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Chapter One: A Supposedly Easy Hunt

It was supposed to have been an easy hunt. 'Piece of cake' Dean had said. The creature they were after, an edderkopp-skapning, supposedly looked terrifying but wasn't much of a threat. Up until recently, it had been considered nothing more than a Norwegian myth, but seven years ago a hunter had found and killed one in North Dakota and there had been a few unconfirmed sightings of others since. The giant spider-like creature keeps itself well hidden in caves and only comes out to feed. It is fearful of humans though, and will only attack and eat small children. Its only defense is its ability to shoot out sticky webs to trap people in while it flees. Bullets can harm but not kill it. Its real vulnerability is fire. At least that's what all of their intel had told them. Dean decided that he was going to track down the person who compiled the information and kill them. That is, if he could ever stop writhing on the cave floor and screaming in complete and total agony.

Dean Winchester and his younger brother, Sam, had taken on a case in Kemmerer, Wyoming and quickly assessed that the creature was probably an edderkopp-skapning. The missing children and overabundance of large sticky spider webs were a dead giveaway. They then called Bobby who sent them all the information he had from the hunter who'd previously encountered the creature. After getting all of their supplies ready, including flare guns and homemade flamethrowers, they tracked the spider-creature down to its cave.

Dean had entered first, shinning his flashlight into the damp, dark tunnel that seemed to go on forever. He held the flamethrower in his hands and swept the area as he walked. As the tunnel opened up into a large cavern, the hunter saw a huge web covering one of the walls. Another tunnel opposite of their position led off from the open area. It was the only other way out, so Dean assumed that it was where the edderkopp-skapning (or Eddy as Dean had named it) had gone. Halfway across the cavern, he realized his mistake. He'd forgotten that spiders can cling to the ceiling.

One moment Dean was walking and the next, a large cow-size spider dropped down in front of him. He stumbled backwards, bumping into Sam. Then they both leveled their weapons at the creature. Of course there was something else that they'd forgotten. Some spiders can jump pretty damn high. Eddy leaped over both of them and used its powerful back legs to push Sam into the web covered wall. Dean saw his brother trying to pull free only to be squirted by more webbing that the creature was shooting out. But now it was the spider-creature that had made a mistake. It was focused on trapping Sam and wasn't paying any attention to Dean. The older hunter took a step back and turned on the flamethrower. Fire licked at Eddy and the monster let out a wail and jumped once more. Dean spun around to keep track of it and found the beast facing him. He wondered why the thing hadn't turned to shoot webbing at him. Face to face the edderkopp-skapning had no defense. Or at least that's what all the reports said. They were wrong.

Before Dean could toast the creature, it opened its mouth and shot out a stream of some sort of liquid. The stuff hit Dean right in his face. The hunter dropped his weapon to the ground and clawed at his eyes, which were burning. Then the rest of his face felt like it was on fire as well. Dean fell to his knees, screaming in pain. In only moments, his whole body was in agony. He was being burned alive, but without the fire. Poison. The creature must have some sort of poison. Dean fell on his side, hands going from clutching at his face to hugging his middle and back again as he tried to find some way to alleviate the pain. But it was no use. His muscles and bones ached and his skin seemed to be pulling tightly against him. Everything felt wrong. And then, when he felt that he could take no more, Dean Winchester surrendered to the darkness.


Sam struggled to pull himself free of the webs that held him securely in place. He was trapped by some sticky stuff that a creature shot out of its butt. Oh yeah, Dean was going to have a lot of fun at his expense for this one. Speaking of his older brother…

Sam watched as the edderkopp-skapning jumped over Dean and turned to face him. It seemed like odd behavior for a monster that avoiding fighting adult humans. Then, without warning, the thing shot out a stream of liquid from its mouth. Sam watched in horror as Dean grabbed at his face and began to scream. He knew immediately that the liquid must've been some sort of venom. Sam had heard about spiders that used venom to begin the digestion process by liquefying their prey before consuming them. He prayed that that wasn't what was happening to Dean. Then the spider-creature moved, effectively blocking his brother from his sight. But he could still here the screams.

Sam redoubled his efforts to get free. He managed to get his right hand out but he'd dropped his flamethrower when he'd been kicked into the webs and he couldn't reach his flare gun. If he could just reach the pocket knife he kept in is left pocket he'd be able to cut the webs away. But he couldn't reach it, so instead he kept trying to pull his other arm free. He was distracted by his brother's screams as they were becoming weaker and strangely more high-pitched. They didn't sound anything like Dean anymore. Then the cries abruptly stopped. The edderkopp-skapning moved closer to where the older hunter was. There was no way in hell that Sam would let that monster eat his brother.

The hunter pulled his gun out and shot the thing in the back of its head. It let out a grunt of pain and turned on him. Sam took aim and shot it in one of its many eyes. Then another. And another. It wailed in agony and turned to flee the cavern. Sam watched it skitter down the tunnel they had entered from. They would be safe for now.

He turned his head to check on Dean and let out a gasp. His brother was lying on his side, turned away from Sam, but one look at him told the younger hunter that there was something very wrong. He couldn't see Dean's head or face because his arm was covering it up. Well, at least the sleeve of his jacket was. But the sleeve, along with most of the rest of Dean's wardrobe, seemed to be almost empty. The bottom part of the pant legs lay flat on the ground and from around the knees up the clothes were only slightly filled. Sam's thoughts immediately went back to his earlier ideas about spider venom liquefying its prey. If that were the case, then Dean was already dead.

"Dean!" Sam yelled as he pulled and tugged against the webs. "Dean, can you hear me?"

There was no verbal response, but Sam could've sworn he saw the clothes shift slightly. With all his might he pulled his left hand from the webbing. As soon as it was free, the hunter retrieved his knife and quickly cut away the rest of the sticky trap. Then he ran to his brother's side.

Sam dropped down to his knees but hesitated before turning Dean over. If his brother was being melted away by spider-creature venom, then that was something that Sam really didn't want to see. But a tiny sounding moan spurred him into action. Grabbing Dean's shoulder, which felt way too small under the jacket and shirts, Sam rolled his brother over.

There was a moment of confusion as Sam stared down at the little child that had somehow gotten into this cave and snuck inside his brother's clothes. But then he recognized the boy. He'd seen his picture before. This was the same child that had smiled into the camera while sitting with his mom, dad, and infant brother. And Sam had been the infant in that picture. The little boy that now lay on the ground in front of him was none other than Dean Winchester. A four-year old Dean Winchester.

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