Bloody Tears

The roar of thunders around the castle of Dracula doesn't cease the kingdom of terror to the wind that enters among the walls and taints the silence hidden in the dark. The rain wets the castle from the higher tower until the very first brick from the foundations while their steps make echo in the immensity of nothing.

The crystals break to cinders. The dust and millions of black butterflies invade the air and nothing can be seen beyond a maelstrom of black and purple.

"There are no more innocent devils Isaac. It's over."

"Not yet."

Isaac jumps towards Hector.

The Hector's foil goes through his skin and slides deep inside with nothing that can stop its deathly path. One by one, the drops of sweat fall from Isaac's forehead and touch his chest possessively, erasing the jet black tattoos.

"I always knew everything would end up this way. However I'm glad it's you the one who takes my life away, Hector."

"My pleasure."

Isaac removes the weapon from his own stomach, shortly after he switches the positions with elegance. A chill crosses Hector's spine when the kisses of Isaac fill his ears with warm saliva. Through his back a pair of cold hands slides to make a straight path towards the zipper from his leather pants. Isaac laughs in a whisper and puts his head on the tense shoulders of Hector.

Hector closes his eyes while naughty fingers make his masculinity hard. A rock crushes against his lower back like the rocks hit by the foaming ocean weaves. Suddenly the white haired man finds himself below the warm body of the ginger haired master. Isaac penetrates hard into his body then electric shocks hit Hector strongly. Bestiality tears him down from within and the pain loses the control in the gaze from the smiling moon.

"You're so tight… I like it."

The bodies went up and down, faster and strong. The sound of their hips hitting each other drove all the instincts insane. Suddenly, the entire floor covers by a thin layer of white flowers and the forging masters find themselves flying beyond the limits of imagination.

"Time to die, Hector."

The ginger haired master raises a dagger above their heads with the edge shinning dangerously. Hector's heart is stabbed and then an eternal silence covers the Castle of Dracula with a breathtaking cloak.

The moon bursts a silver shine that spreads everywhere like water and its sweet caress in middle of the darkness allows to forget the bitter breeze that mixes with tears. Isaac brushes the nape of Hector like a feather and shortly after, his hair takes off in the air to dance in the emptiness.

The heartbeat of Hector stops when the infinite red carpet dyes itself with more crimson. The weak light of the candle stops its dance and then, the cold spreads like a mortal illness. Two bodies lie down on the floor when there's no more rain that touches their cheeks, only the bloody tears running free.

I just tried out a new narration to write my very first story for Castlevania (this badass game deserves it). Hope you liked as much as I did. Please reviews!