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Peter was on the phone with Rachel again. He liked her. She was like a more open Olivia who talked about things other than her job and shooting her stepfather, and that was something to be liked.

They were talking about Olivia, though why Peter wasn't very clear on.

"You should get her a gun," Rachel told him.

"What?" Peter asked.

"You want to ask Olivia out, right?"

"It wouldn't be bad…" he said. There was a minute long silence. "Okay, yes."

"Right. So get her a gun. She has all these pistols, maybe…a revolver. Or a rifle. Or something."

"And this will make her want to go on a date with me?" Peter asked.

He was incredibly skeptical of this plan. Getting someone a gun seemed more psychopath then trustworthy boyfriend candidate.

"I think so," Rachel said. "I don't know, it could be kind of sweet."

"Yeah, but where would I keep it? I couldn't keep it in the lab, because there's a chance of Walter finding it…I don't know how that would go, but every option feels like it would end with pain."

"Just buy it and give it to her."

Peter raised his eyebrow, cynic-style, but realized she couldn't see.

"Because giving someone a gift possibly in the middle of a horrific case is the way to go," he said, letting the sarcasm drip from his voice.

"I don't know, okay? I just think you should get Olivia a gun and ask her out," Rachel said.


"I'm done, Peter."

Then she hung up.

He still was not convinced it was a good idea. She might think he was psychotic, or that maybe Walter had tried a certain new type of LSD on him, or…he didn't know.

Though after pondering it and listening to Walter sing Dancing Queen, he started to warm up to it. The idea, not Walter singing.

It would be kind of nice, and the two things they needed most in Fringe Division were answers and guns.

So what could it hurt?

A revolver. Old one, maybe. Peter could probably find one cheap somewhere. Maybe he could bill it to Broyles.

But something told him that might not be a great idea.


He would just find a gun, give it to Olivia, and if anything went wrong tell her it was Rachel's idea.

Couldn't fail, right?

When he actually got the gun, he started believing in the plan more.

It was a beauty, from the 50s or so.

He cornered Olivia in a Harvard hallway so no one would have to see if it failed. If it succeeded he didn't want them to see. Well, Astrid at least. He would be smirked at for weeks, he could just sense it.

"And what is this about?" Olivia asked.

"Uh," Peter said. Words were failing him suddenly. "Well, I…got you…"


"I got you a gun," Peter said. He immediately felt like flushing red.

Olivia laughed.

"A gun, huh?" she asked.

"Yup. Beautiful old revolver."

"Why? Honestly, Peter, this is very strange."

"You haven't seen it yet!"

"Just tell me why," Olivia said.

"Um. Dinner?" Peter asked. This was definitely going south, and words were starting to fail him.

"You bought me a gun to ask me out."

"It was your sister's idea, I swear to God, I thought it was bad too!" Peter said.

"Peter, for being a genius, you can really be an idiot," Olivia said.

Peter had two options. He could have apologized and told her he's in love with her, or he could snark his way out of it.

He took the second option.

"Thank you," he said.

Olivia rolled her eyes and walked away without ever having seen the gun.

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