Mpreg Niff? Where Jeff is the one pregnant? I love my awkward Niffness!:)

The main downside to sharing a room with your boyfriend was that you couldn't hide in anything from them. Like when you woke up in the morning and have to run to the toilet to throw up. Which was exactly what Jeff had been doing for the last 3 days and Nick was starting to worry.

"Jeffy" he whispered over the blonde boys shoulder as he led him back to bed, "You have to go to the doctors. I hate seeing you like this."

"I don't want to go" he whined.

"I'll come with you if you want?"

"No, I don't want both of us missing school. Help me get dressed and I'll phone you later okay?"

"Fine, but you better phone me as soon as you get out of there!"

Three hours later Nick sat awkwardly in his room waiting on Jeff to come home. He'd received a text from him earlier saying "I have to talk to you when I get back, but I have to go see my parents first." He leant back and went to pick up the book beside his bed when he heard the door opening. Jeff looked white as a ghost as he entered the room and sat down beside his boyfriend. Nick could see his eyes were red and puffy, he had been crying.

"Jeff, what's wrong?" he leant forward and pulled the other boy up so he was now lying beside him against the headboard.

"Nick, I…" Tears started to fall again and Nick's heart began to break with the thoughts that were going through his head, worst case scenarios and all that.

"Jeff, tell me please. I'm always here for you"

Jeff took a deep breath, "Nicky, I'm pregnant"

"Wait, what? Pregnant as in like carrying my..." "Yes, as in I am carrying your child" Jeff cut off through sobs.

"Oh Jeffy" Nick smiled at him. "You're not mad?" Jeff questioned.

"God you're silly Jeffrey, why would I be mad. This is the happiest day of my life." He took Jeff's hand in his own "Unless you don't want to keep it that is"

"Nick, this is your child. Our child. How could I get rid of it?"

"I love you so much Jeff and I am so proud to be having a child with you." Jeff snuggled into his boyfriend's chest, "I love you too darling, I am so glad to be carrying your child. But right now I am tired to can we sleep?"

"Of course baby" And with that the two boys fell asleep, hands locked together over Jeff's stomach.