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This FF is taken in S6 before Tess leaves. Harry and Sandra aren't together. Fiona and Alex aren't yet married.

"No one is going to know," Fiona said, snaking her arms around Harry's neck. She pressed her lips to his in a leisurely way, forcing her entire body to mould with his. "No one is any the wiser."

"You're devious," Harry smiled.

"That's why you like me."

"I knew you were a special one," he nodded.

Fiona heard the heard open and quickly disconnected herself from him. She stepped back in time to see Alex come through the door, at Killarny.

"Hey, Fi," he said. "I forgot to tell you I'm helping the girls at Drover's later this afternoon."

"Stevie, you mean," she said bitterly.

"Don't start, Fi," he warned. "This is the country. We help our neighbours. It's just the way it is. Don't make a big deal about it. I don't know when I'll be home, so don't wait up."

"You're such a stubborn man, Alex," Harry groaned, the disapproval etched in lines across his face. "Just accept that Stevie doesn't belong in this district. She doesn't know how the run a farm. It's why she's always asking for help."

"Oh, you know it's not like that," Alex said defensively. He didn't like it when his father put down Stevie, or when anyone else did it, for that matter. She was a good person, and she was his mate.

"I know that my son has things to do here on Killarny and he's running off to help some stupid-"

"Harry, shut up!" Alex barked. He turned around and headed out the way he'd come, slamming the door behind him.

Fiona was pouting.

"I really don't like Stevie," she groaned. Harry slipped an arm around her waist and drew her forward.

"Maybe we should do something about that," he replied, with a knowing smile. "Run her out of town. Present her with an opportunity that she couldn't possibly refuse."

"What, like a bribe?"


"I'm listening…" Fiona grinned.

"Everything she does is for that daughter of hers, so let's see if we can't offer her something to stabilize her future."

"I don't think Stevie is the type to take a bribe like that. She doesn't strike me as money hungry."

"Everyone has a price," he stated. "We just have to find hers."


Stevie was shovelling manure from one of the paddocks, when Harry's red car pulled into the driveway. She looked up, watching him approach, a serious demeanour spread across his face. He meant business, it was evident in the way he held himself. This made Stevie nervous.

"I want a word with you," he stated.

Stevie felt herself tense. A word with Harry was never a good thing. "I'm busy," she replied curtly. It was no secret that the two of them disliked each other with the fire of a thousand suns.

"I'll only take a minute of your time," he promised. "It will be worthwhile."

She stood up straight. "Fine. What do you want?"

"I've got an offer for you."

"So talk to Tess."

"No, this one is private. It's not for Drover's Run. It's for you."

Stevie scoffed. "No, thanks."

"You haven't even heard what I have to say."

"My answer's still no." Nothing good could ever be offered by Harry Ryan without an underlining reason. It was like selling her soul to the devil himself.

"I think you'll really benefit from this," he pressed on. "And I'm sure you want something stable for your daughter. Something to set her up for life."

Despite her want to the contrary, Stevie was intrigued. Where Rose was concerned, she was always interested. "So…" she shrugged, trying to hide her curiosity. "What is it?"

Harry smiled. "I want to offer you half a million dollars. It will be more than enough to set up a home or a business to your liking, and if you need a little more I'll be happy to oblige. You could put your daughter through university. It's a good offer."

Yeah, it was. But what was the price she'd pay for it?

"Yeah, right," she said. "What's the catch?"

Harry hesitated.

"Stay away from Alex, right?" she guessed. Harry was predictable, not to mention the meanest man in the district, this side of Gungellan, maybe even the world. The man didn't have a nice bone in his body. He could jump off a jetty for all she cared. As far as she was concerned, the world and everybody in it, were all better off without him.

"I was thinking a more permanent move," he said clearly. "Away from the district."

"You want me to leave Drover's?"

"Alex is with Fiona now. There isn't anything you can about that. You've lost him. He has to concentrate on his relationship with her. There won't be much time for you two to play around, doing whatever it is you do. Alex doesn't want you. He made that clear. I don't know how else he can say it. You don't belong here anymore. You're not good at working on a farm. You only cause trouble."

All of the insecurities she had about herself, began to rise from her stomach.

"You're a burden to everyone," he said bluntly. "They're just too nice to say anything."

"And you're not?" she challenged, feeling her defences rise.

"You know how I feel," he said. "I don't need to spell it out for you, do I?"

Stevie shook her head, annoyed at herself for even letting him get this far. "I'm not going anywhere," she stated. Taking anything from Harry Ryan was not an option she wanted to look into.

"You might want to reconsider."

"I'm staying."

"Don't be stupid," he warned. "It's a good deal. You and Rose could have-"

"Don't talk about my daughter," she snapped, shooting him daggers. "You can shove your deal."

"If you care about Alex," he reasoned, using her emotions as a pleading bargain. "You'll let him be happy. He's better off without you, and I think you know that. Take the deal. It's only good for the end of the week, then it's off the table. Five hundred thousand dollars. In cash. Think about it," he urged.

He went back to his car and a moment later, he drove away, leaving Stevie to think about his offer.

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