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So I've had a few ideas running round in my head and this one happened to be the most realistic. Thanks to Callie for listening to my ideas, it is a really big help so this is dedicated to you my lovely! Hope you guys enjoy this one!

Waking up, wrapped in comfortable bed sheets in her partner's bed brought a smile to Sam's sleepy face instantly. As she slowly stretched her arms out, she tried not to disturb the sleeping figure beside her. She shuffled closer towards him and studied his face intently. Tom was a rather good looking young man, his shirt brown hair tufting out of place which made him even more peaceful looking as he grunted and placed his arm around Sam's slender body, pulling her closer into him. Sam let her head fall onto his chest and was reassured when she heard the steady rhythm of his heartbeat.

She had not expected in a million years to end up with Tom, the first time he had expressed his feelings towards her, she was shocked, she couldn't deny it. Now, looking back, Sam was ever so grateful that he had. Ever since they had their conversation about playing chess and giving him hints and tips on how to beat her estranged husband, she knew they had some sort of connection. Their first kiss, a good few weeks ago, had been somewhat clumsy, but Sam couldn't help but feel like Tom had a sort of laidback attitude which she loved. She didn't have to make much of an effort with him, unlike her estranged husband Dylan.

"Morning…" Tom murmured sleepily as he slowly opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings.

"Did you sleep well? Even after all of that excitement last night?" She asked with a big cheeky grin plastered on her face.

A smirk became evident on Tom's face as he pulled Sam on top of him. "You are a feisty one aren't you Sam?" He spoke just as his lips crashed together with Sam's.

Last nights plans had turned a little more physical and romantic than expected after Sam and Tom had consumed a good whole bottle of wine. The two of them were sprawled out on Tom's sofa, both happily watching some soppy love film about a dog bringing two unlikely people together as a couple. Once the film had finished, both Sam and Tom were on the verge of being tipsy and both were very flirtatious. Once she had suggested they moved into the bedroom, it wasn't long before both of them were undressing each other, lust and passion oozing from their bodies.

"You knew what you were taking on when you confessed your love for me didn't you?" She asked in whispers as she broke the kiss to take a look at him.

"Yes, and I wouldn't have you any other way…" He stated simply as he lifted his hand to stroke her soft cheek tenderly.

Tilting her head slightly to the side against his gentle touch, Sam closed her eyes slowly, loving every affectionate moment. "How about…" she started to speak softly to him. "We get ready, have breakfast…and walk to work?" She suggested as she re-opened her eyes, and was faced with Tom's handsome face staring at her with intent brown eyes.

"Tom?" She said a little firmer as she realised he hadn't listened to a word she was saying.

"Mhmm.." He mumbled, still looking at her with a genuine smile on his face.

"What are you looking at?" She asked as she began to feel a little self conscious.

"Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are?" He asked simply.

As Sam's cheeks started to blush slowly but surely she shook her head, smirking. "Don't be silly…" She replied as she rolled off of him and let her head rest in it's original position on his chest.

"I'm being serious Sam." Tom replied as he sat up and leant on his arm. "I genuinely think you are gorgeous, but not only that, you are the most hardworking and dedicated doctor I know.." He replied shyly, hoping she wouldn't think he was being too soppy for her liking.

"You're just saying that to sweeten me up." Sam responded as she stole a quick tender kiss before swinging her legs off the edge of the bed. She grabbed Tom's shirt which was lying on the carpet from where it had been chucked to the previous night, slipping it on over her thin frame. She then made her way to his bathroom to have a shower. Padding down the hallway, she smiled to herself as thoughts raced through her mind. This was exactly where she wanted to be. A good job, a perfect boyfriend, nothing to stop her from doing anything she wanted.

The shower had been something else. It had been desperately needed after an eventful previous day. Stepping out of the shower, Sam wrapped a towel securely around her before swiftly exiting the room. After getting changed into Tom's rather large dressing gown, she padded back down towards the kitchen, where she could hear the radio blaring music also mixed with the soft singing from Tom. As she opened the door, she spotted him standing in front of the cooker. The strong smell of bacon frying in the pan captured her senses. She inhaled slowly taking in the smell. As she walked over to Tom, he looked around and smiled warmly at her. He had always been a gentle sole towards Sam, even though he had been very shy in revealing his true feelings.

"You're too good to me…" Sam spoke as she wrapped her arms around him, carefully making sure that she didn't get burnt by the sparking of the oil in the pan.

Tom stopped what he was doing, turned around and held her in his arms. "You're worth it, every time…" He said before pressing his lips gently against hers. Snaking one arm around her back, the other arm found itself teasing its way through Sam's long tousled mane of hair. Although he had had trouble committing to a relationship before, he really felt like Sam was the girl for him. Her feisty and outgoing attitude brought out the best in him.

"Can't we walk into work hand in hand? We've been going out a month already, it's about time we let them know…" Tom said looking down on her. "I hate acting overly professional when I'm around you at work. I feel like a robot..."

Sam screwed up her face. Quite frankly she was scared to let them know, but mainly Dylan. She was worried about how he would take the news, even though quite frankly, she was a free woman to do what she wanted now she had divorced him. When she first got together with Dylan, she honestly thought that they were going to be together for many years to come, however this obviously wasn't the case anymore. She had broken their promise they made on their wedding day by cheating on him with Corporal Ian Dean and that was unforgivable. She thought she had done good by setting him free and moving on to find someone else.

"Fine…if you're that sure about letting the whole ED know about us being together…" Sam gave in as she gave a small nod.

"Of course I'm sure Sam, we've been going out for a month now. And anyway, I don't care what they think. I'm happy with you and that's all that matters…" He stated as he continued to stroke her slightly damp hair.

"Now, come on, lets get breakfast and head to work."

"What happened after that?" Sam asked, listening carefully to Tom's apparently hilarious story.

"And then…a couple of my mates ended up on the dance floor trying to impress a few girls and ended up making a tit of themselves." Tom explained as he walked with Sam into an empty staffroom, his arm wrapped around Sam. They were practically joint at the hip, practically one person.

"You and you're drunken nights out…honestly Tommy…" Sam tutted playfully as she made her way to her locker.

"Hey! I wasn't the one making a total idiot of myself…and I haven't been called that for years." He retorted with a small smirk creeping up on his face.

"It's rather quiet, they must be hard at work." Sam said as she opened her locker, letting it make a clanging noise.

"For once…" Tom sniggered to himself as he made his way behind Sam, wrapping his arms around her waist. "How about a few drinks after shift? My treat…" He whispered nuzzling his face into the side of her neck, kissing it slightly.

"Behave you…" Sam said, trying to act serious, but the two ended up laughing. She turned around and wrapped her arms around Tom's neck. "Professional mode Dr Kent…" Sam whispered before stealing a kiss from him.

Meanwhile, Dylan was busy with a rather restless patient in cubicles. He was in a rotten mood. To be honest, he was nothing but grumpy these days. His nickname Sam gave him fitted quite perfectly if he was honest with himself. Ever since his Samantha had given him the divorce papers, he was heartbroken. He wanted to tell her how he felt, quite badly, but he just went along with the whole fiasco to try and please Sam.

"Would you sit still? You moving around like that isn't going to help!" He raised his voice slightly just as Tess came in about.

"Everything alright here?" She asked, concern written all over her face.

"Do I look alright? You know what? I don't care! I need a break from this time waster!" Dylan found himself chucking the bowl and stitches onto the bedside table and making his way to the staffroom at some speed.

"Bloody hell why cant he just…" Dylan had entered the staffroom but before he could finish his sentence he had stopped. He found himself looking over to the lockers where Sam and Tom were.

Feeling a presence in the room, Sam gulped a little. She tilted her head to the side and looked to see Dylan's face. It was normally expressionless, but now, his face was full of annoyance and pain.

"This is an emergency department. Act a little more professional Dr Nicholls." Dylan spat as he turned on his heels, slamming the door ferociously behind him.

Hearing Dylan's voice and hearing the slam of the wooden door, Tom turned around. He was absolutely outraged with the way Dylan had spoken to Sam. Turning back around, he was faced with a rather upset looking Sam. Her eyes were welling up and her hands were furiously wiping at her eyes to try and stop any tears from spilling. She took deep breaths to try and keep herself composed. She didn't want Dylan to find out like this. Fair enough he was going to find out anyway, but not barging into the staffroom.

Tom found himself instinctively wrapping his arms around her, almost in aid to protect her. As Sam let out a chocked up sob, Tom pressed a soft kiss to her forehead before Sam buried her head into his chest. He held her close and stroked her hair, whispering soft words to her to try to provide her with some sort of comfort.

"It's alright…I won't leave you…I promise…"

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