Abigail is your above average teenage because of her intelligence she skipped ahead a couple grades. She now has to survive high school at age 14. She hates being smart, but she got that from her dad. She looks exactly like her mom Jane, with her long brown hair and hazel eyes. Abigail had an ok childhood. She spent the first four years of her life in a nice house in Clayton Georgia. Jane a lab tech and Jay a scientist worked together at the local science lab in town. The one day she wished was only a bad dream, but she knew it really happened.

She was four years old and she and her parents were on the way back home from the zoo. The car is at a stop light and a huge truck ram the rear end of the car. The impact causes the car into the air when it lands it rolls several times as it goes down a steep hill. The next thing she remembers is waking up in the back of an ambulance. The paramedic tells her that she is going to be all right, they are taking her to the hospital to have her checked out. She asked the paramedic where her mommy and daddy were. The paramedic tells her they were in heaven.

Now back to the present Abigail is living an orphanage. Her only friend Michelle got adopted a few days ago, so now she is alone again. She has her back to the door and hears the people in charge, Maya and Miguel, talking. They said she is a great kid, but there weren't too many families who want a child with her intelligence. Abigail couldn't believe what she just heard.

All those kids who picked on me were right, I'm never going to find a family.

She did the only thing that would help everyone. She grabs whatever she could fit in the book bag hanging on the desk chair (which was an emergency kit, first aid kit, a few changes of clothes, and a couple big bottles of water). She puts it on her back opens the bedroom window. She sets the fire escape ladder in the window, climbs down and runs away as fast as her legs could carry her. A few hours later Baroness showed up at the door of the orphanage.

"Yes, Cobra commander I will make sure that I come back with this Abigail." She says of her communicator.

"Good." Cobra commander says.

"Hello, I'm Maya and this is Miguel you are the women who called about wanting to adopt Abigail?" Miguel says.

"Yes, people call me, Baroness." Baroness says.

"Well, come in, I'll go get Abigail and tell her the good news." Maya says.

Baroness enters the orphanage and goes to the office with Miguel. Maya goes to Abigail room and knocks on the door.

"Abigail, some is here to see you. Abigail?" Maya says.

Maya didn't hear a response from the other side of the door. She opens the door slowly and walks inside. The first thing she notices the fire escape ladder hanging out of the window.

"Oh no, she must have heard what we said a few hours ago." Maya says.

She turns around quickly and ran back to Miguel. Maya enters the office out of breath.

"Maya, what's wrong?" Miguel asks.

"It's Abigail she's gone." Maya answers.

"What do you mean she's gone? Don't you people keep an eye on the brats I mean kids?" Baroness asks.

"Yes, we do, but we never thought that Abigail would run away. She is such a sweet kid." Maya answers.

"You said she was really smart right?" Baroness asks.

"Yes, I did." Maya answers.

"Abigail must have thought that she would never find a home and thought it would be a lot better off if she wasn't here." Miguel says. "Where would she get an idea like that?" Baroness asks.

"Well, she must have overheard us talking a few hours ago about how we thought that she would never get adopted because she was so smart." Maya says.

Since the kid isn't here I'll have to go find her myself. Baroness thought. She thanks the two for wasting her time and leaves the office. She stands outside the orphanage and calls the commander back.

"Sir, we have a problem." She says into her communicator.

"What kind of problem Baroness?" Cobra commander asks.

"The girl ran away from the orphanage." She answers.

"I guess you'll have to find her won't you. That girl is a big part of my latest plan." Cobra commander says.

"Yes, sir, I know I will bring her to you." She says.

Then Storm Shadow appears in front of her. He offers to help her find Abigail and bring her back to Cobra. She tells him to get going and with that Storm Shadow ninja streaks off into the forest.