tare him apart." Fumed Chance. Jake put a hand on Johns shoulder and said "Thanks for being honest, me and Chance won't bother you about this anymore, its ancient history."

"Thanks," said John. Just then a honking sound came from outside.

"Aw, crap. Its Burke and Murray" Said Jake as he and Chance headed up the ladder. John made for his room and put a fresh set of clothes on, he thought he might see what's happening so he slipped on his watch and headed up the ladder.

"I told you guys before, not to dump the junk at our door," yelled Chance, Burke and Murray snickered,

"But we like you," Mocked Murray

"I'm gonna…" began Chance but Jake stopped him,

"Just ignore them buddy and they will stop" Jake said just then, a spanner came out of nowhere and hit Burke square in the forehead knocking him off his feet. As Murray turned around to see who threw the spanner, another came out of nowhere and hit Murray square in the face. Jake and Chance turned around to see John holding his shoulder in pain. But he sucked in a breath walked over to where Burke and Murray where laying and said "Listen very closely because I will say this only once, if you dump at the door again, it will be more than a few spanners that will hit you. Am I understood?" Burke and Murray nodded, "Good, Now scram!" he yelled watching the deo hurriedly pick themselves up and run for the truck and quickly leaving the yard.

"That was Awesome how you handled those two" Said Jake while Chance was doubled over laughing.

"Wow, you have been wanting for something to happen to them for a while" said John looking at Chance.

"They didn't see it coming!" Chance chocked out between bouts of laughter, it made Jake and John start to laugh and quickly ended with John doubled over, holding his sides.

"Ow! I'll have to refrain from laughing for a while." Said John.

"Welcome to our family!" said Chance happily, helping John to the couch.

"Thanks," said John "this is going to be fun!"

This may be the end of the story, but the Saga will continue I will be back soon. Thank you to all who have reviewed and given their feedback, Couldn't have made it this far without you!