The looks of shock slowly disappear from the faces of the Joes of few minutes later.

"What's with the sudden change of heart Duke?" Tunnel rat asks.

"I don't know I guess this place a grown on me," Duke answers.

"You just want Abigail to have her first date," Ripcord says.

"For the last time it's not a date," Abigail yells from the back of the coyote.

"Listening in isn't polite," Ripcord says.

"It's not listening in when you are standing two inches away," Abigail yells.

"She got you there Ripcord," Scarlett says.

"True, but how long are we staying?" Roadblock asks.

"We'll leave early tomorrow morning," Duke answers.

Everyone agreed that sounded like a good idea. Scarlett climbs into the coyote, goes over to Abigail, and sits down beside her. Abigail looks over at her.

"You know that you guys don't have to do this you know," Abigail says.

"True, but Duke thought it was a good idea to stay," Scarlett says.

"Don't you outrank Duke?" Abigail asks.

"Yes," Scarlett answers.

"Can't you overrule his decision and tell everyone that we're leaving," Abigail says.

"I could do that, but then we couldn't go to this little clothing store I found to get you some new clothes," Scarlett says.

"I guess could use a few new outfits," Abigail says, as remembers that she only a couple changes of clothes because of how fast she packed everything up when she ran away from the orphanage.

"Great, let's go," Scarlett says.

They get up and exit the girls rejoin the group outside the coyote. Ripcord notices Scarlett has her purse.

"Where are you girls off to?" Ripcord asks.

"Just to that clothing store I saw," Scarlett answers.

"Okay, have fun shopping," Ripcord says.

"Don't worry, we won't." Abigail jokes.

Scarlett tells the Joes they'll be back in a bit. Then they leave the group to head to the store. The girls get to the store and the sign on the building reads Andrew family Clothes.

"Let's hope the inside is better than the outside," Abigail says.

She notices some of the letters are faded. Then the girls enter the store. Abigail goes straight for the first rack she sees and picks out a few things that caught her eye.

"I knew you would like this place," Scarlett says.

"I don't like this place I love it," Abigail says correcting her.

Then Abigail goes to the dressing room to try on the clothes. A few minutes later Abigail comes on with a pair a pink camouflage jeans and a pink ruffled T-shirt.

"Scarlett, what do you think?" Abigail asks.

"It looks great," Scarlett answers.

On the other side of the store Kyle and his sister Sammy is setting up a new display. Sammy is average height and stocky with strong features, long, wavy, dirty blond hair, and blue eyes.

"Hey Kyle, isn't that the girl you were talking about earlier?" Sammy asks her little brother.

"Come on sis, there is no way that she out there," Kyle answers.

"Come over here and see for yourself bro," Sammy says.

"I know that you're tricking me again," Kyle says.

He walks over to his sister and sees Abigail in her new outfit. He suddenly found himself going off into space.

"Wow, she looks so pretty," Kyle says in a goofy tone.

"Aren't you going t go over to her and tell her that," Sammy asks. Kyle quickly brings himself back to reality.

"I can't tell her that Sammy," Kyle says.

"Technically, you have to, it's your job remember," Sammy says.

"Oh yeah, I forgot," Kyle says.

"Well, go do your job bro," Sammy says.

She gives her brother a friendly shove towards Abigail and Scarlett. Sammy underestimated her own strength and accidentally shoved her brother too hard. He stumbles into the rack closest to the dressing room with the party dress. Scarlett and Abigail go over to him.

"Hey, you all right there kid?" Scarlett asks as she helps him up.

"Yeah I'm fine," Kyle says.

"Kyle, you work here?" Abigail asks.

"Yeah, the rest of my family works here too," Kyle answers.

"That's cool, just one more thing Kyle I don't think coral pink is your color," Abigail says.

She points to the dress that is on his head and tries hard not to laugh. He takes the dress off his head and hands it to her.

"I guess your right bit I'd bet it would look great on you, though," Kyle says.

"You really think so? I guess I could try it on." Abigail says.

She goes back into the dressing room. A minute or two later Abigail came out.

"So what do you think?" Abigail asks.

"You look like a princess," Kyle answers.

"He's right Abigail. It fits you perfectly." Scarlett adds.

Abigail walks over to the mirror and sees her reflection.

"You guys are right it is perfect for me," Abigail says with a smile.

"This would make it look even better," Sammy says as she walks up to the group with a bracelet.

"Hey, sis, What's up?" Kyle says.

"Your sister really, I don't see it." Abigail jokes.

"Well, believe it or not, I am his sister; I'm Sammy by the way," Sammy says handing her the bracelet.

"Thanks, Sammy, I'm Abigail and that's Scarlett," Abigail says.

"It's nice to meet both of you," Sammy says.

"The pleasure is ours," Abigail says.

"Sammy Kyle, I need you two to help your father unpack the truck." Madeline, Sammy and Kyle's mom, calls from the back room.

Madeline is in her mid-30s and is average height and frail with even features, long, dark brown hair, and dark hazel eyes.

"We're on it, boss," Sammy says.

Sammy and Kyle say goodbye and go help their father. Abigail changes back into her original outfit. She and Scarlett go up to the register to check out Abigail sets everything on the counter.

"HI, did you find everything all right?" Madeline asks as she rings everything up.

"Yes, we did thank you," Abigail answers.

"Scarlett if you don't mind me asking is your last name O'Hara?" Madeline asks.

"Yes, it is but how did you know that?" Scarlett answers.

"Everyone in town saw that news report about the Cobra Pharmaceuticals plant that reporters said you and your team blew up. The only problem is that everyone here believes that you're innocent." Madeline answers.

"Believe me, I appreciate those words, even if one town is behind us it still isn't enough to clear our names," Scarlett says.

"That's true, but when was the last time you and your friends had a home cooked meal?" Madeline asks as she packs the clothes into the bags.

"To be honest, I can't remember Ma'am." Scarlett says.

"In that case, why don't you and your friends come over for dinner with me and my family?" Madeline offers.

"We don't want to intrude." Scarlett says.

"You aren't intruding trust me we would love to have you as our guests." Madeline says.

Scarlett looks over at Abigail and she is mouthing for her to say no.

"I'm sure the team would love to have dinner with you and your family tonight." Scarlett says, as she pays for everything.

"Great dinner starts at 6 o clock." Madeline says.

Madeline writes down the address on the receipt and hand it to her. Then Scarlett and Abigail left three hours later Scarlett, Abigail and the Joes except for snake eyes are standing on the front porch. Everyone is wearing the nicest cloth they have. Abigail is in the dress Scarlett bought for her earlier that day.

"Scarlett, remind me again why we are here." Abigail says.

"Madeline invited us to have a home cooked meal remember." Scarlett says.

"Yes. I remember, but you didn't have to say that we would come."Abigail says.

"Abigail, trust me, someday you'll thank me for this." Scarlet says.

"I highly doubt that." Abigail whispers under her breath.

Then Scarlett rings the doorbell and Madeline, her husband Stephan, and the kids greet the Joes. Stephan is in his 40s. He is just below average height and compact with closed features, short, straight, white blond hair, and green eyes.

"Hello, I'm so glad you could make it." Madeline says.

"Yes, please come in." Stephan says.

He gestures for them to come in the house. After everyone got acquainted they are given a tour of the house. Abigail can't believe how beautiful the house is.

"You have such a beautiful home." Abigail comments.

"Thank you Abigail we try our best to keep it like this." Stephan says.

A few hours later everyone gets called to the dining room. Madeline has the seating arrangement set up that Sammy would sit at the end with all the adults considering the she would turn 18 in a few days. Sammy played it out Kyle and Abigail are sitting next to each other. Madeline put the food on the table.

"Our family always prays before we eat. If you don't mind would everyone join hands?" Madeline says.

Abigail slowly brings her hands off her lap. Scarlett is holding her left hand. She hesitates to let Kyle hold her right hand. Abigail looks over at Kyle.

"Don't worry, I won't bite, I promise." Kyle says.

Abigail smiles and slowly shorten the gap between their hands. As their hands touched Abigail feels her heart skip a beat again.

"Kyle, would you like to say grace tonight?" Madeline asks her son.

"Sure mom, let us pray. Heavenly host We Give Our Thanks For food that stays our hunger, For the rest that brings us ease, For homes where memories linger, We give our thanks for these. Amen." Kyle says.

"Amen," Madeline, Stephan, and Sammy say.

Then they gently squeeze the each other's hand and Kyle did the same thing with Abigail's hand. The hand circle breaks apart and Madeline starts to pass out the food. A few minutes later everyone finishes eating and the Joes and

"Thank you Madeline, for the great meal." Abigail says.

"Abigail, I know you probably won't believe this coming from someone you just meet, but Madeline and I knew your parents." Stephan says.

The dinner glass in Abigail's hand starts to drops the floor and it shatters as it hits the floor.

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