The Joes spent the night at the Andrew's family house. Madeline sets the plate of chocolate chip pancakes on the table next to the plate of blueberry muffins on the table. There also is a pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice, and a few other different breakfast foods are sitting on the table as well. Madeline turns around and sees the Joes walkinto the kitchen. She asks them how they slept last night.

"Fine, and thanks again for letting us stay the night. We appreciate it Mrs. Andrews." Duke says.

"You're welcome. I suggest you get something to eat now before the rest of the family wakes up." Madeline says.

The Joes sits down and fill their plates. Ten minutes later they finish eating and thank Madeline for the delicious meal. They leave the room and go out to the van they rented. Kyle runs up to them.

"Are you guys heading back to the hospital?" Kyle asks.

"Yes, but I think that you should stay put." Scarlett answers.

Kyle argues that he has a strange feeling that Abigail needs him. Snake Eyes leaps down off the roof and walks over to Scarlett. He sets his hand on her shoulder. She looks up at him.

*Let him come with us. He may help Abigail wake up sooner.* Snake Eyes signs.

Scarlett realized that he made a good point. She tells him that Kyle he can come. Kyle thanks her. They pile into the van and drive to the hospital. Meanwhile Roadblock and Tunnel Rat the new vipers continue to fire at the coyote. Roadblock tries to keep the truck straight on the dirt road.

"I thought the weapons would run out of juice by now." Tunnel Rat says.

"It's like they only are able to use the weapons that they swallowed. They are able to charge the weapons batteries too." Roadblock says.

Tunnel Rat tries to lighten the mood by says that they should look on the bright side at least it couldn't get any worse. A few seconds the coyote started to slow down. Roadblock presses on the gas pedal but nothing happened. He looks down at the fuel gage. It reads empty.

"Thanks for jinxing us man. Do you have any more bright ideas?" Roadblock says.

"Sorry dude." Tunnel Rat says.

Back with the Joes and Kyle, they pull into the hospital parking lot. Scarlett asks Kyle if he is strong enough to handle seeing Abigail in pitiful state she is in now. Kyle says yes. Duke parked the van. Everyone but Snake Eyes head inside the building and head to Abigail's room the Joes let Kyle walk in first. They wait outside the door. Kyle walks over to the bed.

"Hey angel, I wish that I could see you under different circumstances." Kyle says.

He continued to tell her how much he missed her. He uses his right hand to fix her hair. While he is doing this heart monitor reads Abigail's heart literally skip a beat. He sits down in the chair next to the bed. He takes her hand left hand and squeezes it gently. Outside Scarlett feels bad for the boy. She had feeling that he didn't sleep well last night because he had bags under his eyes. The Joes watch Kyle set his head on the side of the bed. He drifts into dream land a few seconds later. They decided to let Kyle rest and head to the waiting room. Scarlett pressed the button on her communicator.

"Tunnel Rat, Roadblock, are you two ok?" Scarlett asks.

"We're ok for now. The coyote ran out of gas." Tunnel Rat answers.

Scarlett asks if the vipers have stopped blasting them. Tunnel Rat says no. Roadblock adds that the vipers are somehow able to charge the weapons that they ate. Scarlett asks them if they have tried to leave the truck to get some gas.

"No, not yet we haven't come up with a plan yet to allow one of us to leave safely." Roadblock says.

Duke tells them they only have one option. Someone has to risk getting fired by vipers so that the other can sneak out to get the gas. Roadblock agrees with him and says that they'll go through with it. They sign off.

"Duke, if I didn't know any better. It looks like Abigail has grown on you." Scarlett says.

"I guess she has become like a little sister to me." Duke says.

"You know once this is over we need to tell Abigail that she can stop searching for a family. Since Breaker found out that she has a family member living in Ohio." Scarlett reminds him.

Duke says he knows that. Ripcord asks when we they going to tell her about Breaker's discovery. Duke says that they should wait a bit before they tell her. Back in Abigail's room Kyle dreams about the day they met. He smiles in his sleep. He wakes up when he feels Abigail squeeze his hand. He lifts his head off the bed. He didn't see her hand moving.

"It must have been wishful thinking." Kyle thinks to himself.

Meanwhile with Roadblock and Tunnel they resorted to playing rock paper scissors to see who will distract the vipers. Roadblock won so Tunnel Rat slowly opens the door. He runs towards the woods. The vipers are right on his tail. They fire several laser blasts at him. He ducks and rolls to evade them. Roadblock opens his door once he sees that the vipers are far enough away. He runs up the road to find the closes gas station.

"Hang in there buddy, I'll be back soon." Roadblock thinks to himself.

AN: I promise that Abigail will wake up soon. I wanted a chapter with a little Kyle and Abigail fluff. Will Roadblock make it back to the coyote before Tunnel Rat gets barbecued? Keep reading to find out. Remember reviews are appreciated.